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  Municipality of Pililla, Rizal v. Court of Appeals Re LEGAL COUNSEL OF LGU FACTS ã  The RTC of Tanay, Rizal rendered judgment ordering the hili!!ine etroleum Cor!oration C# to !ay the $uni%i!ality of ililla muni%i!ality# &u'ine'' ta(e' and other fee') The judgment *a' a+rmed &y the SC and &e%ame nal and e(e%utor) The %a'e *a' remanded tothe RTC for e(e%ution) ã -n %onne%tion *ith the e(e%ution of judgment, Atty) Feli( $endiola led a motion in &ehalf of the muni%i!ality for the e(amination of C.' gro'' 'ale' for the !ur!o'e of %om!uting it'&u'ine'' ta(e') C led a manife'tation &efore the RTC to the e/e%t that $ayor atenia of ililla re%ei0ed from it 11)2$ a' full 'ati'fa%tion of the judgment a' e0iden%ed &y the relea'eand 3uit %laim do%ument' e(e%uted &y the 'aid mayor) The RTC i''ued an order denying Atty)$endiola.' motion for e(amination and e(e%ution of judgment) ã Atty) $endiola led a motion for re%on'ideration %laiming that the total lia&ility amounted to45)4$ *hile the amount re%ei0ed &y the mayor *a' only 14)6$) 7e a''erted that themayor %annot *ai0e the &alan%e of the judgment o0er *hi%h hi' la* rm had regi'tered t*olien' for alleged %on'ultan%y 'er0i%e' and attorney.' fee' amounting to more than 14$) TheRTC, ho*e0er, denied hi' $R) ã A !etition for %ertiorari *a' led &y Atty) $endiola *hi%h *a' referred to the CA fora!!ro!riate a%tion) ã PPC led a motion questionin t!e aut!ority of Atty. Mendiola to represent t!emunicipality. T!e CA dismissed t!e petition for !avin een led y a privatecounsel in violation of t!e la# and $urisprudence ut #it!out pre$udice to t!e linof a similar petition y t!e municipality t!ru t!e proper provincial or municipalleal o%cer.  Atty) $endiola led a !etition &efore the SC to a''ail the de%i'ion of the CA) &SS'( 8 9ON Atty) $endiola, a !ri0ate %oun'el, ha' authority %an le an a%tion in %ourt for and in&ehalf of the muni%i!ality of ililla )(*+ 8 NO) Atty) $endiola ha' no authority to le an a%tion in %ourt in &ehalf and in the name of the $uni%i!ality of ililla) 1.Private attorneys cannot represent a province or municipality in lawsuits. Se%) 1:;< of the Re0i'ed Admini'trati0e Code !ro0ide' that the !ro0in%ial '%al 'hallre!re'ent the !ro0in%e or any muni%i!ality or muni%i!al di'tri%t thereof in any %ourt e(%e!t a# in %a'e' *hereof srcinal juri'di%tion i' 0e'ted in the SC or &# in %a'e' *here the muni%i!ality or muni%i!al di'tri%t i' a !arty ad0er'e to the !ro0in%ialgo0ernment or to 'ome muni%i!ality or muni%i!al di'tri%t in the 'ame !ro0in%e) 9hen the!ro0in%ial '%al i' di'3ualied, a '!e%ial attorney may &e em!loyed &y the muni%i!al%oun%il) 7en%e, only t!e provincial scal or municipal attorney can represent a provinceor municipality in t!eir la#suits ) The !ro0i'ion i' mandatory) T!e municipalitysaut!ority to employ a private la#yer is limited only to situations #!ere t!eprovincial scal is disqualied to represent it ) For thi' e(%e!tion to a!!ly, t!e factt!at t!e provincial scal #as disqualied must appear on record ) 2.The fscal’s reusal to represent the municipality is not a legal justifcation or employing theservices o private counsel. Unli=e a !ra%ti%ing la*yer *ho ha' a right to refu'e em!loyment, scal cannot refuse toperform !is functions on rounds not provided for y la# #it!out violatin !isoat! of o%ce )  -n'tead of engaging the 'er0i%e' of a '!e%ial attorney, t!e municipal council