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  dr m r kurup 1 REVISED NAAC MANUAL, 2012 (Affiliated/Constituent College / University)   Dr M R Kurup Kelkar Education Trust, VG Vaze College, Mulund East, Mumbai 400081  dr m r kurup 2 WELCOME TO ACCREDITATION  UGC has made Accreditation of higher education institution of six years’ standing or finished two batches of degree, which ever is lower, mandatory (The Gazette of India January 19-25, 2013.   Accreditation is valid for only 5 years  –  from the date of approval of PT Report by NAAC EC. Once the period is over, the name of the college will be removed from the list of accredited colleges maintained by NAAC  IEQA by first timers and LOI to be submitted online; and LOI for re-accreditation may be sent 6 months before the end of the accreditation period  SSR/RAR to be submitted within 6 months of Letter of Intention/ IEQA  No extension  –  once the time limit is over, fresh LOI / IEQA to be submitted  dr m r kurup 3 Re-Accreditation  –   2 nd /3 rd  Cycle  RAR should virtually be derived from the Annual Quality  Assurance Reports (AQAR).  Contribution of the institution towards the Five Core Values (with evidence) have to be spread across the RAR  Bring out the post-accreditation developments, particularly its response to the overall analysis (SWOC) and Recommendations contained in the previous PT Report.    It is a good idea to briefly high lights of AQAR, Core Values and action taken on PT Report are brought out in the Executive Summary .  Questions not relevant to the college/university need not be answered.  The Focus: Q’  I nitiative  –   S ustenance - E nhancement  dr m r kurup 4 THE FORMAT SSR/RAR may comprise of the following sections:  Preface  Executive Summary inclusive of SWOC analysis of Institution  Profile of the Institution  Evaluative Report - Criteria-wise    Evaluative Report - Department-wise Not to exceed 200 pages.
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