Name Diploma Name Degree Abrams, Corey S Corey S Abrams B.S. in Interdisciplinary St. Alexander, Meredith K Meredith Kathleen Alexander B.S.

Name Diploma Name Degree Abrams, Corey S Corey S Abrams B.S. in Interdisciplinary St. Alexander, Meredith K Meredith Kathleen Alexander B.S. in Nursing Altendorf, Sean P. Sean Patrick Altendorf Pharm.
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Name Diploma Name Degree Abrams, Corey S Corey S Abrams B.S. in Interdisciplinary St. Alexander, Meredith K Meredith Kathleen Alexander B.S. in Nursing Altendorf, Sean P. Sean Patrick Altendorf Pharm. D. Altolaguirre, Alexis N Alexis Nicole Altolaguirre B.S. in Nursing Alyahya, Mohammad Mohammad Alyahya M.S. in Environmental Mgt Angeline, Dylan P Dylan Paul Angeline Juris Doctor Anthony, Angela N Angela Nicole Clements Anthony Pharm. D. Askew, Marisa L Marisa Laurel Askew B.S. in Nursing Bailey, Anita S Anita Simpson Bailey M.S. in Education Bailey, India L India La'Dawn Bailey M.S. in Education Baldwin, Samantha R Samantha Rose Baldwin B.S. in Nursing Barham, Sarah L Sarah Louise Barham B.S. in Business Admin Barnard, Heather Heather Harris Barnard M.S. in Nursing Barron, Jonathon S Jonathan Stephen Barron Doctor of Education Bass, Jordan Jordan Hayley Bass M.S. in Nursing Bass, Keith S Keith Samuel Bass M.S. in Nursing Bass, Sawyer C Sawyer Claire Bass Bachelor of Science Bates, Evan C Evan Chandler Bates Bachelor of Fine Arts Beach, Lillian E Lillian Elizabeth Beach Bachelor of Science Bearden, Karen C Karen Christina Graham M.S. in Education Beck, Kristin M Kristin Michelle Beck Bachelor of Arts Behel, Corey J Corey James Behel Doctor of Education Bellmore, Max C Max Christopher Bellmore B.S. in Nursing Benedict, Molly E Molly Elizabeth Benedict B.S. in Nursing Berney, John T John Tyler Berney Master of Business Admin Berry, Ellen E Ellen Elizabeth Berry Bachelor of Science Biancalana, Eric D Eric Daniel Biancalana Bachelor of Arts Billiter, Kristopher M Kristopher M. Billiter Doctor of Ministry Billups, Sandra F Sandra F. Billups Bachelor of Arts Black, Wesley T Wesley Thomas Black Doctor of Education Blair, Halea D Halea Danielle Blair B.S. in Nursing Blankenship, Philip C Philip Clarence Blankenship Doctor of Ministry Boggus, Whitney S Whitney Smith Boggus M.S. in Education Booth, Rhonda M Rhonda Maxwell Booth Educational Specialist Bost, Ashlyn S Ashlyn Sara Bost Bachelor of Fine Arts Brent, Marquissa Marquissa Brent B.S. in Nursing Brewer, Adam L Adam L. Brewer Doctor of Ministry Brock, Katelyn R Katelyn Renee Brock Bachelor of Arts Bronfenbrener, Toni Toni Robyn Bronfenbrener M.S. in Nursing Brooks, Angelia L Angelia L. Wright Master of Accountancy Brown, Terrell Terrell E. Brown Doctor of Education Bujan, Jeremy A Jeremy A. Bujan Pharm. D. Bundy, Rebekah R. Rebekah Robinson Bundy M.S. in Education Burford, Matthew R Matthew Robert Burford Doctor of Ministry Burroughs, Marcy Marcy Burroughs Doctor of Education Bye, Victoria N Victoria Nicole Bye M.S. in Education Cantrell, Rochelle T Rochelle Thomas Cantrell M.S. in Education Cappa, Casey A Casey Ann Cappa Master of Business Admin Carlisle, Leslie C Leslie Carol Carlisle M.S. in Education Casanova, Jose A Jose Armando Casanova Bachelor of Science Cassels, Elizabeth P Elizabeth Paige