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1. TREVORIS 512.431.3028 8433 Sea Ash Circle Round Rock, Texas 78681Here are some portfolio samples along with strategic goals and…
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  • 1. TREVORIS 512.431.3028 8433 Sea Ash Circle Round Rock, Texas 78681Here are some portfolio samples along with strategic goals and messages. Additional samples are available on request.SmarteSoft, Inc.A startup software company based in Austin, Texas, SmarteSoft needed to develop a consistent brand message and visual identity to unify allcommunications. I redesigned all collateral and articulated a enterprise software message that resonates with software application managers withbudget and purchase approval. The message was applied consistently across all media and incorporated in sales team’s communications.Database Brothers, Inc.A software company based in Austin, Texas, Database Brothers needed to upgrade collateral to position the company and it’s products to a c-levelmarket. I remessaged and redesigned all collateral including datasheets, direct mail deliverables and tradeshow materials. Previous marketingefforts resonated with end users of the tools but did not reach c-level executives with budgetary discretion. Within a year DBI’s average sale hadincreased by 3X. 1
  • 2. Symtx, Inc.The Symtx challenge was to sell esoteric engineering design and manufacturing projects, developing “tomorrow’s technology today.” Almost everyproject was a first time engineering challenge – many occurring in space, on aircraft or the ocean floor. We had no product line to display (no onecan order an off-the-shelf telcom satellite test system) but we could show a test system with some comparable components. Our continuousmessage was our ability to partner with the customer to provide a reliable, cost-effective and timely solution to their complex engineering challenge.An additional challenge was presented by needing to photograph completed test systems on our own lab floor, removing any critical images that tooclosely identified the customer or use (many were classified military “black box” projects). I would subsequently add imagery that closed the visualloop – a test system shot in the lab would include an electrical engineer monitoring a test layered on top of a satellite in space (the object beingmonitored). The message and imagery was consistently applied across all media.In addition, Symtx was looking for new capitalization. We defined a profile of attractive potential acquisition companies. We them redefined verticalmarkets and produced consistent collateral, web and press messaging to attract companies with the profile developed. Symtx was acquired in lessthan a year by AAI.Schlotzsky’sI had an opportunity to work for Schlotzsky’s while expanding my experience by producing radio and TV. Schlotzsky’s had a strong existing brandimage. During my tenure I was charged with moving the brand from a sandwich shop arena to a more upscale fast dining niche. I upgraded foodphotography with a nationally recognized vendor at lower costs then previously sourced, while slowly modifying the color palette, point-of-purchasematerials, and in-store graphics and décor – culminating in a modification of the logo. A critical concern was retaining the existing customer basewhile acquiring new patrons attracted to the more upscale brand. 2
  • 3. National InstrumentsMy tenure at NI included the exciting period when the company went public and experienced rapid growth and international expansion. Previousagency experience came into play by working to establish a strategic marketing plan involving input and coordination from research anddevelopment, international marcom and tradeshows and events groups. A significant concern was meeting the needs of international divisions byproviding translated marketing materials for each foreign market. I led the initiative to produce marketing materials in Kanji for the Japanese market(a ground breaking technical effort at the time). Controls were developed and implemented to ensure that brand message and image were executedconsistently around the globe.Pro Bono Projects for local art groupsAllows me to step outside of the corporate world and exercise a different (yet still effective) sensibility in an arena that is very important to me. 3
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