my five sences lesson plan

Lesson Plan Template Name: Mahra Bahkeet Mohammed Professional Development Plan (What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?) 1- Cleaning up strategy. 1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)  MST is using the cleaning up strategy by singing a song and using the bell. I think that I have
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  Lesson Plan Template Name: Mahra Bahkeet Mohammed  Professional Development Plan (What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?) 1- Cleaning up strategy. 1.   Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)    MST is using the cleaning up strategy by singing a song and using the bell. I think that I have to focus on this strategy by singing a song so they will be engaged. 2.   Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)    I will use songs that are specified for the cleaning up that they always sang it. By saying cleaning up time so they can understand that they should clean and sing the song. 3.   Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)   - I used the bell and I said clean up time so they start singing with me and cleaning up the classroom and helping each other. Grade Level: KG2-7  Subject: Science. Lesson tittle: My five senses.  Learning Outcome (MOE code and words):    My learning outcomes for the five senses lesson are: Science: - K2. Recognize the five senses that we have. - K2. Identify the uses of the five senses. - K2. Connect the senses with the actions. - K2.  Write sentences to describe the uses of the senses. Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the students use? Be specific) 1-   Computer (For the song). 2-   PowerPoint that have the five senses pictures and the uses of them. 3-   Clips + Flash cards about the senses and their uses. 4-   Dice (With the senses pictures). 5-   Senses sheet + Pictures of the uses of the senses. Preparation (what do you need to make or check before class?) I must check the internet connection and the computer for the song. Key vocabulary: 1-   Test, Ears, Nose, Eyes, Hands, Touch, See, Smell, Hear.   6-   I use my (Eye, Eras, Hands, Nose and tongue to ) …….. (Worksheet) . 7-   Pencils + Wooden colours. WholeTime: 5 min Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement): - I will do the morning circle time for 5 minutes by asking questions such as; Today is what? \what is the date of today? \who is absent? \who is the helper hand for today? The students will answer together and the child who is the helper hand will count the students and change the weather, day and date and put the absent student’s pictures on the board. I will put the learning outcomes on the board and red for the students. - I will apply the five senses song for them to let them recognize the senses and to engage them. - After the song, I explain about the senses to them by showing them some pictures in the PowerPoint about the senses and they should choose the right sense for the picture such as; picture of the TV and the students should say which sense do we use for the TV. Then, I will ask them to sit in the group after I explain and model the activities, I will divide them according to their levels. 15 min Independent Experience (Low level Creativity Area) - They will have flash cards that have the 5 senses pictures and the uses of them. They will choose the right uses of the senses by putting the clip on the picture. Independent Experience ( Medium  level Math Area) - They will have the senses sheet and the pictures of their uses. They will sort the pictures according to the use of the senses. For example; the picture of the flower will be beside the nose picture that in the senses sheet which mean smelling the flower. Independent Experience (Hight level Science Area) - They will have sentences that describe the uses of the senses such as; I use my …eyes… to see the book, I use my … nose.. to smell the flowers and so on. They will read the sentence and pick the right sense to complete the sentence.    ClosingTime: 5 min  - I will bring the children to the carpet again by lining up and I will do a small activity with them which is; I will throw the dice that have the pictures of the five senses for each child and they should say which sense is this and for what we use it. The child who will answer right will have a star as a reward. Assessment -   Check list.  Reflection 5: (My Five Senses) What went well: On 15th of March, I did science lesson plan which was about “My Five Senses.” It was attractive to them because it was a new lesson. I helped Ahmed to write the number of the absents students by letting him see the numbers charts that on the board because he did know how to write number 6 and MST was very proud when I did that which was useful to let him see and writ the number was surprised because most of them knew some words such as; taste, smell and they involved with the lesson because of the activities were interest for them especially the dice activity and the song was useful because it explained the senses and the uses of them. Besides, MST liked the senses sorting activity, and she found it fun and useful for their ages, and they can think and try to solve the questions. MST engorged me to use the cleaning up song while they are cleaning and sing with them which will let them be involved and clean up the class by having fun. They enjoyed the dice activity and all of them got star even if they answered wrong and they friend help them so it was as a supporting for them which is perfect. Bruner believes that “The role of the teacher should not be to teach information by rote learning, but rather than to facilitate the learning process”   (McLeod, Simply Psychology, 2012) . That is mean, the teacher to be a good teacher she has to prepare a lesson for the student that helps them to discover the bits of information by their own
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