Cassels B.S. in Nursing Castle, Starla L. Starla Leann Castle M.S. in Education Chennette, Faith A Faith Aylice Chennette Doctor of Nursing Practice Clark, Allison C Allison Childs Clark M.S. in Nursing Clifford, Jennifer L Jennifer Lynn Clifford Doctor of Nursing Practice Cline, Rebecca Rebecca L. Cline Master of Public Health Cobble, Rachel H Rachel Hillary Cobble Master of Business Admin Coffey, Evelyn M Evelyn Marie Coffey Educational Specialist Coffman, Lindsey K Lindsey Kathryn Coffman M.S. in Education Cohron, Nikki Wright Nikki Wright Cohron M.S. in Education Collins-Smith, Shana M Shana Melissa Collins-Smith M.S. in Nursing Conrad, Colton T Colton Taz Conrad Master of Divinity Cosner, Candace E Candace Cosner M.S. in Education Costa, Daniel C Daniel Carnio Costa Master of Comparative Law Crotts, Rosemary D Rosemary Diana Crotts Juris Doctor Crozier, Gordon G Gordon G Crozier B.S. in Business Admin Daniel, Heather N Heather Nicole Daniel B.S. in Nursing Daniel, Melanie A Melanie Anne Daniel Doctor of Nursing Practice Davis, Jessica M Jessica Marley Davis Bachelor of Arts Fellow Deal, Krystle Krystle Deal M.S. in Nursing Deavers, Lori A Lori Alecia Deavers M.S. in Education Dechant, Thomas J Thomas James Dechant B.S. in Nursing Dedrick, Millie M Millie Moseley Harrell-Dedrick Doctor of Education Dewitt, Ellen C Ellen Cooper Dewitt B.S. in Education Dill, Caroline C. Caroline Campbell Dill M.S. in Education Donaldson, Kerry L Kerry L. Donaldson Jr. Doctor of Education Donaldson, Roosevelt Roosevelt Donaldson Jr. Bachelor of Science Dooley, Natalia A Natalia Kovaleva Dooley Doctor of Education Dunleavy, Emily Michelle Emily Michelle Dunleavy M.S. in Education Dunnavant, Jeffrey N Jeffrey Neil Dunnavant M.S. in Education Edwards, Stephanie Stephanie Lauren Edwards M.S. in Nursing Ellis, Brian P Brian Paul Ellis Educational Specialist Elms, Zaviavanni W. Zaviavanni W Elms B.S. in Nursing English, Hope W Hope Washington English Doctor of Education Faile, Britani Morgan Britani Morgan Faile M.S. in Education Feibelman, Claris L Claris Leigh Feibelman Master of Public Health Fischer, Sarah E Sarah Elizabeth Fischer B.S. in Nursing Flack, Jennifer A Jennifer Ann Flack Master of Public Health Flauding, James M James Michael Flauding M.S. in Nursing Flauding, John R John Richard Flauding M.S. in Nursing Ford, Juan A Juan Andre' Ford M.S. in Education Foti, Shelby C Shelby Claire Foti Bachelor of Science Franckiewicz, Carlyn H Carlyn Hotard Franckiewicz B.S. in Nursing Franklin, Rebecca Lynn Rebecca Lynn Franklin M.S. in Education Frazier, Joel E J. Ethan Frazier Master of Business Admin Freeman, Jennifer Jennifer Freeman B.S. in Nursing Freeman, William J William Jacob Freeman Master of Divinity Furek, Katherine M Katherine Furek Juris Doctor Gaddis, Shalonda R Shalonda Dothard Gaddis Doctor of Education Gadson, Jermaine Jermaine Gadson Doctor of Ministry Gao, Zhenyuan Zhenyuan Gao Bachelor of Science Garrett, Tenicia R Tenicia G. Barclay Doctor of Education Gay, Michelle R Michelle Roberson Gay M.S. in Education Geurin, Stephen T Stephen Taylor Geurin Master of Divinity Gilchrist, Cara R Cara Randolph Gilchrist Educational Specialist Godwin, Jessica K Jessica Kelly Godwin M.S. in Nursing Goodman, Emily R Emily R Goodman Bachelor of