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MW Upgrade Methodology for MEGA2 H3I Project v1.0

MW Upgrade HW
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Transcript Microwave Upgrade Methodology for MEGA2 H3I Project  Huawei Confidential Page 2 MW upgrade scenario and flow Upgrade preparation 1 2 3 Upgrade step and materials Contents 4 Materials return process - Upgrade Capacity - Upgrade Capacity & Protection - Upgrade Capacity, Protection & Antenna - Upgrade Capacity & Antenna - Change Frequency - Hot Swap - FE to GE  Huawei Confidential  What is Microwave upgrade?  MW upgrade = MW CAPACITY expansion by means of SW or HW  1. Capacity upgrade will result to KPI reduction with no change on hardware.  2. One MW channel can support up to 183Mbps maximum at freq 6, 7, 8, 15 & 23 GHz and one MW channel can support up to 252Mbps maximum at freq 11 GHz.  3. Dual-polarization can support double capacity.  SW upgrade also need HW upgrade in case of required. But without consideration of KPI, at least 183Mbps can be achieved only by SW upgrade. If higher than 183M expected, HW modification is needed, i.e, to replace antenna by dual-polarization.  Conclusion: the HW upgrade are caused by 2 reasons:  1. As SW upgrading, if maintaining the same or improving the KPI. HW upgrade is needed.  2. SW upgrade can reach 183M, beyond this, you should replace the hardware, i.e, the dual pol. Antennas to achieve. Page 3 MW upgrade scenario and flow  Huawei Confidential MW upgrade scenario and flow Main equipment to be upgraded:  ODU (Protection) ; Antenna ; IDU Page 4 IDU ODU & Antenna Upgrade Category Type Scope (hops) RTN 605; RTN 620; RTN 910; RTN 950; RTN980 RTN605 --> RTN950A RTN620 --> RTN620 RTN620 --> RTN950A RTN910 -->RTN950A RTN950 --> RTN950 RTN950 No enough Slot --> RTN950A FE --> GE port (RTN620) Upgrade Capacity No Hardware change 119 Scenario 1 No Need No Need No Need No Need No Need No Need Scenario 8 Upgrade Capacity&Protection 1+0 --> 1+1 194 Scenario 2.1 NA Scenario 2.2 Scenario 2.3 NA Scenario 2.4 1+1 --> 2+0 NA NA Scenario 3.1 NA Scenario 3.2 NA 2+1 --> 3+0 NA NA NA NA Scenario 3.3 NA 3+1 --> 4+0 NA NA NA NA Scenario 3.3 NA 2+1/3+0 --> 3+1/4+0 NA NA NA NA NA Scenario 3.4 Upgrade Capacity&Protection&Antenna 1+1/2+0 --> N+0/N+1 with antenna DP change 47 NA NA Scenario 4.1 NA NA Scenario 4.2 1+0 --> 2+0 with antenna DP change Scenario 4.3 NA Scenario 4.4 Scenario 4.5 NA Scenario 4.6 Upgrade Capacity&Antenna Antenna size small to big; 9 NA Scenario 5 NA NA Scenario 5 NA Change Frequency 23G --> 15G; 33 NA Scenario 6 NA NA Scenario 6 NA 15G --> 7G; 15G --> 11G; NA NA Scenario 6 NA NA Scenario 6 No space on tower, Hot swap Hot swap Scenario 7
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