Nama: Zulfindra Juliant NPM: 18110107 Kelas: 3KA24 (TKA10) Mata Kuliah: Pemrograman Berbasis Objek

Nama: Zulfindra Juliant NPM: 18110107 Kelas: 3KA24 (TKA10) Mata Kuliah: Pemrograman Berbasis Objek
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  Nama: Zulfindra JuliantNPM: 18110107Kelas: 3KA24 (TKA10)Mata Kulia: Pemr!"raman #er$asis %$&e' MAA*+A,JA-A 1.public Kelas Mahasiswa pembenaran: public class Mahasiswa2.public Mahasiswa(string nim, string nama, Double ipk) { pembenaran: public Mahasiswa(String nim, String nama, Double ipk) {.public String get!im"# { pembenaran: public String get!im() {$.return nama()% pembenaran: return nama%&.public 'oi set!ama (String !ama) { pembenaran: public 'oi set!ama (String nama) {.this%nama * nama()% pembenaran: this.nama * nama()%+.public 'oi setpk(oubel ipk) { pembenaran: public 'oi setpk(ouble ipk) {-.return ipk()% pembenaran: return ipk% .ATA#A/,JA-A  1.import a'a.util./rra0ist()% pembenaran: import a'a.util./rra0ist%2.pri'at /rra0ist ata * new /rra0ist()% pembenaran: pri'ate /rra0ist ata * new /rra0ist()%.Stringokeni3er tokens * !45 Stringtokeni3er(inputData, 6%78)% pembenaran: Stringokeni3er tokens * new Stringtokeni3er(inputData, 6%78)%$.String nama * tokens.ne9token"#% pembenaran: String nama * tokens.ne9token()%&.or (int i*;, i<ata.si3e(), i==) { pembenaran: or (int i*;% i<ata.si3e()% i==) {.S0stem.print(atum.get!ama() = 6>t>t8)% pembenaran: S0stem.out.print(atum.get!ama() =8>t>t8)%+.integer length% pembenaran: int length% atau nteger length%-.or(int i*;% i<ata.si3e()% =i=) { pembenaran: or(int i*;% i<ata.si3e()% i==) {?.loop(int *;% <length% ==) { pembenaran: or(int *;% <length% ==) {1;.break"#% pembenaran: break%  11.ata@aru.a(atum@aru) pembenaran: ata@aru.a(atum@aru)%12.ata@aru * null()% pembenaran: ata@aru* null%1.Do (int i*;% i<ata.si3e( )% i==) { pembenaran: or (int i*;% i<ata.si3e( )% i==) {1$.i "i**;# { pembenaran: i (i**;) {1&.or (integer *;% <length% ==) { pembenaran: or (int *;% <length% ==) { atau  or (nteger *;%<length% ==) {1.Swich(o(str2)<;) { pembenaran: i (o(str2)<;) {1+.break()% pembenaran: break%1-.e9cept i (**lengthA1) pembenaran: else i (**lengthA1)1?./rra0ist ata@aru Breate() new /rra0ist(ata.si3e( ))% pembenaran: /rra0ist ata@aru * new /rra0ist(ata.si3e( ))%2;.or (int i*;% i<ata.si3e { C% i==) { pembenaran: or (int i*;% i<ata.si3e ()% i==) {  21.Kontinue% pembenaran: continue%22.or (int *;% <length% (plusAplus)) {  pembenaran: or (int *;% <length% ==) { /,JA-A 1.public class user { pembenaran: public class ser{ 2.ini program utama pembenaran: EEini program utamaEE.Screen.out.println(6Data /sli8)% pembenaran: S0stem.out.println(6Data /sli8)%$.S0stem.out.println 6Diurutkan @erasarkan !M8% pembenaran: S0stem.out.println (6Diurutkan @erasarkan !M8)%&.S0stem.out.print.ln(6Diurutkan @erasarkan !ama8)% pembenaran: S0stem.out.println (6Diurutkan @erasarkan !ama8)%.atabase.tampilkanData% pembenaran: atabase.tampilkanData( )%+.S0stem.println(6******************************8)%   pembenaran: S0stem.out.println(6*************************8)%
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