Science Goodman, Matthew D Matthew Dalton Goodman M.S. in Education Gourley, Bryan Bryan L Gourley M.S. in Nursing Graham, Elizabeth C Elizabeth C. Graham Master of Public Health Gray, Holli L Holli L Gray Bachelor of Music Education Grimes, Elizabeth E Elizabeth Edwards Grimes Doctor of Education Guhl, Courtney M Courtney M. Guhl B.S. in Nursing Guo, Luming Luming Guo B.S. in Business Admin Hall, Lindsey K Lindsey Katherine Hall Bachelor of Fine Arts Hamilton, Vicky F Vicky Floyd Hamilton B.S. in Interdisciplinary St. Hamner, Candace B Candace Brittany Hamner Master of Public Health Hancock, Emily P Emily Paige Hancock M.S. in Education Handlan, Caitlin R Caitlin Rae Handlan B.S. in Nursing Handrahan, Catherine Hasell Catherine Hasell Handrahan M.S. in Education Harper, Joshua C Joshua Christopher Harper B.S. in Business Admin Harrison, Delaney E Delaney Elizabeth Harrison Bachelor of Arts Harrod, Rachel S. Rachel Grace Harrod Master of Public Health Hatfield, Robert B Robert B. Hatfield, Jr. Doctor of Ministry Havlik, Joseph P Joseph Paul Havlik III Juris Doctor Helms, Kerith Kerith Helms B.S. in Nursing Hendrick, Shelly Brooke Holmes Shelly Brooke Holmes Hendrick M.S. in Education Hendrix, Hinton H Hinton Hamner Hendrix Master of Divinity Hennessy, Shanley Shanley Hennessy B.S. in Nursing Herndon, Deborah M Deborah Mulkey Herndon M.S. in Nursing Herndon, Graham H Graham Hanson Herndon B.S. in Nursing Hethcox, Tiffany R Tiffany Rudeseal Hethcox B.S. in Nursing Hice, Anita F Anita Fuller Hice Doctor of Education Hill, Brian C Brian Claude Hill Bachelor of Arts Ho, Christine Christine Rachel Ho Master of Public Health Hodskins, Logan M Logan McKenzie Hodskins B.S. in Nursing Hoffman, Michelle E Michelle Elizabeth Hoffman Master of Public Health Hogan, Jackson R Jackson Ross Hogan Bachelor of Arts Fellow Holland, Jordan T Jordan Tyler Holland B.S. in Bus. Admin. Fellow Holmes, Jamie M Jamie Holmes M.S. in Nursing Holmes, Jamie N Jamie Nicole Holmes B.S. in Nursing Holt, Brionna R Brionna R Holt Bachelor of Science Hoover, Ashley Ashley Hoover B.S. in Nursing Howard, Floreshia N Floreshia Nicole Howard M.S. in Education Hudnall, Ashton K Ashton Kaye Hudnall B.S. in Business Admin Hurley, Patricia Patricia T. Hurley Doctor of Nursing Practice Ingram, Taylor E Taylor Elizabeth Ingram B.S. in Nursing Isome, Brandon Ralph Brandon Ralph Isome M.S. in Education Ivey, Carter B Carter B Ivey B.S. in Nursing Jacobi, Lindsey R Lindsey Ruth Jacobi Master of Divinity Jasper, Alexandra L Alexandra L. Jasper M.S. in Education Jasper, Joshua D Joshua David Jasper B.S. in Business Admin Ji, Zhenghao Zhenghao Ji M.S. in Environmental Mgt Johnson, Kaley A Kaley Alexa Johnson Master of Business Admin Jones, Brittany N Brittany Nicole Jones Master of Accountancy Jones, Courtney S Courtney S. Jones M.S. in Education Kelley, Melissa M Melissa Anne Kelley Doctor of Education Kendrick, Meade H Meade Hammond Kendrick IV Bachelor of Science Key, Randall D Randall Don Key Educational Specialist King, Katherine N Katherine Nicole King Bachelor of Fine Arts Kiser, Lisa A Lisa Alms Kiser M.S. in Education Kiser, Matthew G Matthew Goldson Kiser Doctor of Education Koehler, Evette J Evette Koehler Juris Doctor Kronlage, Kailin M Kailin Mona Kronlage B.S. in Nursing