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  MS Project Proposal AC/DC Converter Free LED Driver for Lightings    Name: Faiq Ahmed RollNo:L14-5107 Submitted to Sir Kamran Jamal   Abstract  : This Idea presents a noble AC/DC converter-free LED driver for LED lighting applications. The  presented LED driver applies the AC mains power directly to the LED strings with no AC/DC converter stage, thus bulky transformer and lifetime limiting electrolytic capacitor no longer needed. This small sized low-cost and reliable LED lighting driver was realized with an LED driver IC, which selectively empowers multi-channel LED strings based on the measured input AC voltage signal. The IC was fabricated in 1-um high voltage BCD process capable of handling AC input voltage up to 240 V. By PWM-controlling the LED-driving high-voltage switches, the IC resolved the thermal issue which is critical for the reliability of LED lighting module. A 4-W prototype LED driver module was implemented and tested to verify the feasibility of the suggested Converter- Capacitor-less LED driver scheme for low cost LED lighting.
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