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Mul Be Ry Farm Maintenance Theory

This document contains the text of Vocational Intermediate Students.
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  Intermediate  Vocational Course First Year (Theory Paper-II) Mulberry Farm Maintenance for the Course of Sericulture State Institute of Vocational Education Directorate of Intermediate EducationGovt. of Andhra Pradesh,HYDERBADand Board of Intermediate Education Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,HYDERBAD  CONTENTS Page No.1.Farm Maintenance12.Estimation of Leaf Yield133.Economics224.Secondary Food Plants and Diet335.Mulberry Diseases406.Mulberry Pests667.Uses of Mulberry828.Seri Biotechnology86References94Glossory96  AUTHORS K.SATYANARAYANA M.Sc. (Seri) PGDS  Junior Lecturer in SericultureG.J.C. (B) Dharmavaram P. VENGANNA M.Sc. PGDS Junior Lecturer in SericultureG.J.C. Nandikotkur, Kurnool EDITOR Dr. P. SRINIVAS M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., PGDCMP,CYP-PGDYDW  Junior Lecturer in Zoology (Sericulture)Govt. Pingle Junior College for GirlsWaddepally, Hanamkonda-506 370.  Farm Maintenance1 1Farm Maintenance 1.1Introduction Indian farmers are confined to small scale (2-3 acres) agriculture.Most of the farmers are confined to traditional methods only. This iscontinuously reducing the crop yield. Further management practices aredeveloped for individual crops and recommendations are made for individualcrops, without considering residual effects. This approach has failed toutilize the resources efficiently. One should not forget that land is a unit butnot a crop and management practices should be for all crops that are to begrown on the particular land. Thus adoption of scientific, technical methodsimproves farm products. The farm of a farmer includes the cultivable land,livestock, implements etc. The farm products depend on rainfall or irrigatedwater, soil structure, utilization of fertilizers, cropping pattern, besides formmanagement. Farming systems represent an appropriate combination offarm enterprises. These enterprises are interrelated. The end products andwastes of one enterprise are used as inputs in others and thus generate profitsto the farmer. The complete crop product, techniques and other methodsfollowed to produce are called farm system. In agriculture farm types andsystems are different. The farm enterprises interact with environment withoutdislocating the ecological and socioeconomic balance.Farm management deals with the organization and operation of afarm with the objective of maximizing profits from the farm on a contributingbasis. It is necessary to adjust farm organization from year to year. Thus itis the science which deals with the analysis of the farming resources,alternatives, choices and opportunities within the framework of resourcerestrictions and social and personal constraints of the farming business.This information is integrated and synthesized to increase profitability ofthe farming business and to raise the standard of living of the farming people. 1.2Systems of Farming Faming system represents proper combination of farm enterprisesviz., cropping system, livestock, poultry, fisheries, forestry and the means
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