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  Two-Day Diary Day One Event 1: Driving to uni. Before: I was sitting in the car; my mum was driving me to uni. I had been rushing as I woke up lateand was eating my breakfast and drinkingcoffee in the car. My mum was chastising me about beinglate yet again and I wasfeeling rather grumpy because I had also had a bad dream the night before. During: A song came on the radio–finally, after a long twenty minutes of listening to mindlesschatter–but after the first chord, I immediately knew that it was “Can’t Hold Us”by Macklemoreand Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton. The radio version of that song gets on my nerves due to one partclose to the end where the backing vocalist and the instrumental parts feelout of sync. I flipped thestation, rather listening to other mindless chatter than that song. After: I got to uni and was still slightly unnerved, amplified by that song. Thus, I walked to Hackettand bought a hot chocolate to make me happier before I went to my first tute. Upon seeing myfriends with smiles, my mood lifted and the morning was forgotten. Event 2:My brother’s cello lesson. Before: I was talking to my younger brother about how much practice he hadn’t  done in the pastmonthbefore his cello lesson. I was excited because I hadn’t seen my old teacher for four monthsprior to this tag-along lesson. Yet, I was disappointed with my brother and I could see his frustrationwith having to have a lesson, let alone play the cello. During: My brother’s teacher got annoyed at him for his attitude at playing the cello, but we had anice conversation about what I had been doing musically since I had seen him last. When my brotherstarted playing Allegro from Vivaldi’s Concerto in G minor for 2 Cellos, I was unsurprised and mildly  annoyed at the quality of his playing. We had been practicing the song together the night before andin comparison, it sounded boring and unmusical in the lesson. After: I left with my brother and we sat in the car on the way home discussing how much he needsto practice in the next few weeks. I felt embarrassed for him andslightly like it was my responsibilityto make him better because I am of a higher standard than he is. Event 3: Doing the dishes. Before: I had been arguing and procrastinating washing the dishes. I was feeling lethargic and after afull day of uni, I couldn’t be bothereddoing anything, let alone chores.My family left me alone in thehouse, which I usually take the opportunity to improvise or learn songs on piano and guitar. During: I begrudgingly did the dishes, andplugged my iPod into the TV speakers in the adjoiningroom. I blasted several Red Hot Chili Peppers albums on shuffle through the speakers which got mepumped up and dancing around the kitchen while I washed the dishes and prepared myself dinner. After: I didn’t really mind that I’d had to do the dishes, andI was still feeling pumped up, so I wentfor a run before my parents came home and was tired out, lazing on the couch when they arrived.This annoyed them because they assumed I’d done nothing while they were out, and they weresurprised when they realised what I had actually done. Event 4:Watching The Voice Australia Before: I was watching the TV show The Voice Australia and there had been 5 performances already.I was feeling tired due to the late hour and I was becomingrapidlydisinterested in the show. During: James Walker’s rendition of The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside”almost brought tears to my eyes. Itwas a really intriguing take on a seemingly rock song, turning it into more of a ballad. It wasbeautifully executed and I wanted to hear more and more of it.  After: I felt empty, like it was all finished. I also found out that James Walker had arranged it himself which made me feel even more in awe of him and his talent. I felt inspired by his performance andreminded why I chose to study music. Event 5: Showering. Before: I was preparing to have a shower. I felt tense and sore after a long day and after intensestudying. During: I turned on my iPod during my shower and listened to the three parts of the “ExogenesisSymphony” by Muse. The combination of the Western Arts and Contemporary styles settled me andI felt more relaxed and calm. After: I was relaxed andstress-free, so I went to bed. DayTwo Event 1: Morning alarm. Before: I was asleep. I’d had a really bad dream during the night and consequently had had a verybroken sleep. I’d just been able to get back to sleep again for a few hours. During: “Heart of Life” by John Mayer is my alarm clock song because it wakes me up feeling calmand refreshed and prepared to take on the day. It wakes me up very soothingly rather than the jarring beeps of an alarm clock or the dreary morning talk-shows on the radio. After: I kept feeling refreshed and happy until I got out of bed, when I realised how cold it was. Allthoughts of the alarm and the song washed from my mind.  Event 2:Practicing my cello. Before: I was practicing my cello–scales, arpeggios, studies. It was regular, routine. I feltbored and Iwas getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting anywhere. During: I decided to revisit some old pieces I had played for exams two years ago. I played thePrelude of Bach’s second Cello Suite in D minor. It reminded me of my exam performance. In thatperformance, I had been so emotionally invested in the piece that I had cried halfway through it andcontinued on playing with tears streaming down my face. In this playing of it, I felt frustrated that Icouldn’t play it perfectly or with as much emotion as I had two years ago, but it brought back thosememories. After: I continued to reminisce about that performance and really analyse how I got to such a deepand emotional level over one piece. Event3: Catching the bus home. Before: I was walking to the bus stop after uni and I had my earphones in, listening to my iPod. Iwasn’t paying attention to the music, I just put it on the last playlist I had been listening to. I wasfeeling mentally and emotionally drained. During: I looked out of the window, it was raining, and across the river, I could see my ex boyfriend’shouse–or the approximate area where he lived. “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” by John Mayercame on my iPod at that moment and I realised that I was on a playlist I’d made for him before webroke up. It made mefeel sad and nostalgic and tears welled in my eyesas I noticed how well Irelated to the song. I wanted to spur of the moment jump on another bus and visit him. After: I continued in this depressed mood probably due to the isolation from familiar peoplecombined with listening to that playlist and thinking about all of the memories I had with him.
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