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Trance in art
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       Source : NADI –  Trance in the Balinese Art   NADI  , TRANCE IN THE BALINESE ART    Source : NADI –  Trance in the Balinese Art    Source : NADI –  Trance in the Balinese Art ART PERFORMANCE: RELIGION AND ART It‟s Sunday in the week of Wuku Medangsia according to the traditional Balinese calendar. The place: the inner courtyard of Petilan temple in Pangrebongan, Kesiman, East Denpasar. Many people are at prayer, both male and female sat on the ground. Soon they turn their attention towards the front row, in front of the two main buildings. There are the  pamangkus-temple priests over there, some of them wearing the special costumes of Rangda with the Rangda masks in front. Meanwhile, there are rows of black and white Barongs, each carried by two men. The sound of a gamelan  orchestra can be heard in the north west corner of the temple. The music is getting faster and louder. Incense smoke is spiralling high. Suddenly loud yells are heard here and there. The  pamangkus wearing Rangda costumes stand up and announce loudly a few words while
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