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My Oxford English. Module 2B Contents and Objectives

My Oxford English Module 2B Contents and Objectives OBJECTIVES Module 2B of My Oxford English enables students to understand the main ideas of debates, ask and give personal opinions in debates, express
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My Oxford English Module 2B Contents and Objectives OBJECTIVES Module 2B of My Oxford English enables students to understand the main ideas of debates, ask and give personal opinions in debates, express in a clear manner the main idea of the issue they want to talk about, deal with situations on public transport, or when travelling abroad. They will learn, among other things, to use the conditionals ( If I ran every day, I d feel healthier ), adjectives and adverbs of probability (sure, certain, definitely, etc.), the verbs tell and say, indefinite pronouns (somebody, anyone, everywhere, etc.), defining relative clauses ( That s the girl my brother is going out with ), and infinitive structures. They will also learn vocabulary related to housework, mathematics, airports, legal matters, feelings expressed with do and make, and many other topics. 1/6 CONTENTS No UNIT OBJECTIVES FUNCTIONS GRAMMAR VOCABULARY To be able to have a conversation about the Internet using 1 Net Auction vocabulary; to learn Establishing The Internet Indefinite pronouns words and phrases relationships Large numbers that can be used when socializing; to learn to correctly use indefinite pronouns. 2 Party of Three 3 To be able to converse about relationships and sports; to manage subject and object questions as well as infinitives of purpose. about emotions and personal relationships; to learn to use because and because of properly. Talking about relationships Explaining personal relationships Subject and object questions Infinitives of purpose because and because of Relationships Sports Emotions 2/6 4 Training Day 5 Truth or Lies 6 7 The New Housekeeper To be able to use which, that, and who in defining relative clauses; to be able to describe appearance using vocabulary. To be able to describe accessories and fabrics using vocabulary; to be able to use the passive voice in the present and past simple. To be able to express opinions in writing; to describe TV programmes using vocabulary. To use reflexive pronouns properly; to acquire vocabulary related to household tasks; to be able to use some key job probability Describing belongings and objects Describing TV programmes Job interview expressions Defining relative clauses with which and that Defining relative clauses with who or that Present simple passive Past simple passive opinions Consolidation of present and future tenses Reflexive pronouns Facial appearance General appearance Accessories Fabrics TV shows Household tasks Reflexive and nonreflexive verbs 3/6 8 9 A Cottage in the Country 10 Beat the Boss interview expressions. present perfect accurately; to learn vocabulary related to holiday accommodation. about paranormal experiences; to learn phrases for expressing fear. To be able to use both and neither, all and none, each and one correctly; to acquire vocabulary related to the airport and to mathematics. Asking for detailed information fear Talking about abilities Consolidation of past tenses Consolidation of the present perfect Writing stories both and neither, all and none, each and one Frequency adverbs and expressions Holiday accommodation Ghost stories Paranormal experiences Mathematics At the airport 11 Thursday Morning To learn to give orders and instructions; to be able to use the structure to want someone to do something; to Giving orders and instructions want (somebody to do something) Infinitive patterns Stationery Job titles 4/6 12 13 Emergency 14 The Future broaden one s vocabulary to include lexis related to stationery and job titles. about the results of a survey; to learn new vocabulary and phrases related to the topic of job satisfaction. structure to ask / tell someone to do something; to be use tell and say correctly; to acquire vocabulary related to areas of the house. about future possibilities and probability using may and might; to acquire courtroom and uniform vocabulary. Reporting and discussing results Asking someone to do something Talking about probability and future possibilities Expressions to describe minority and majority tell and say tell / ask (somebody to do something) may and might Adjectives and adverbs of probability Working environment Emergency services Parts of a house People in uniform In the courtroom 5/6 15 16 Getting Organized 17 If I Were You 18 To be able to describe personalities using adjectives. first conditional ly; to be able to use expression with do and make. second conditional; to acquire new adjectives related to emotions and life states. To be able to write an informal letter; to be able to complain and explain problems. Describing personalities conditions unrealistic conditions complaints and explaining problems Using synonyms to avoid repetition First conditional Future time clauses with when, before, after, etc. Second conditional First or second conditional? Writing an informal letter Character and personality Expressions with do Expressions with make Adjectives for emotions Life states Difficult situations 6/6
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