Activity Statement July 7, 2014 Help Account Summary Account Account Alias Name Current NAV Prior NAV TWR HKD U8806360 fuping Kwok Chung Chu 146,860.08 146,710.08 0.10% U8806360F Kwok Chung Chu 79,809.50 80,613.50 -1.00% Total 226,669.57 227,323.57 Generated: 2014-07-12, 08:53:20 EDT Page: 1 Activity Statement July 7, 2014 Help Interactive Brokers LLC, Two Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 Account Information Name Kwok Chung Chu Account Alias fuping Account U8806360 Address of Account Ho
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  Activity Statement July 7, 2014 Help  Account Summary AccountAccount AliasNameCurrent NAVPrior NAVTWRHKD U8806360fupingKwok Chung Chu146,860.08146,710.080.10%U8806360FKwok Chung Chu79,809.5080,613.50-1.00%  Total226,669.57227,323.57 Generated: 2014-07-12, 08:53:20 EDTPage: 1  Activity Statement July 7, 2014 HelpInteractive Brokers LLC, Two Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830  Account Information NameKwok Chung Chu Account Aliasfuping AccountU8806360 Address of Account Holder(s)Flat B, 12/F Ka On HouseKa Wai EstateHungHom, Kowloon 100Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China Account TypeIndividualCustomer TypeIndividual Account CapabilitiesCashTrading PermissionsStocks,Options,Warrants,Forex,Futures,Futures OptionsBase CurrencyHKD Net Asset Value (NAV) In Base Currency Prior PeriodCurrent PeriodTotalLongShortTotalChange Cash116,101.73116,101.730.00116,101.730.00Stock30,325.0030,475.000.0030,475.00150.00Dividend Accruals283.35283.350.00283.350.00  Total146,710.08146,860.080.00146,860.08150.00 Mark-to-Market Performance Summary in Base QuantityPriceMark-to-Market P/LSymbolPriorCurrentPriorCurrentTransactionPrior OpenCommissionsDividendsTotalStocks 231850050060.650060.95000.00150.000.000.00150.00  Total0.00150.000.000.00150.00 Total (All Assets)0.00150.000.000.00150.00 Time Weighted Rate of Return0.10%  Activity Statement - July 7, 2014Page: 2  Realized & Unrealized Performance Summary in Base RealizedUnrealizedSymbolCost Adj.S/T ProfitS/T LossL/T ProfitL/T LossTotalS/T ProfitS/T LossL/T ProfitL/T LossTotalTotalStocks 23180.,341.200.000.00-3,341.20-3,341.20  Total0.,341.200.000.00-3,341.20-3,341.20 Total (All Assets),341.200.000.00-3,341.20-3,341.20 Cash Report TotalSecuritiesFuturesBase Currency Summary Starting Cash116,101.73-0.03116,101.75Ending Cash116,101.73-0.03116,101.75Ending Settled Cash116,101.73-0.03116,101.75 HKD Starting Cash115,467.940.00115,467.94Ending Cash115,467.940.00115,467.94Ending Settled Cash115,467.940.00115,467.94 USD Starting Cash81.780.0081.78Ending Cash81.780.0081.78Ending Settled Cash81.780.0081.78 Change In Position Value StocksBase Currency Summary Prior Period Value30,325.00 MTM P/L On Prior Period150.00End Of Period Value30,475.00 Long Open Positions SymbolOpenQuantityMultCost PriceCost BasisClose PriceValueUnrealized P/L of NAVCodeStocksHKD 2318-500167.632433,816.2060.950030,475.00-3,341.20100.00 23182013-12-22, 20:41:49500167.632433,816.2060.950030,475.00-3,341.20  Total33,816.2030,475.00-3,341.20100.00 Forex Balances DescriptionOpenQuantityCost PriceCost Basis in HKDClose PriceValue in HKDUnrealized P/L in HKDCode  Activity Statement - July 7, 2014Page: 3  Forex Balances ForexHKD USD-81.77687.7528-634.007.7502633.79-0.21 System Transfer to U8806360C2014-05-20, 16:20:00-0.00327.7528750.027.7502-0.020.00 System Transfer from U88063602014-05-20, 16:20:0081.787.7528-634.027.7502633.81-0.21  Total-634.00633.79-0.21 Open Dividend Accruals SymbolEx DatePay DateQuantityTaxFeeGross RateGross AmountNet AmountCodeStocksHKD 23182014-06-252014-08-085000.000.000.57283.35283.35  Total0.000.00283.35283.35 Contract Information SymbolDescriptionConidSecurity IDMultiplierStocks 2318PING AN INSURANCE GROUP CO-H46652400CNE1000003X61 Base Currency Exchange Rate CurrencyRateCurrency (Cont.)Rate (Cont.)  AUD7.263800INR0.129270BRL3.485100JPY0.076083CAD7.254600KRW0.007662CHF8.673600MXN0.595140CNH1.249600NOK1.258400CNY1.249300NZD6.788700CZK0.384310PLN2.543900DKK1.414400RUB0.224930EUR10.544000SEK1.134300GBP13.275000SGD6.215700HUF0.033984THB0.239090ILS2.260400USD7.750200 Codes CodeMeaningCode (Cont.)Meaning (Cont.)  AAssignmentLILast In, First Out (LIFO) tax basis election AdjAdjustmentLTLong Term P/L AlAllocationLoDirect Loan  Activity Statement - July 7, 2014Page: 4
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