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Technical Open Content - Municipal Castings - Grey cast iron manhole covers.
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  In international standardization was not still interest of setting a product standard which refers to street manhole covers.We consider that the open document must circulate to all of the regional (oficial) standardization bodies in order to consider if the  proposal of the private standard fits, or not, the requirements of their regional basic standards.In this case, there is not a risk of losing sight of official standards by country users, as long as the private standard is unilaterally aligned to the regional basic standards.1 - Purpose and justificationThe proposal plans to set up a technical product specification of whichs purpose is to settle the main dimensions (related to interchangeability and front side anti-skid pattern) of a two-piece (frame and lid or grate) ductile cast iron vehicular or pedestrian area manhole cover or grating; - in the global market context.The intention is to fit as much as possible the issue of dimensions for special product (the subject of the open standard  ) with the different regional standards in order to remove trade obstacles which depends on different regional standards.2 - Relevant documentsAny regional basic standards or norms which refers to design, quality, testing, (e.g. EN124, AASHO, AS3996, and others); - but not also to the dimensions of ductile or cast iron street manhole covers and gratings.3 - Organizations that may be interest, - in participation of development, or in acceptance of the open (private) standard  .> on one way, - the cast iron products manufacturers, liaison professional or trade associations, as well as those of civil engineering designers, too.> on other way, the regional standards development organizations; (e.g.: CEN, ASTM, COPANT, EASC, ASEAN standards, CROSQ, APEC, SAC, AuStandards, Mercosur, ARSO, so on).4 - Details of any proposed special arrangements for distribution of the open standard setting work.We consider the best way is to work the technical product, and to sell it on the markets anywhere it fits the basic standards as above, - or to promote the design in a form of a technical product specification on a dedicated Web-site, or dedicated on-line forum.Similar documents (publications) of CEN or ISO, - as documents in which the open/private standard may convert in, are as follow,> concerning the ISO/CEI-2:2004 standard, - it may convert in a type of - technical specification (3.4), technical report (3.5), publicly available specification (3.7).> concerning the CEN standard EN45020:2006, - in a type of - pre-standard (3.3), product standard (5.4), technical specification (3.4), unilaterally aligned standard (6.8). A PROPOSAL ON THE SUBJECT OF OPEN STANDARDIZATION THE SUBJECT OF STANDARD Date of proposal: Reference number (given by proposer)Author of proposal: version:   “Technical Open Standard  THE PROPOSAL: Title of proposal  : Municipal Castings. Dimensions of special products of vehicular and pedestrian area outdoor manhole covers and gratings, of ductile or grey cast iron construction, - particulars of products.” The open standard will not conflict with those standards which are set by governments or international organizations; - because of the open one (as a private standard) is an unilaterally aligned standard related to the government or international ones, - which are basic standards (related to the open/private standards).More exactly, the open private standard, (in a form of a technical product specification) sets up only the dimensions of special  product, which are not specified in the basic standards . And, more than, the private standard intends to set up the dimensions and particulars in order to fit the most of the common items from the regional basic standards .(The terms  are in concordance with the terminological CEN standard - EN45020:2006, -, 3.2.2, 5.1, 6.8)The proposed private standard may create trade in case of exporters or importers who follow the standard can sell or buy the  products more easy.For instance; - in case of the private standard is unilaterally aligned to the regional standards , as are - the CEN standard EN124, as well to AS3996, or the AASHO standard, - the product which follows the private standard, which follows all of these regional  basic standards, as well other ones, may be sold on all of the regional markets where the basic standards applies.Thus, the product follows implicitly the basic standards, too.  A B S T R A C TTitle of proposal - English title:   Municipal Castings. Covers, - lids and frames, - for sewer or drain-storm manholes,- for use in vehicular and pedestrian areas.   Particulars of special product; Dimensions, - NS.670-690 - 26.5-27   Assembly of vented lid and frame - 680/685(686) - 27 dia. - loading class 360; 400 kN   .Pieces are designed to be mainly cast by high grade grey cast iron (grade 300, 350, 400N/; - A48, class 45B, 55B, 60B);Frames are designed to fit usual,- a 750 mm / 30 , dia. round manhole top clearance.- an 800 mm / 32 dia. round manhole top clearance,  but in a heavyer and taller construction of frame.DESCRIPTION:The product which is proposed as a subject of open (private) standardization consists in a twopiece street manhole cover to be mainly produced by grey cast iron, for lower loading class, of 360, 400 kN,The dimensional standard subject of product consists as follow:- common as well experimental designs of lid structure, of 680 mm (26-3/4 ) overall dia. -with or without bracing ribs on backside and with 4 vent holes for all designs.- designs of frame pieces, interchangeable with each one of the lid pieces designs.> frame ensures a clearance dia. of 625 mm (25 ) for men access into the manhole which hasa 750 or 800 mm (30 or 32 ) top dia. the entry clearance; - but, frame has also a top opening dia. of 685 (686) mm / 27 for the lid going into the frame, (to set on the seating).Lid contains 4 vent holes, of at least ( clearance (10 per hole).Mechanical drawings which the proposal consists in are considered as drafts, as well thedocument for circulation, there fore there are provided   as-is    .Dimensions which are not mentioned, even in case there are or not structural thickness of  pieces, are not the subject of discussion for the moment of document circulation, therefore each manufacturer will set them as he considers at best, in concordance with cast iron grade. ***  The proposal consists in designs of street manhole covers of 360...400 kN loading class - in order to be cast by high grade grey iron (300...400 N/ propose the high grade grey iron because of its greatest abrasion resistance, - so a cover made  by grey iron of 300...400 grade will preserve a longer time its anti-skid pattern against wearing. Note! Due to manufacturer and customer - hinges or/and locking devices may be designed to fit the lids and frames.
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