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  Template #1  HOUSEKEEPING SCHEDULE Qualification CHS NC II Station/BldgPractical Area Area/Section Practical area Practical Work Area/ Computer Laboratory In-Charge Sergio B. Goco Jr.  ACTIVITIESResponsiblePersonSchedule for the 2nd Semester, 2014 DailyEvery otherDay WeeklyEvery 15 th DayMonthlyRemarks 1. Turn off the power if not inuse. Shut off all the computers, and turn off any power strips that are still on to avoid the risk of electrical shock or damaging any components. Trainees/ Janitor(in the absence of trainees x2. Clean and arrange workingtables according to floor plan/lay-out; check stability Trainees/ Janitor(in the absence of trainees x3. Clean and check floor, walls, windows, ceilings ã graffiti/dust/rust ã cobwebs and outdated/unnecessaryobjects/items ã obstructions ã any used materials/scraps ã open cracks (floor) Trainees/ Janitor(in the absence of traineesEvery Friday4. Clean and check work shop ventilation and illumination by dusting lamps/bulbs, replacing non-functional lamps and keeping exhaust clean Trainees/ Janitor(in the absence of trainees x5. Clean, inspect air conditioning equipment: ã keep screen and filter free from dust/rust ã Check selector knobs if in normal positions and are functional ã Check if drainage is OK  Trainees/ Janitor(in theabsence oftrainees x6. Clean and check computer set -monitor, CPU, keyboards, mouse – free, unnecessary markings, dust; cables and plugs are in order; well-arranged; all items functional Trainees/ Janitor(in the absence of trainees x  Template #2  TEMPLATE # 3 CHS EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SCHEDULECHS WORKSHOP HOUSEKEEPING SCHEDULEDAILY TASKYESNO 1. Sweep floors; if wet, wipe dry2. Wipe and clean whiteboards3. Arrange table and chair according to layout4. Arrange tools and equipment5. Clean the working area at the end of the day, or during your session in the lab if things are too messy6. Dispose waste properly according to agency procedure on waste segregation  WEEKLY TASKYESNO 1. Clean workshop structures like posters and visual aids2. Clean bulbs/lamps/ceilings/wall3. Clean and check tools, machine, supplies, materials4. Clean/Wash of windows/glasses/mirror5. Sanitize garbage receptacles MONTHLY TASKYESNO 1. Clean and arrange tools room2. Inspect electrical system; clean cables, wires3. Clean instructional materials & modules; arrange and put in order4. Inspect and clean air-conditioning equipment filter; clean body5. Conduct tools, equipment, instructional materials and modules an inventory
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