MS Access Integration Note Summary

MS Access Integration Note Summary
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  08 January 98Microsoft Access Integration NotePage 1 Product Category: Report Writers Support Category: Un-Supported Product Abstract Microsoft Access, part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite of applications, is a relational databasemanagement system that structures your data in order to find answers easily, share timely information,and build faster solutions that help you make better business decisions.Access is used to combine data from several sources into a single database, and then produce reports ofthat data. It integrates data from spreadsheets and other databases and is an easy way to find answersand to share information over an Intranet and the Internet.Since Access is a common application on many Windows desktops, it can be a convenient tool forenhancing the reporting capabilities of the AR System User Tool. By sending information to an Accessdatabase, reports of AR System data can be created and printed from an end-user PC. Integration Summary By using Microsoft Access to view the information stored within an Action Request System (AR System)database, you can use the standard Access functions to create reports and print copies of the data to aprinter.Microsoft Access views the AR System database using the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity(ODBC) technology. Active Links in the AR System User Tool can be defined to automatically launchAccess and run predefined reports or screen print macros at the press of a button. Figure 1 Action Request System – Microsoft Access Integration Action Request System ™ Integration Note Remedy Corporation TM ActionRequestSystemMicrosoftAccess DDE LaunchODBCHardcopiesReports AR Systemdatabase Accessdatabase  Remedy Corporation08 January 98Microsoft Access Integration NotePage 2 Support For Integration The work described in this Integration Note is Un-Supported. Both Remedy and Microsoft supporttheir respective products and interfaces, but the examples provided in this Integration Note are notsupported.The technology needed for this work is described in several AR System documents, the Visual BasicGuide and the MS Access Users Guide. This Integration Note is provided as a convenience to help youget started with the integration of the AR System and the Access application. System Requirements 1.   Action Request System Version 2.0 or greater (AR System API package not required), using a SQLdatabase for data storage.2.   Microsoft Access (Integration based on version 7.0 but is compatible with earlier versions)3.   ODBC drivers for both Microsoft Access and the database system being used by the AR SystemServer.This integration uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). This integration requires some Visual Basiccoding and some database administration skills.This Integration Note assumes that you are familiar with creating Microsoft Access applications usingthe programming tools provided with Microsoft Access. For more information about Visual Basic forApplications, please refer to the Access manual “Building Applications”.Note: Visual Basic for Applications (used in Microsoft Access for Windows 95, version 7.0) is called“Access Basic” in earlier versions. For more information about Access Basic, please refer to the“Introduction to Programming” manual in Microsoft Access version 1.x, or the “Building Applications”manual in version 2.0. Contact Information Microsoft CorporationRemedy Corporation One Microsoft Way1505 Salado DriveRedmond, WA 98052-6399 USAMountain View, CA 94043 USA+(206) 635-7070[tel]+(650) 903-5200[tel]+(206) 936-7329[fax]+(650) 903-9001[fax]
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