Name Date of birth Designation Official address

Name Date of birth Designation Official address
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   Name Dr. Chitta Ranjan Satpathi Date of birth 12 th  day of June 1962 Designation Associate Professor In Agricultural Entomology Official address Department of Agricultural Entomology, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya,(BCKV) Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal, PIN-741 235, India Residential Address 16/2N Ballygunge station Road P.O- Gariahat, Ballygunge, Kolkata-700019, India Phone No +91-9331048700(Mobile ), +91-33-24602477 E-Mail (Institutional) csatpathi2003@yahoo.co.in Working in BCKV since 1994 Professional Training A)   10 days research experience on study of windborne movement of insect vector in North East India, carried out by BCKV & National Resources Institute of the United Kingdom (U.K.) during 14-23 Nov.,1992. B)   Attended training course on Mass production of bio-control agents of horticultural crop pests and weeds from 1.12.1995 to 16.12.1995 organized by the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessarghata, Bangalore,India C)   10 days training on “ special integrated pest management ”  during 27 th  January to 7 th  February, 2003 at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines  D)   Participated in the International Course on “ Research and Development of New Concept in Integrated Pest Management ”  organized by Ministry of Agricultural & Rural Development, Volcani Campus, Bet Dagan, Israel during 10 th  May to 2 nd  June, 2004  E)   Attained a training programme on Statistical tool for data analysis at CRIDA ,Hyderabad, India during March 2 to 7 2009 F)   Visited the Exosect laboratory at Winchester in the United Kingdom(UK) to observe flying behavior of insect in wind tunnel during 23 rd  February to 26 th  February, 2011   National/International recognition/awards Won Gold Medal sponsored by “Pro Agro Seed” in the International Symposium on “Rainfed Rice Ecosystems: Perspective & Potential” held during 11-13 October, 2004 at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.    Reviewer of Scientific publication 1) Paper reviewer of the  Journal of Insect Science  , Department of Entomology, Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana 141004, India .Ref- JIS/2010/53, dt. 8/9/2010 Fellow of the Society (1)Selected as Zonal Councilor by the Executive Council of the Association for Advancement of Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystem Division of Entomology & Nematology, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, ICAR, Bangalore (1996  –  2006). Research Interests and area of specialization Economic Entomology / Integrated pest Management / Pheromone/ Insect ecology/ Parasitology/ Toxicology/ Taxonomy Total publication 74 ( seventy four) Best 2 Publications with NAAS impact score > 6 (1)   Kole, K.Ramen; Satpathi C.R.; Chowdhury, Ashim; Ghosh, M.R. and Aditya Choudhury, N. 1992. Isolation of Amorpholone, a potent rotenoid insecticide from Tephrosia candida, Journal of  Agricultural and Food chemistry pub. By the The American Chemical Soc. USA 40 : 1208-1210(NAAS rating  –  9.11) (2)   Satpathi, C.R. and Ghosh, M.R. 1994 Phased application of monocrotophos and its effects on insects infesting reproductive part of Cajanus cajan (L) Mills. Indian J.Agric. Sci. 64  (7): 507-508(NAAS rating  –  6.0)  Other Publications (India) (1)   Satpathi, C.R., Mukhopadhyay, A.K., Katti, G., Pasalu, I.C. and Venkateswarlu, B. (2005) Quantification of the role of natural biologicl control in farmer’s rice field in West Bengal. Indian  J.Ent., 67 (3)211-214(NAAS rating  – 4.30 ) (2)   Gururaj Katti, I.C.Pasalu, R.C.Dani, D.K.Bora, P.Singh, C.R.Sapathi, P.S.Reddy and B.Venkateswarlu2006 Integrated pest management in rainfed rice production system of India --- a farmer’s participatory study Oryza 43  (4)296-304(NAAS rating  – 4.12) (3)   Satpathi.C.R, Mandal, A, Mukhopadhyay, A.K. 2006 Effect of seasonal variation on life tableof brinjal fruit and shootborer of brinjal Leucinodes orbonalis  Guen. Pyralidae:Lepidoptera in West Bengal Indian J. Entomology 68  (2):162-165(NAAS rating  –  4.30)  (4)   Satpthi, , C.R. (2010) Some notes on classifying lepidoptera Infesting pulse  Indian J. Entomology  71 (3):187-195 (NAAS rating  –   4.30)    Other Publications (International) (1)   Satpathi, C.R, Sarkar, A and Acharjee, P (2008) Factors affecting abundance of parasitic nematode Hexamermis  sp in Eastern India. International J. Nematology    (UK)18 (1)75-78 (2)   Satpathi, C.R. and Mandal, A (2008) Distribution of  Agamermis  sp in Eastern India with special reference to West Bengal  International J. Nematology (UK)   18  (2)203-206 (3)   Satpathi, C.R.(2009) Relationship between parasitic nematode  Hexamermis sp and brown planthopper (  Nilaparvata lugens  Stål. in rice crop in Eastern India  International J. Nematology   (UK)19  (1):120 (4)   Satpathi, C.R (2010) Effect of temperature and prey abundance on mass rearing of spider  Lycosa pseudoannulata  (Boesenberg and Strand) Araneae, Lycosidae under laboratory condition.  Academic Journal of Entomology  3  (2):65-68 (5)   Satpathi, C.R; Katti, G; and Prasad,Y. G(2011). Effect of seasonal variation on life table of brown planthopper  Nilaparvata lugens  Stål in riceplant in Eastern India  Middle  –   East Journal of Scientific Research   10 (3):370-373 (6)   Satpathi, C.R.; Chakraborty, Kaushik; Shikari, D and Acharjee , P (2012) Consequence of feeding by yellow stem borer ( Scirpophaga incertulas  (Walk. )) on rice cultivar Swarna Mashuri (MTU-7029) World Applied Science Journal    17  (4): 532-539. Number of Seminar/ symposium attended International-1 National-9 Books or Chapter in Books 1) Predacious Spiders of Crop Pest  pp200 published by capital publishing house, New Delhi, India in 2004 (  http//.capital-publishing .com)   Research Projects/ supports 1.Co Principal Investigator( Co- PI) of a “National Agricultural Technology Project”, a World Bank funded project on “New approaches to integrated pest management in rainfed rice based production system” during 2000 -2004.(Budget 1.25 Crore)  2. Working as Co- CCPI of a “National Agricultural Innovation Project” entitled Development of Decision Support Systems for Insect Pests of Major Rice and Cotton based Cropping Systems (2008  –  2012).Budget 3.42 Crore sponsored by ICAR , Govt of India 3. Working as PI of a project on   Evaluation of EXOSEX YSB tabs for management of rice yellow stemborer through pheromone mediated auto-confusion technology in West Bengal , India during 2010-11 Sponsored by M/S Exosect Limited, Leylands Business Park Golden Common, Winchester Hants, S 021 TH, UK, through PCI (India) Pvt. Ltd., Number of PhD scholars, supervised Awarded Ph.D. degree -4 (Four) Ph.D. fellows continuing  –   2(Two) Additional duty Examiner of the Deptt. of Agril. Entomology of Uttarbanga Krishi Viswavidyalay , Coachbehar , West Bengal , India during 2012

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Jun 12, 2018
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