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  RUBRICS FOR PA PARTICIPATION PA Category Points Maximum per month Fitness Event  (e.g. race)    <5k race 2 2      5k to 10k race   4 Validation: 1.   Race bib or printed performance result (distance and time).  2.   Self-photo at the event.  PA Category Points Maximum per month Individual or Group exercise    In campus (e.g. 5 th  floor weights area)    Out of campus (e.g. franchise gym) 2 4 Validation: Completion of the following exercise log : RESISTANCE TRAINING NUMBER OF SETS REPETITIONS or TIME LOAD (lbs./kgs.) INSTRUCTOR NAME SIGNATURE Exercises RUNNING/ CYCLING/ SWIMMING VENUE DISTANCE TIME GROUP EXERCISE TYPE INTENSITY DURATION    PA Category Points Maximum per month PA-based club practice  (e.g. floorball, ultimate, handball, arnis) 2   4   Varsity    Varsity sports training (off-season only) 3    Varsity sports training (in-season only)   1 Validation: Completion and submission of the following form: SPORT/VARSITY TEAM DATE MONTH DATE VENUE TRAINING SCHEDULE START END TRAINING ACTIVITIES PURPOSE TIME SPENT (in minutes) Conditioning drills Sport-specific drills Game/Scrimmage/Routine practice Others NAME OF COACH SIGNATURE OF COACH PA Category Points Maximum per month Drumline (game day) 1 4  PA Category Points Maximum per month Non-playing game involvement    Game spectator 1 1    Sports officiating 3    Sports event staff    2 Validation Game spectator 1.   Game Ticket 2.   One page essay that describes:    What the event is;    Where and when it was held;    Who the competitors/competing teams are;    What motivated you to watch it; and    How did the event contribute to your effort to become fit or stay fit Sports officiating/Events staff: Complete the form below: SPORTING EVENT DATE MONTH DAY VENUE SCHEDULE START END NAME OF ORGANIZER SIGNATURE OF ORGANIZER  PA Category Points Maximum per month Competitive event    Triathlon 10 1    Half Marathon (21k)   10    >10K race 8    Combat sports 8    Extramurals (sustained vigorous intensity for at least 1 hr.)   8 Validation 1.   Self-photo during the event (if individual race) or photo with an opponent (both in playing uniforms), 2.   Printed results of the race/sporting event (if available), certificate of participation (if any) and/or photo with medal/trophy/award (if a recipient) 3.   If there is no available event document (item #2), complete the form below: SPORTING EVENT DATE MONTH DATE VENUE SCHEDULE START END Competition Outcome (score; race time; medal/rank/place) NAME OF ORGANIZER SIGNATURE OF ORGANIZER
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