Mythological creatures 2016

1. Mythological Creatures 2nd year English “B” 2016 2. Dragon: Alduin Has got long tail, long neck, and he have got two wings, has got a dark scales and spines in the…
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  • 1. Mythological Creatures 2nd year English “B” 2016
  • 2. Dragon: Alduin Has got long tail, long neck, and he have got two wings, has got a dark scales and spines in the back, big horn in the head, I can fly and throw fire. I can t talk and sleep. Juan - Joaquin
  • 3. The Dragon: It is a mythological creature that appears in various forms in various cultures around the world with different associated symbolisms. There are two main traditions of dragons : the European dragon , derived from European folk traditions and mythology of Greece and the Middle East , and Eastern dragons, of Chinese origin, but also known in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. The two traditions probably arose independently , but in its development have influenced each other . The belief in dragons is based on the different traditions about them that appear in many cultures. Has been raised as an explanation of this phenomenon , the discovery of dinosaur fossils which would lead to these cultures to imagine similar things.
  • 4. Name: Thunder Dragon Parts of the body: Two Big Wings, sharp teeths, Four Legs, a long neck, a thunder tail, big claws, a nose, two eyes, it has scales, and thunder powers. Can/Can´t: He can fly, summon a thunder, can walk and run, can run or fly at high speed,resist high temperatures and fight with him big claws and sharp teeths InformationThe first Dragon of Thunder was so moved by the grief of Hida over the loss of his son, Hida Atarasi, on the Day of Thunder, that she went to him and said, "I am the Queen of Storms, and I love you." A year later, she returned with his son in her arms, Hida Osano- Wo. Having borne him a human child, she lost her immortality and promised to stay with Hida. [3] It has been said that the Thunder Dragon's primary concern was that with his son dead, Hida would not produce another heir to carry on his bloodline. Obviously the Thunder Dragon did not stay in her mortal form afterwards. It was a matter of conjecture what actually occurred regarding her mortality. Bruno
  • 5. The hippogriff is a Greek mythological creature. Born from the crossing of a mare and a tap • He can fly, run fast and sing. Has got head and two paws of eagle, two paws of horse, long wings and small beak. His body is big, feathered and grey He can´t swim and dance. Eugenio
  • 6. Parts of body: nose, eyes, face, tail, arms. You can swim and can not be in the air. ….. Live in the forest. Kimei Gelves
  • 7. The name: pegaso or pegasus • The pegaso has got a: body of horse (four legs, one head, a long neck, four paws, four claws, a hair in the head and neck) and two wings. Your hair it is totally white • The Pegasus can: fly and run a high speed, and has got a great force in the back. But can’t enter in small sites because your bigs wings • The Pegaso its a creature of the greece mytology. Pegasus was the horse of Zeus, god of Sky and Earth. This has a nature magical, intelligent, good and wild. The Pegaso is only controlled with people with good hearth. The worst enemy of Pegasus is the grifos Valentin
  • 8. Name: your nameisBriares. Parts Of TheBody:…Is a hekatonkheires, and a Big Creature, he have fifty head´s, hundred arm´s and hand´s, tuo of its arms is a giants and tuo leg´sits giants. Can/Can´t: He Can kill one hundred human at a time, and he cant win the fight whit Campe. Information:He have seventeen brothers and sisters. The Ciclops, tuohekatonkheires and sixtitans, and sixtitanides. He parents is a Gea and Urano.He was releaseddby Zeus. Federico, Fermin
  • 9. Name: Unicorn Parts of body: Horn, eyes, head, hair, leg, tail and paw. She can kill others animals bigger. She I can’t fly. She can run fast. Too can’t talking. The unicorns live in the forest. Unicornis a mythical animal, have he has magical powers. Justina
  • 10. It’s name is Kitsune, is a fox. It’s got a white and grey hair and long four paws. Your eyes are usually red and black. It’s has got nine tails. It can run and fly but can’t swim.It has powers like spitting fire or light in the mouth, It’s from Japan. Martina
  • 11. Chupacabras An animal said to exist in parts of Latin America, where it supposedly attacks animals, especially goats. Which is described as a being who attacks a animals of different species in livestock and rural areas . The chupacabras traveling from Texas to southern Argentina , here in Argentina saw it jump through the roof , in cottages , and kills cows , making it a perfect hole and leaving them without blood the flies chupacabras , or at Least jumps espectacular.Además way , you alas. También , Should Have at Least a large tusk or tube through the blood extracts Which of Their victims . Santiago
  • 12. MEDUSA It’s a fantastic Mythological creature because she was a monster. She was very “beautiful”, and She was mortal. Her parents was Forcis and Ceto. Her sisters was Esteno and Euríale Her look was very potent. She is MEDUSA a monster. She has got in her head an snake’s and she’s “beautiful”. She has got a tail of snake. Her hands its paws! WOW!! Her look was very potent! Ana Belén Silva y Celina Villalba
  • 13. Name: Hada Information: It is a creature lives in the sea, I like swim in the sea, Is beautiful creature. A long tail siren, one head, two eyes, one nose, two hands, long hair and brown. I can’t run, I can’t fly. I can swim. Milagros Guijarro
  • 14. This is a minotaur , has two legs, two arms , and two horns. The minotauro can running at high speed, and nail the horns. It can't fly. It has hair all over the body. Some minotaurs live in underground labyrinths Agustin Viano
  • 15. He Has got a tree Heads, one Head is of lion, tHe second Head is of one goat, and tHe tree Head of snake. He can´t fly. can tHrow fire and can run fast. Information: It was son of Tifón and of Equidna. Your sons with Orto it was the Esfinge and The Lion of Nemea Quimera Flor T. Julia
  • 16. Your name is Minotauro. I have one Brown head, two Brown legs, two Brown foot, two Brown arms, two Brown hand, ten Brown finger, two Brown toe, two White and a longhorn, theet, Brown nouse, ear, White eyes and Brown hair. I don’t have a neck, beak, wing, fing and tail. I can’t fly and jump. I’can walk, run, fight and sleep. Nadir
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