Lamar, Terry D Terry Dewayne Lamar Doctor of Education Lanclos, Steven M Steven Michael Lanclos Master of Divinity Land, Rachel A Rachel Alexander Land B.S. in Nursing Leshure, Alesia M Alesia M Leshure Bachelor of Arts Lett, Darrin N Darrin Noble Lett Doctor of Education Li, Luonan Luonan Li B.S. in Business Admin Little, Michelle A Michelle Annette Little M.A. in Theological Studies Lott, Brantley C Brantley Christine Lott B.S. in Nursing Mapp, Claude McWilliams Claude McWilliams Mapp M.S. in Education Mardis, Stephen B Stephen B Mardis B.S. in Nursing Masters, Kelly R Kelly Hyatt Masters Juris Doctor Matthews, Genita L Genita Lashawn Matthews Educational Specialist McAlister, Courtney A Courtney McAlister Fischer M.S. in Nursing McArthur, Sarah E Sarah Elizabeth McArthur Bachelor of Science McCall, Karen A Karen Anne McCall B.S. in Nursing McClellan, Kyle D Kyle David McClellan Doctor of Ministry McCollum, Hannah G Hannah Griffin McCollum B.S. in Nursing McCormack, Shaun M Shaun Michael McCormack B.S. in Business Admin McCoy, Erika B Erika Belle McCoy Doctor of Education McElroy, Allison L. Allison Leigh McElroy M.S. in Education McKinney, Samuel M Samuel McClain McKinney Bachelor of Arts McNeill, Robert B Robert Burns McNeill M.S. in Education McNichols, Kiera Kiera McNichols B.S. in Nursing McWhorter, Rebecca J Rebecca Jane McWhorter M.S. in Education Meacham, Jessica E Jessica Erin Meacham M.S. in Education Meadors, Joseph H Joseph Hooks Meadors B.S. in Business Admin Meeks, Felicia W Felicia Weaver Meeks Master of Public Health Messamore, Carmen T Carmen Tucker Messamore Master of Divinity Michoudet, Josephine Elise Marie Josephine Elise Marie Michoudet M.S. in Education Miles, Tanner C Tanner Charles Miles Bachelor of Arts Miller, Jacob K Jacob Kyle Miller B.S. in Business Admin Miller, Rebekah K Rebekah Kathryn Miller B.S. in Nursing Mimnaugh, Alex M Alex M Mimnaugh Bachelor of Science Mitchell, Emily D Emily Doris Mitchell B.S. in Nursing Mitchell, Haley Haley Morgan Mitchell Master of Accountancy Mitchell, Marsha Marsha Corbin Mitchell M.S. in Education Montgomery, Thomas A Thomas Andrew Montgomery Bachelor of Arts Moody, Samantha Samantha Moody M.S. in Education Moolman, Carita L Carita Louise Moolman B.S. in Business Admin Mooney, Jonathan Jonathan Mooney Bachelor of Arts Moore, Henry J Henry James Moore Bachelor of Arts Morgan, Pamela M Pamela Michelle Morgan B.S. in Nursing Morris, Sarah P Sarah Parker Morris Master of Divinity Mosley, Mark S Mark Simpson Mosley B.S. in Business Admin Murata Barrichello, Daniela M Daniela Mie Murata Master of Comparative Law Murphy, James P James Paul Murphy M.S. in Nursing Musgraves, Anna V Anna Victoria Musgraves M.S. in Nursing Myles, Thomas R Thomas Ryan Myles Bachelor of Science Nam, Sau Sau Nam M.S. in Education Navarrete, Francisco A Francisco Arturo Navarrete Bachelor of Arts Neal, Chaunice Chaunice Neal B.S. in Nursing Neal, Joshua D Joshua Daniel Neal B.S. in Nursing Neely, Matthew P Matthew Preston Neely Juris Doctor Neto, Celso M Celso Maziteli Neto Master of Comparative Law Niu, Xiaokun Xiaokun Niu Master of Business Admin Nix, Rachel L Rachel Leanne Nix Bachelor of Music Education Nnamani, Chinenyenwa Chinenyenwa Nwachi Nnamani M.S. in Environmental Mgt Nonnemacher, Melanie