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A chat with a colleague over a cuppa would lead to a life altering experience. This is the Day 2 of our adventures began at the Reales Alcázares de Sevilla. After standing in the long queue with hordes of German tourists, I was mesmerised.
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    Hasta la Vista, Baby!   I’ll Be Back, Seville Part -  II   Day 2 of our adventures began at the Reales  Alcázares de Sevilla (or the Royal Palace of Seville). After standing in the long queue with hordes of German tourists (’twas a public holiday in Germany), when I finally entered the compounds, I was mesmerised. This is Part 2 of my adventures in Seville. For more things to do in Seville,    read part 1.  Alcázares de Sevilla The wonderful arches, the intricate masonry, the exhaustive use of colours; every passage we walked by, took us to a different world each time. I was in awe of the power of the human mind, that could come up with so many marvellous ideas and bring it to effect. The influence of time and the different cultures that made Seville its own is evident in this wondrous creation: from  Arabic, to Mudéjar , to Renaissance, to Baroque influences.    The creation that has stood the test of time and embraced the differences of colour, class, race and religion and made it a part of its own unique identity. If only we could learn from it!  Alcázares de Sevilla Interiors The beautifully up-kept Palace gardens, adds to the allure of the royal compound : with a variety of trees, an arched corridor on one side, the Pabellón de Carlos V, numerous fountains, benches with multi-coloured tiles and peacocks and peahens running around with grandeur. Walking along the long corridor, looking out at the serenity of the garden, I tried to imagine how the royalty must have walked through the same path, and how different life    must have been then. To me, this place seemed like heaven. And I thought to myself, what more does one need for happiness and peace! And yet the world then and today is filled with the pursuit of wealth and power.  Alcázares de Sevilla Gardens I then had the chance to rub shoulders with a whole bunch of sevillanos and sevillanas. More aubergines,Salmorejo, Gazpacho, chorizos, beer, sangrias   and vinos to bring in the weekend. Although, initially, everyone huffed and puffed at the prospect of speaking English to me, a few rounds of roncolas/beer/vinos helped to put everyone at ease :). And then began the curious questions, the crazy translations, the witty remarks and the hilarious     jokes. I laughed and laughed until my cheeks ached. And then…. I laughed some more... Ouch!  As we walked back in the late evening, the old city was transformed. The local young and happening were all in the mood for some party. With music blaring out of I don’t know where, people strolling along to reach the closest club and the city squares converted to impromptu stages for performing arts for skaters or skateboarders, for the young and the old, the flair of Seville is incomparable. Just like the logo of the city, “NO8DO” which symbolises the spirit “It (Seville) has not abandoned me”, I found that  in many ways, that traces of Seville will never abandon me. “NO8DO” –  Seville Spending the Saturday in Cordoba (about which I shall write later), we planned for a relaxing Sunday. Next plan of action was to be party crashers: P. Even though we were uninvited (and unannounced) guests at a housewarming party, the own er of the house happily let us in saying “Mi Casa!” and the couple showed us around every corner of their property and invited us for drinks and food (which we politely declined of course!).


Jul 23, 2017
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