Multi Layer Composite Films

multilayer fillms
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  Multi Layer Composite Films Theory Presented by Shrikant Athavale For PG Students , SIES Nerul On 06-11-2010  Introduction ã Film extrusion is one of the most important processes for plastics accounting for almost a quarter of all thermoplastics consumed ã Has enjoyed some periods of rapid growth in recent years, particularly within the packaging industry ã Film is defined as a sheet less than 250 μ m in thickness ã There are two types of film extrusion: cast film and blown film  ã Background of Flat Film Forming ã Dies T-slot Coat hanger ã Coextrusion ã Rolling/Cooling of Film ã Wind up ã Process dependent properties ã Model ã Uses ã  Applications  TOPAS is an amorphous, transparent copolymer based on the polymerization of ethylene and norbornene using metallocene catalysts. Its property profile can be varied over a wide range by adjusting the chemical structure during polymerization. These new materials exhibit a unique combination of properties whose performance benefits include:


Jul 23, 2017
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