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  Mutual Fund And Its Trend In India Made By Mr. Vishal Narvekar [ SYBFM]  Introduction ã A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. ã The money collected is invested in capital market instruments such as shares, debentures etc. ã The income earned through these investments and the capital appreciation realized are shared by its unit holders. ã The income earned is shared in proportion to the number of units owned by them. ã It is most suitable investment for the common man as it offers an opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally managed basket of securities at a relatively low cost.  Emergence of Mutual Fund in India   ã Mutual funds in India began in 1964 ã Unit Trust of India (UTI) was the first MF company ã Remains the market leader even today, Having about 68% of the market share ã Lost monopoly in 1987 With entry of public sector mutual funds Promoted by public sector banks and insurance companies ã Industry was open to foreign institutions in 1993  Trends Of Mutual Fund In India   ã In 1963, finance minister Shri T. Krishnaswami gave the idea of mutual funds. ã The srcin of mutual fund industry in India is with the introduction of the concept of mutual fund by UTI in the year 1963. ã The first scheme launched by UTI was Unit Scheme in 1964. ã At the end of 1988 UTI had Rs.6,700 crores of assets under management.

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Jul 23, 2017
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