Elizabeth Melanie Elizabeth Nonnemacher M.S. in Education Norrell, Louis D Louis Dale Norrell III Master of Divinity Novotny, Jennifer R Jennifer Renee Novotny M.S. in Education Nunez, Marisa C Marisa Claire Nunez Bachelor of Arts Fellow Obajimi, Olwaseun E Olwaseun Emmanuel Obajimi B.S. in Business Admin Odell, Rebecca C Rebecca Cornell Odell Doctor of Education Oliveira, Ana Claudia D Ana Claudia DeMoura Oliveira Master of Comparative Law O'Rear, Jane Jane Elise O'Rear Master of Accountancy Osborn, Matthew D Matthew Daniel Osborn M.S. in Education Parapunova, Iva I Iva Ivanova Parapunova Bachelor of Fine Arts Patel, Hinal A Hinal Atul Patel B.S. in Nursing Peppenhorst, Laura L Laura Lynne Peppenhorst M.S. in Nursing Perkins, Lakeeta Y LaKeeta Yvonne Perkins Educational Specialist Peterson, Savannaha N Savannaha Nicole Peterson B.S. in Business Admin Phillips, Lucy E Lucy Eleanora Phillips M.S. in Education Pillay, Almira Almira Pillay Master of Business Admin Pinkerton, Bradley C Bradley Connor Pinkerton Master of Divinity Posey, Sarah E Sarah Elizabeth Posey M.S. in Education Potter, Amanda L Amanda Lynd Potter M.S. in Nursing Pritchard, Grace E Grace Elizabeth Pritchard Bachelor of Arts Pruitt, Jackson P Jackson Lynn Pruitt Bachelor of Arts Rainey, Aimee Aimee Turner Rainey Doctor of Education Rayford, Joshua L Joshua Lee Rayford M.S. in Nursing Reves, Heidi S Heidi S. Kearns M.S. in Nursing Richards, Catherine A Catherine Ashley Richards M.S. in Nursing Richardson, Lindsay L Lindsay Leigh Richardson B.S. in Nursing Robinson, Landon S Landon Scott Robinson M.S. in Education Rodriguez, Daniel A Daniel Alexander Rodriguez Bachelor of Arts Rogers, Tracy Y Tracy Yancey Rogers M.S. in Education Roughen, William E William E Roughen B.S. in Business Admin Rucker, Jana L Jana Smith Rucker Juris Doctor Rutledge, Garrison B Garrison Belle Rutledge Bachelor of Arts Ryans, Franetta H Franetta Hill Ryans Educational Specialist Sansom, Mary C Mary C Sansom Bachelor of Science Schaeff, Kristen D Kristen Danielle Schaeff Juris Doctor Schwartz, Valerie R Valerie Ruzin Schwartz B.S. in Nursing Senkbeil, Audrey K Audrey Kirsten Senkbeil Master of Business Admin Severino, Roger B Roger Bresslau Severino Doctor of Ministry Seward, Jeremy D Jeremy DeAndre Seward Master of Divinity Shanks, Adam F Adam F. Shanks Juris Doctor Shannon, Ryan Ryan Shannon B.S. in Nursing Sheffield, Lisa A Lisa Anne Sheffield M.S. in Nursing Shen, Yifan Yifan Shen Bachelor of Science Sheppard, Roderick D Roderick Dewayne Sheppard Doctor of Education Shuffett, Meghan K Meghan Kalinah Joy Shuffett Bachelor of Arts Shunk, Caroline M Caroline M Shunk Bachelor of Arts Sinclair, Gavin J Gavin Jermaine Sinclair Bachelor of Science Sivley, Andrea Claire Andrea Claire Sivley M.S. in Education Smith, Adam O Adam Oneil Smith M.S. in Nursing Smith, Cindy L Cindy Smith Jackson Doctor of Education Smith, Honi B Honi Oden Smith Educational Specialist Smith, Margaret E Margaret Elizabeth Winfield Smith B.S. in Nursing Smith, Michael B Michael Brandon Smith M.S. in Education Smith, Phillip D Phillip Daniel Smith M.S. in Nursing Smith, Russell W. Russell William Smith B.S. in Nursing Smith, Taunya N Taunya N. Smith Educational Specialist Smith, Veronica Veronica Alise Smith Bachelor