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Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Customer Services Division

Municipality of Chatham-Kent Customer Services Division C A O D E P A R T M E N T 2 7 C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S C O N T A C T C E N T R E, C O U N T E R S E R V I C E
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Municipality of Chatham-Kent Customer Services Division C A O D E P A R T M E N T 2 7 C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S C O N T A C T C E N T R E, C O U N T E R S E R V I C E S, O N L I N E S E R V I C E S M U N I C I P A L C E N T R E S : B L E N H E I M, B O T H W E L L *, C H A T H A M, D R E S D E N, R I D G E T O W N, * T H A M E S V I L L E, T I L B U R Y, W A L L A C E B U R G, * W H E A T L E Y Customer Services Division Municipal Centres (Hubs): Blenheim Chatham Civic Centre Dresden (including ServiceOntario) Ridgetown Tilbury Wallaceburg Municipal Information Desks/Co-located with Libraries (2.5 days per week): Bothwell Thamesville Wheatley Call Centre: Chatham Civic Centre All Municipal Centres/Municipality Information Desks Customer Service: One stop access to services and information (Internal and External Customers) Working with all CK departments as a Corporate Team to provide efficient and effective services to all our customers. Customer Service Easy Access to Information and Services In-person Phone Facebook Web Chat History of Municipal Centres 1998 Amalgamation; Municipal Centres throughout Chatham-Kent were established for easy/comfortable access to services and information. Many CSRs hired for the various Municipal Centres; The successful approach was intended to provide a one-stop access to services and information during a very challenging transition; Municipal Centres/Customer Service Representatives became the Hub of the communities. To this day, customers in the various communities rely on the expertise and guidance of the trained CSRs; The Corporation refers to the CSRs as Ambassadors as they not only provide exceptional levels of services/information, but also monitor and communicate concerns/service improvement recommendations to administration; Despite payment options for tax payers, our trends show a very slow decline as customers in various communities prefer the face-to-face service (and take advantage of the one-stop access to service/information during their visit). Counter Services Office Hours 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday (except stat holidays); Located in Municipal Centres throughout Chatham-Kent; SLAs with Entegrus/PUC, ServiceOntario (Dresden Municipal Centre); Services are provided by the same CSRs as the Call Centre service; counter services are slightly more enhanced in terms of customer options such as Entegrus/PUC payments, loadable bus passes, tax payments, parking ticket management/coordination of tickets, ORG licences/permits, lottery licences, recycling bins, Police Clearances, etc. History of Call Centre 1998 Amalgamation; a basic Call Centre was implemented to guide customers to the appropriate department to access services/information; Call Centre Business Plan was approved by Council to implement an enhanced Call Centre. Results included recruitment of several more CSRs, extensive training with departments, allocated costs to departments, software implementation, etc. Enhanced services are defined as fully trained CSRs to provide services/information on behalf of the department; Continuous CSR training for new and ongoing services; 2013/14 Customer Service Division Service Review was completed and approved by Council. Results included the ongoing operation of Municipal Centres and Call Centre based on historical statistics, however the CSRs located in the various offices would now include the role of the Call Centre. Incoming calls are now evening distributed to the next available CSR in any Municipal Centre; Efficiency and viability of Municipal Centres is currently maximized and monitored for ongoing improvements. Call Centre Office Hours 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday (except stat holidays) Virtual Call Centre Services: All inbound calls to Municipal Centres are channelled to ; the Clarity Software distributes the incoming calls to the next available Customer Service Representative (in any municipal centre). Customers are prompted for call purpose then handled according to our service processes. The CSRs are well trained to provide both enhanced and basic services. Our specialized Customer Service Sharepoint is the main knowledgebase for all CSRs to access current service /information to provide consistent and accurate information. Following each call, the CSR must complete a disposition to track statistics; Web Chat requests for services and information also channel through the Clarity Software and distributes to the next available Customer Service Representative; Ckinfo is the corporate address for which customers can contact Customer Service Representatives to request information and services. This inbox is monitored by one designated CSR each work day; Easily accessible for all customers. We follow customer service trends by progressively developing and implementing similar services via Phone, Counter, Web, , etc. Summary of CSR Role Professionalism actively listening to customers to ensure full understanding of their needs/requests; Provide enhanced levels of services; guide customers to appropriate service department when special attention is required; Service request log, track, update status; Manage: registrations, bookings, licences, permits, commissioning, special event approvals, parking ticket process including notice of impending conviction, parking permit process for municipal lots, etc; Process all municipal payments, transactions, daily balancing; Access numerous software/databases for detailed customers information; Ongoing communication with Depts/Divisions regarding customer data and relay important information; Extensive training (services and software). Sharepoint - Managing Information and Communication SharePoint is the knowledgebase for the Customer Services Division. Sharepoint provides various tools to effectively manage information and improve divisional communications: 1. Announcements 2. Status List (KPI) 3. Knowledge Base (Wikis) 4. Popular Links 5. Calendars 6. Discussion Board Customer Service Statistics Annual average of approximately 120,000 payments processed by CSRs (property taxes, hydro/water, registrations ie arenas, recreation, licences, permits, fines, facility bookings, etc.) 120,000 phone customers annually (enhanced services minimal transfers to departments) 3,500 /facebook customers annually Approximately 12,000 (non-payment) counter services annually (ie special events, new to CK resident services/information, tourism questions, general information, services, etc) Dresden Office ServiceOntario Health Card; Driver and Vehicle Licensing services also available from our Municipal CSRs 1300 Health Cards Issued (2014) 6600 Driver and Vehicle Licences Issued (2014) Annual Corporate Statistics: Services Provided by Customer Services Division Department Total of Services CAO 3829 CK PUC 499 Community Services Council Mayor 720 Finance, Budget & Information Technology Services Health and Family Services 3477 Customer Service 9909 Infrastructure & Engineering Services Police 612 Legislative Services Entegrus Total Enhanced Services (examples) Facility Bookings Program Registrations Transit Passes Special Event Coordination/approvals ORG: Marriage Licences/Death Regs/Burial Permits Property Standards Municipal Election Burn Permits Parking ticket disputes/notices of impending conviction Etc. Other Services within the Buildings (examples) Library Services Ontario Works Service Ontario Fire Service Police Services Theatre Senior Centre Post Office Future Goals for Customer Services Our current and future goals include: Achieving the highest level of efficiency while providing exceptional customer service levels; Continue to expand service options and compatible service (internal/external) partnerships to maximize viability of Municipal Centres; Continue to offer our existing Community Hub services while monitoring and adjusting to ongoing customer trends. Questions?
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