Movement X With Ido Portal_ 11 Things I Learned From IdoElite Athletes

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  EA (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/MEDIA/)TRAINING FACILITY (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/ELITE-ATHLETES-TRAINING-FACILITY/)BASKETBALKAMPEN (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/CAMPS/)SHOP (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/CATEGORY/SHOP/)BELGIUM GOT GAME (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/BELGIUM-GOT-GAME/)GETUIGENISSEN (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/GETUIGENIS/)CONTACT (HTTP://ELITEATHLETES.BE/CONTACT/) MOVEMENT X WITH IDO PORTAL: 11 THINGS I LEARNED FROM IDO Last weekend I went to Oslo to experience the teaching of Ido Portal ( in his Movement X Seminar. Ido is a peculiar guy – to say the least. I have been following the trainingindustry for quite some years now but have never encountered a person like him, whether it’s his own array ofskills as a mover or how he talks holisticly about movement. I’m not going to share all of my notes and thespecifics I learned here because they’re almost 20 pages long, but will share some of broader lessons I pickedup during Ido’s teaching.( uploads/2013/10/Screen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-11.29.06.png)  Here are 11 lessons I took home from 2 days of Ido Portal’s teaching: 1. “Always look for a teacher.” As they say in business: there’s always a guy.Ido told us about how he started looking for a “movement teacher” as a 23 year old. He was frustrated with theway movement was being taught and decided to start traveling all over the world to look for this movementteacher.He never found one. What he found was a lot of specialists: he found guys who knew a lot about gymnasticsOR strength training OR olympic lifting OR hand balancing,… but never one who could teach him about thewhole shebang; the holistic concept of movement.Ido has decided to dedicate his life to becoming that person he was once looking for himself. He admits that it’san impossible challenge, but still one worth making a life’s work.  2. “There is no wrong movement. There is lack of preparation and lack ofawareness.” Ido talked a lot about so-called wrong movement: ways in which we are supposed to not move. For examplethink of walking and landing on the side of your feet instead of on the ball of your feet. A lot of athletes twisttheir ankles by landing or changing direction with their feet in an awkward – “improperly aligned” – manner.A great question that Ido demanded us to reflect upon here: If we know this is going to happen to us, shouldn’twe, then, prepare our bodies for these situations???Ido does. And he developed a process he calls The Corset for it that allows you to progressively strengthen allthe soft tissue in the body. Check out the video below to realize how preparing the body with “wrongmovement” could mean for example ‘no more ankle sprains’: INFECTED  LikeShare (//
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