of Arts Souders, McKenna L McKenna Lee Ann Souders Bachelor of Science South, Michael A Michael Abra South Doctor of Education Stallings, Emily Jean Emily Jean Stallings M.S. in Education Steele, Joshua P Joshua Patrick Steele Master of Divinity Stewart, Reed W Reed William Stewart B.S. in Business Admin Strickland, Lacey Lacey Michelle Strickland Master of Public Health Strong, Jessica L Jessica Lynn Strong M.S. in Nursing Stuenkel, Matthew W Matthew Wayne Stuenkel Master of Business Admin Summerville, Walter O. Walter Owen Summerville III Bachelor of Science Symonette, Givonni Givonni Symonette B.S. in Nursing Tarr, Emily E Emily Elizabeth Tarr B.S. in Nursing Tate, Annsley E Annsley Elizabeth Tate Bachelor of Music Taylor, Laura Howell Laura Howell Taylor M.S. in Education Taylor, Lauren J Lauren Jacqueline Taylor Bachelor of Science Tebeau, Catherine Catherine Jeanette Spann Master of Public Health Tew, Michael B Michael Brandon Tew Educational Specialist Thomas, Logan Logan Francis Thomas Master of Env. Mgmt. Thomason, Patrick C Patrick Carey Thomason Bachelor of Science Tinker, Danielle N Danielle N. Tinker Educational Specialist Tolbert, Paula Paula Lynn Ainsworth Tolbert Doctor of Education Townsend, Darcy O Darcy Olivia Townsend Juris Doctor Treat, Meredith A Meredith Anne Conrad Master of Divinity Tripp, Matthew R. Matthew Ryan Tripp B.S. in Nursing Turcotte, Keith D Keith David Turcotte M.S. in Nursing Tuttle, Kristen M Kristen Marie Tuttle B.S. in Nursing Vallas, Jordan Y Jordan Yeager Vallas Bachelor of Science Vickers, Whitney O Whitney Olivia Vickers Master of Music Vivanco, Kimberly H Kimberly Hill Vivanco Doctor of Education Waddell, Clinton J Clinton J Waddell B.S. in Nursing Wallace, Irby E Irby Earnest Wallace III Master of Divinity Wang, Jiuhao Jiuhao Wang B.S. in Business Admin Wang, Yue Yue Wang M.S. in Environmental Mgmt Ware, Rachael E Rachael Elise Ware B.S. in Nursing Warmath, Christopher M Christopher Michael Warmath M.S. in Nursing Warren, Allison Rebecca Allison Rebecca Warren M.S. in Education Warren, MaQuita D MaQuita D. Warren-Lewis Doctor of Education Westbrook, Christopher S Christopher Scott Westbrook Doctor of Education Williams, Denzel O Denzel Octavius Tevin Williams Bachelor of Science Williams, Millard O. Millard Oliver Williams M.S. in Education Williams, Sarah E Sarah Elizabeth Dalvine M.S. in Nursing Williams-Heim, Logan E. Logan Elizabeth Heim M.S. in Education Wilson, Kimberly A Kimberly Ann Wilson M.S. in Nursing Wilson, Rebecca M Rebecca Margaret Wilson B.S. in Nursing Wright, Lekira Q Le Kira Quennelle Wright Juris Doctor Wright-Griffin, Veronica Veronica Wright-Griffin Doctor of Education Wyatt, Amber R Amber Rena Wyatt B.S. in Nursing Yan, Boqiang Boqiang Yan Master of Accountancy Yan, Ying Ying Yan M.S. in Environmental Mgt Yancey, Olivia N Olivia Nichole Yancey Bachelor of Science Yandell, Philip M Philip McCaull Yandell B.S. in Business Admin Yang, Peng Peng Yang B.S. in Business Admin Yu, Zijian Zijian Yu Bachelor of Science Zachary, Mckenzie A Mckenzie Ann Zachary B.S. in Nursing Zhao, Qi Qi Zhao B.S. in Business Admin Zhou, Yufei Yufei Zhou Bachelor of Arts Zurowski, Leslie I Leslie Inez Zurowski Educational Specialist
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