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A tool for self-assessment, aiming to help your ATTITUDE development as a professional. It's based upon an allegory that compares a professional to a cup of tea in terms of freshness of smelling properties (why should one hire you?) and taste (why are you the one we remember when we need to promote someone?). Enjoy your TEA! level.
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  • 1. My TEA! level The following series of questions is meant to help you to self-assess. All we want is YOUR personal development, as a professional. In order to answer this poll you shouldn’t need more time than what it takes to take a revigorating TEA cup. The alegory we pretend to achieve is the one comparing your actual state as a Professional, seen as the product of a series of factors, to a cup of TEA. As you know, when we choose the herbs we will take we are defining a series of criteria, that, most of the time, we don’t even consider individually anymore. As a Professional we’re also a possible choice to others. You’d probably agree that our success depends upon the quality we achieve to get and our ability to show it to others (the freshness of our TEA). Congratulations for taking your time to invest in yourself, and take the ‘pain’ of self- assessment! We believe it will be worthy! Your future will surely tell it.
  • 2. 1) Have you been studying ways to improve your KNOWLEDGE in what concerns your area of activity? a I feel no need to do that. b Some times I read na article, related.... c I’ve subscribed for magazines on the subject, and I read them d I’ve subscribed for publications upon the subject, and buy one new book on it once in a while e I love what I do and I keep on searching for all kinds of new information about my area of interest. Training is essential. 2) Are you keeping an open line with professionals from different companies who have the same role you’re performing? a I do not see the point… After all, they are my competitors…and wouldn't give me any answers b Once in a while I call a friend with a question c I regularly meet with other professionals in my activity d I’m an active member of an industry’s association  e I’m  continuously networking so that I share and get the most actual informations about my industry 3) Do you keep on reading articles, or have you signed in to receive news’ magazines dedicated to your technical area? a Never b Once in a while if any doubt arises c I’ve subscribbed for a newsletter  that I usually read d I try to keep myself informed. I read a lot. e To be up-to-date is essencial. I search and produce information. 4) Do you participate in discussion forums somehow related with your activity? a I don’t have the time   b Some times I visit them, but I don’t get interested c I go there and read the discussions, but I’m not participating   d I dedicate some time every week to go there and read what’s being discussed and I participate every now and then e I’m realy connected. I even organize or actively participate in groups that are building technical contents. T - Theoretical knowledge
  • 3. 1) Do you keep an eye on the way you’re moving onwards? a There’s nothing to be reviewed   b When I see a different way of doing what I do, I get adapted c I’m attentive to what I do. I try to get better every day. d I look for new ways to grow my ability to do and the quality of my work e I study alternatives and offer sugestios for continuous improvement 2) Do you try-and-test new solutions and verify whether the results improve? a It's not worthy b Some times I think about doing it but I don't have the needed conditions c I enjoy revising the probabilities of my ideas. But I don't test them, usually. d Usually I do experiment new ideas (mine or from others). e I do a lot of experimentation of ideas after discussing them with others. I also keep notes, that I usually share. 3) Do you keep on training as to ensure you are as good as possible at this precise moment? a To do my work is already enough b I'd love to train a little more bu there are several obstacles (work, family, friends) c I train randomly, with no previously established plan d I keep on training, after a plan I follow closely e I'm totally oriented for my professional development. I train, I read, I practise 4) Do you verify, by experimentation, the suggestions upon your activity tasks, that you’ve heard or read about? a I don't have neither the time nor the conditions needed. (Anyway: why should I do that? Nobody listens to me…) b I don't feel people listen enough to my opinions, but, every now and then, I try new solutions c Whenever the conditions are met, I love to test new solutions d I do my best to keep on offering or getting solutions that guide to improvement. e I do look for sugestions, test them, verify the results and offer feedback upon each new case. E - Efficiency
  • 4. 1) Do you feel MOTIVATED? a No, not at all! b Some mornings I feel like I don't want to get off my bed… Something's missing… c I do work in the direction of keeping motivated. It's not always easy d I love what I do and I do it with pleasure, although I feel there are some cracks in my motivation, now and then e I love what I do, and I don't forget my 'Motives for Action' plan! 2) Do you feel that your WILL-TO-IMPROVE everyday, is always there, awaken, within you? a It's not worthy… All others want from me is WORK b Once in a while I do think that there are chances that things could be done better. I keep on looking c My first priority is to Very Well, what I do. d I do seek for continuous improvement e I'm always working so that I get better and perform better the tasks I've embraced 3) Are you willing to help your Team members and Colleagues to improve their ability to perform? a Let each one care for himself… b I some times tell others how they can improve, but I'm regularly ignored, so… c If anyone asks my opinion, I do offer constructive feedback and offer myself to help his improvement d I work upon letting communication channels opened: I do help and ask for help as a natural thing e I look for and share relevant information to support continuous improvement. I do feel it is essential for me and for the world. 4) Are you ALWAYS READYto give an extra effort to help others? a There are rules: if anyone wants my work, they should pay for it b Usually, I'm available. Some times it simply is not possible (family first!) c I'm often available to do a little more, There are moments in which I'm the one who offers my time. d I do love to show I'm available, but I even enjoy more the fact that I'm often proposing that extra effort e Time passes by me and I don't even notice… I love to work and want to ALWAYS be known as someone who is always available! In all aspects of life. A - Attitude
  • 5. Does it look good? The blank space shows how much, and where you need to improve. By looking at it you already have a guide to draw your improvement plan. Do it! YOU'll love the results! My TEA! level For each category (Theoretical Knowledge, Efficiency, Attitude) add-on: 0 points for each [a] 6 points for each [b] 12 points for each [c] 18 points for each [d] 25 points for each [e] Fill in each one of the one-third parts of the cup, by shadowing the zone that shows your level at each area (T; E; or A) using for that purpose the figure you've achieved at each category. Theoretical Knowledge ATTITUDE Efficiency . 50. 50 . 25 . 25. 25 . 75 . 75 . 75 0 100100 100 . 50
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