s!ouldrequest t!e Secretary of -ustice to appoint an actin provincial scal  in !la%e of the !ro0in%ial '%al *ho ha' de%lined to handle and !ro'e%ute it' %a'e in %ourt) 3.The legality o a private counsel’s representation can be questione at any stage o the proceeings. RAMS v CA /00123FACTS ã etitioner' Antonio C) Ramo', Ro'alinda $) erez, Norma C) Ca'tillo, and the >aliuag $ar=et?endor' A''o%iation, -n%) led a !etition &efore the %ourt a quo  for the @e%laration of Nullity of $uni%i!al Ordinan%e No) 1 16:#, $uni%i!al Ordinan%e No) 6 1B# and a Contra%t of lea'eo0er a %ommer%ial ar%ade to &e %on'tru%ted in the muni%i!ality of >aliuag, >ula%an ã  The !ro0in%ial Fi'%al and the ro0in%ial Attorney Oli0iano @) Regalado# led an An'*er in&ehalf of re'!ondent muni%i!ality) ã At the !retrial %onferen%e, Atty. Ro erto 4. Romanillos   a !ri0ate %oun'el# a!!eared,manife'ting that he *a' %olla&orating %oun'el for re'!ondent muni%i!ality) ã etitioner' 3ue'tioned the !er'onality of Atty) Romanillo' to a!!ear a' %oun'el of re'!ondentmuni%i!ality, and mo0ed to di'3ualify Atty) Romanillo' from a!!earing a' %oun'el and de%larenull and 0oid the !ro%eeding' !arti%i!ated in and underta=en &y Atty) Romanillo' ã $ean*hile, Atty) Romanillo' and Atty) Regalado led a joint motion 'tating, among other',that Atty) Romanillo' *a' *ithdra*ing a' %oun'el for re'!ondent muni%i!ality Atty. Realado is adoptin t!e entire proceedins participatedin5underta6en y Atty. Romanillos ã RTC Dudge denied !etitioner' motion and on the other hand, granted Atty) Regalado' motionto formally ado!t the entire !ro%eeding'  -n 'u!!ort of the de%i'ion, re'!ondent Dudge rea'oned8  etitioner'. motion for the di'3uali%ation of Atty) Romanillo' a' re'!ondentmuni%i!ality' %oun'el i' deemed moot and a%ademi% in 0ie* of hi' *ithdra*al a'%oun'el of 'aid muni%i!ality)  @e'!ite Atty Romanillo'.' a%ti0e !arti%i!ation in the !ro%eeding', the o!!o'ing%oun'el ha' ne0er 3ue'tioned hi' a!!earan%e until after he made a formal o/er of e0iden%e for the re'!ondent') The a%3uie'%en%e of !etitioner' %oun'el of hi'a!!earan%e i' tantamount to a *ai0er and !etitioner' are, therefore, e'to!!ed to3ue'tion the 'ame) ã Assumin t!at t!e proceedins !ad een 7tainted #it! frailness to render t!e sameleally o $ectiona le,7 t!e same as een 7leally remedied7 y its formal adoptionupon motion of t!e Provincial Attorney. ã CA di'mi''ed the !etition and denied the motion for re%on'ideration)-SSUES1)9ho authorized to re!re'enta muni%i!ality in it' la*'uit'H4)$ay the !ro%eeding' &e 0alidated &y a !ro0in%ial attorney' ado!tion of the a%tion' made&y a !ri0ate %oun'elH7EL@81)Only PR8&9C&A* F&SCA* and t!e M'9&C&PA* ATTR9(:    !ro0in%ial '%al' fun%tion'a' legal o+%er and ad0i'er for the %i0il %a'e' of a !ro0in%e and %orollarily, of themuni%i!alitie' thereof, *ere 'u&'e3uently tran'ferred to the provincial attorney #Se%) 1:;< of the Re0i'ed Admini'trati0e Code, %om!lemented &y Se%) < of the Lo%al AutonomyLa*, only provincial scal  and the municipal attorney  %an re!re'ent a !ro0in%e ormuni%i!ality in their la*'uit') The !ro0i'ion i' mandatory) The muni%i!ality' authority to em!loy  a !ri0ate la*yer i' e(!re''ly limited only to 'ituation' *here the !ro0in%ial '%al i' di'3ualied tore!re'ent it) ã Only in e(%e!tional in'tan%e' may a !ri0ate attorney &e hired &y a muni%i!ality to re!re'ent itin la*'uit') The'e e(%e!tion' are enumerated in the %a'e of  !linsug vs ) T# $r  )  %&' (an#arlos #ity' )egros *cciental 81)*hen the muni%i!ality i' an adverse party  in a %a'e in0ol0ing the !ro0in%ialgo0ernment or another muni%i!ality or %ity *ithin the !ro0in%e4)if and *hen original juri'di%tion of %a'e in0ol0ing the muni%i!ality i' 0e'ted in the Supreme Court <)in a %a'e in0ol0ing the muni%i!ality, he, or hi' *ife, or %hild, i' !e%uniarily in0ol0ed,a' heir legatee, %reditor or other*i'e ã  Thi' 'tri%t %oheren%e to the letter of the la* a!!ear' to ha0e &een di%tated &y the fa%t that +the municipality shoul not be burene with e,penses o hiring a private lawyer+  and thatthe intere't' of the muni%i!ality *ould &e &e't !rote%ted if a go0ernment la*yer handle' it'litigation')4)  :(S, can e adopted !ence iven 8A*&+&T:  ã -t doe' not a!!ear that the ado!tion of !ro%eeding' !arti%i!ated in or underta=en &y Atty)Romanillo' *ould ha0e re'ulted in any 'u&'tantial !rejudi%e to !etitioner' intere't) ã Re3uiring ne* trial on the mere legal te%hni%ality that the muni%i!ality *a' not re!re'ented&y a legally authorized %oun'el *ould not 'er0e the intere't of ju'ti%e) ã  The Court did not 'ee any inju'ti%e %ommitted again't !etitioner' &y the ado!tion' of the*or= of !ri0ate %oun'el nor any intere't of ju'ti%e &eing 'er0ed &y re3uiring retrial of the %a'e&y the duly authorized legal re!re'entati0e of the to*n) ã -n 'um, although a muni%i!ality may not hire a !ri0ate la*yer to re!re'ent it in litigation', inthe interest of substantial justice  ho*e0er, *e hold that a muni%i!ality may ado!t the*or= already !erformed in good faith &y 'u%h !ri0ate la*yer8 1# !ro0ided that no inju'ti%e i' there&y hea!ed on the ad0er'e !arty and 4# !ro0ided further that no %om!en'ation in any gui'e i' !aid therefore &y 'aidmuni%i!ality to the !ri0ate la*yer    ;ARC&A vs CM(*(C /011<3 Re -nitiati0e and ReferendumFACTS8-n it' am&ayang Ia!a'yahan >lg) 1B, Serye 1<, 1 the Sangguniang >ayan ng $orong, >ataanagreed to the in%lu'ion of the municipality of Moron as part of t!e Su ic Special(conomic =one  in a%%ord *ith Re!u&li% A%t No) 6446)On $ay 45, 1<, !etitioner' led a !etition 4 *ith the Sangguniang >ayan of $orong to annulam&ayang Ia!a'yahan >lg) 1B, Serye 1<)etition 'tate' among other', to nullify the I1B, to 'e!arate Grande -'land from SSEJ and returnit to >ataan, to re0i0e in >ataan the ?irgin Fore't', to allo* >ataan to %reate it' o*n SEJ' The muni%i!ality of $orong did not ta=e any a%tion on the !etition *ithin thirty <B# day' after it''u&mi''ion) etitioner' then re'orted to their !o*er of initiati0e under the Lo%al Go0ernmentCode of 11) They 'tarted to 'oli%it the re3uired num&er of 'ignature' <   to %au'e the re!eal of 'aid re'olution)Un=no*n to the !etitioner', ho*e0er, the 7onora&le Edil&erto $) de Leon, ?i%e $ayor andre'iding O+%er of the Sangguniang >ayan ng $orong, *rote a letter to the E(e%uti0e @ire%tor of CO$ELEC re3ue'ting the denial of  ) ) ) the !etition for a lo%al initiati0e andKor referendum&e%au'e the e(er%i'e *ill ju't !romote di0i'i0ene'', %ounter !rodu%ti0e and futility) ?i%e $ayorallege that /03 &y 0irtue of R)A) 6446, other*i'e =no*n a' the >a'e' Con0er'ion @e0elo!mentA%t of 14, all a%tion' of LGU' %orrelating on the a&o0e i''ue' are merely re%ommendatory in  nature *hen 'u%h !ro0i'ion' *ere already em&odied in the 'tatute) $oreo0er, it allege' />3  thatthe S> f $orong ha' !a''ed a re3ue't to the Congre'' to amend %ertain !ro0i'ion' of RA 6446*hi%h ta%=led the 'ame i''ue' rai'ed & !etitioner') And /?3  the Sangguniang >ayan of $oronghad a%%ommodated the %lamor of the !etitioner' in a%%ordan%e *ith it' limited !o*er' o0er thei''ue') 7o*e0er, the Sangguniang >ayan of $orong %annot a/ord to *ait for amendment' &yCongre'' of R)A) 6446 that *ill !erha!' drag for 'e0eral month' or year', there&y delaying thede0elo!ment of $orong, >ataan)the CO$ELEC en &an% re'ol0ed to deny the !etition for lo%al initiati0e on the ground that it''u&je%t i' merely a re'olution !am&ayang =a!a'yahan# and not an ordinan%e)No* !etitioner' allege that re'!ondent CO$ELEC e(er%i'ed GA@81)A' an admini'trati0e agen%y, re'!ondent Comele% i' &ound to o&'er0e due !ro%e''in the %ondu%t of it' !ro%eeding') 7ere, the 'u&je%t re'olution', Anne(e' E and7, *ere i''ued e( !arte and *ithout a/ording !etitioner' and the other!ro!onent' of the initiati0e the o!!ortunity to &e heard thereon) $ore im!ortantly,the'e re'olution' andKor dire%ti0e' *ere i''ued *ith gra0e a&u'e of di'%retion) ASangguniang >ayan re'olution &eing an a%t of the aforementioned lo%al legi'lati0ea''em&ly i' undou&tedly a !ro!er 'u&je%t of initiati0e)4)Re'!ondent Comele%' authority in the matter of lo%al initiati0e i' merelymini'terial) -t i' duty&ound to 'u!er0i'e the gathering of 'ignature' in 'u!!ort of the !etition and to 'et the date of the initiati0e on%e the re3uired num&er of 'ignature' are o&tained)-f the re3uired num&er of 'ignature' i' o&tained, the Comele% 'hall then 'et a datefor the initiati0e during *hi%h the !ro!o'ition 'hall &e 'u&mitted to the regi'tered0oter' in the lo%al go0ernment unit %on%erned for their a!!ro0al &SS'(@ *hether am&ayang Ia!a'yahan >lg) 1B, 'erye 1< of the Sangguniang >ayan of $orong, >ataan i' the !ro!er 'u&je%t of an initiati0e )(*+@ :(S Father >erna'8 in re!u&li%an 'y'tem', there are generally t*o =ind' of legi'lati0e !o*er, srcinaland deri0ati0e) Original legi'lati0e !o*er i' !o''e''ed &y the 'o0ereign !eo!le) @eri0ati0elegi'lati0e !o*er i' that *hi%h ha' &een delegated &y the 'o0ereign !eo!le to legi'lati0e &odie'and i' 'u&ordinate to the srcinal !o*er of the !eo!le) The Con'titution %learly in%lude' not only ordinan%e' &ut re'olution' a' a!!ro!riate'u&je%t' of a lo%al initiati0e) Se%tion <4 of Arti%le ?- !ro0ide' in luminou' language8 TheCongre'' 'hall, a' early a' !o''i&le, !ro0ide for a 'y'tem of initiati0e and referendum, andthe e(%e!tion' therefrom, *here&y the !eo!le %an dire%tly !ro!o'e and ena%t la*' ora!!ro0e or reje%t A9: act or la#  or !art thereof !a''ed &y the Congre'', or lo%allegi'lati0e &ody ) ) )-n Se% 1: of RA :66<8 Limitation' U!on Lo%al Legi'lati0e >odie'  Any !ro!o'ition on ordinance or resolution  a!!ro0ed through the 'y'tem of initiati0e and referendum a'herein !ro0ided 'hall not &e re!ealed, modied or amended, &y the lo%al legi'lati0e &ody%on%erned *ithin 'i( :# month' from the date therefrom ) ) ) )-n Se% 145 of LGC8 Se%) 145) Limitation' on Lo%al -nitiati0e') a# The !o*er of lo%alinitiati0e 'hall not &e e(er%i'ed more than on%e a year) &# -nitiative shall e,ten only to subjects or matters which are within the legal powers o the (anggunians to enact.  Thi' !ro0i'ion %learly doe' not limit the a!!li%ation of lo%al initiati0e' to ordinan%e', &ut toall 'u&je%t' or matter' *hi%h are *ithin the legal !o*er' of the Sanggunian' to ena%t,*hi%h undou&tedly in%lude' re'olution') Thi' inter!retation i' 'u!!orted &y Se%tion 142 of 
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