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  MQA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS  –  IPGKIK HoD and Programme Coordinator 1. Can you clarify with me the no of students in Cohort 1 because the numbers sent to MQA and the one in your list here do not match. (Ans: Originaly there were 57 students but 3 dropped out  –  the status and reason was explained by the coordinator.) 2.  APTIS: Can you tell me the students’ APTIS result? Are students allowed to resit? How are these students assisted in order to pass APTIS? Who pays for the students’ test? Were the students briefed about the the implications if they do no achive band C1 or C2? 3. Who decides on the lecturers teaching each subject? Can they reject if they are not comfortable to teach a specific subject? Were they given the appointment letter to teach a subject? 4. Once the lecturers have been identified, what do they do after that? 5. Who decides on the break down of the coursework of each subject? (Referring to the weighting of coursework mark in Table 3 i.e. 50%, but what entails the 50%?) 6. Are students given feedback on their assignments? How long after an assigment is marked are students given feedback? Are students informed of their marks? Are these marks available online? Can students ask for resubmission if they are not happy with the marks given to them? 7. How are exam questions set? 8. Are there in-house trainings given to new lecturers? 9. Is there any allocation/grant for lecturers to conduct research or attend seminars? 10. How do lecturers keep track of students’ attendance? Do you have any students with attendance problem? How do lecturers handle those cases? 11. Do you have any suggestions on changes to help improve the curriculum?  Lecturers (9 of them representing those teaching C1, C2 as well as C3) 1. Who decides on the subject you are going to teach? If you are not happy will you be able to discuss with your KJ regarding this matter? 2. After getting the subject what do you do? 3. How does the team decide on who teaches which topics? 4. How do you plan the teaching? 5. What is OBE? 6. How is it related to PEO, CLO, and TLO? 7. How do you set your exam questions? 8. How do you mark your exam paper? 9. How long after marking will assignments be returned to students? 10. Is feedback given after marking the coursework? 11. Do students get to see their coursework marks after it is being marked? 12. Can students ask for their exam papers to be remarked if they are not satisified with their marks? 13. Who decides on the coursework? What kind of coursework you are going to give the students since it is not stated in the Table 3? 14. Are the lecturers involved in research? Are the works published 15. Do you get grants for research? 16. What efforts have been taken to help students who have failed APTIS? 17. How do you keep track of students’ attendance?  18. How are the mentoring sessions carried out? 19. Are you happy working here? 20. What are some of the improvements you would like to see in your college?  Cohort 1 (10 students) 1. Did they (lecturers) introduce you all to the course structure? When ? How? 2. Can you share with me about your practicum experience? Anything interesting events that you experienced during practicum? 3. Did you encounter any discipline problems in primary school? How did you manage the students in terms of classroom management? 4. How were your marks given during practicum? Accumulation of marks or individual semesters? 5. When your lecturer was not there to observe you, who will be in your classroom? 6. How did you do your action research throughout the practicum phases? 7. Were you given feedback for your assignments? When? Where? How? 8. Were you allowed to redo your assignments? 9. Who is you favourite lecturer? 10. Are your lecturers approachable? 11. What you can say about the facilities here? Are you all happy with the facilities? 12. Do you think any improvements are needed? Do you think your course structure (subjects) is relevant? 13. How do you communicate with lecturers from other departments for your co-curriculum activities? 14. If you have problem, who do you approach and how? 15. Does your allowance arrive punctually? 16. Where is your cafeteria? 17. What do you think of the price of the food in the cafeteria? 18. Do you have anything else to share? (activities and programmes)  Cohort 2 (5 students) 1. How long is your course? 2. What is your course’s name?  3. What do you know about credit hours? 4. When did they brief you about credit hours? 5. What are your comments on the subjects in the course? 6. Do the subjects help you to become a teacher? 7. What have you learnt in the subjects? 8. What do they lecturers do on the first day of interaction? 9. When did they brief you about the assignments/coursework? 10. Do you get feedback for your assignment? 11. When did you get the feedback? 12. Do you get your allowance on time? 13. Comment about the facilities : classroom, auditorium, drama room, others 14. How long are you allowed to borrow books from the library? 15. Are there enough books in the library? 16. Are the books helpful for your assignment? 17. Are the lecturers strict about marking exam papers? 18. Can you ask for a remark? 19. Whom do you admire most (lecturer)?    5 students from Cohort 1 were also interviewed. The questions asked were similar to those above.    5 JPP were also interviewed. Will e-mail the questions once I receive the from the YDP JPP. ** The answers from HoD/Programme coordinator, lecturers and students should be in tandem because this was a form of cross checking. They also checked the files for verification of any process mentioned during the interview.  


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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