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  PLEASE NOTE: CADCentre has a policy of continuing product development:therefore, the information contained in this document may be subject to change without notice. CADCEN!E A#E$ N% &A!!AN' %( AN' #)ND &)* !E+A!D % *)$ D%C EN, )NC-D)N+,  N% -) )ED %, *E ) /-)ED &A!!AN)E$ %( E!C*ANA)-)' AND ()NE$$ (%! A /A!)C-A! /!/%$E. &hile every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of this document, CADCentre shall not be liable for errors contained herein or direct, indirect, special, incidental or conse0uential damages in connection with the furnishing,  performance or use of this material. © Copyright 1994 CADCentre Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,without prior written permission of CADCentre.he software programs described in this document are confidential information and proprietary products of CADCentre -td or its licensors. CadCentre -D CADCentre +mb*CADCentre )nc*igh Cross)m -imespar123433 !ichmond Avenue adingley !oad%tto56olger5$trasse 4b$uite 733Cambridge C7 %*89;7 $ul<bach=aunus*ouston e>as 443;?England+ermany$Aelephone:@3??7 72;;elephone 382B8 939?53elephone @427 B44 2??9)nternational @;; ??7 72;;)nternational @;B 82B8 939?53)nternational @2427 B44 2??9(A @3??7 89474(A @382B8 939???(A @427 B44 2?72@;; ??7 89474 @;B 82B8 939???@2 427 B44 2?72  Index 1.Naing Coponent! . Deri#ing $o%t Nae!&. COCO Ta'%e Coding4. Coponent CAT(E) *oding /age ? of 9BCADCentre -td/D $ CatalogueCatref $tandard/rotected by copyright see frontispiece  1. Naing Coponent! Internationa% Standard: A AN$) $tandard @AN$) $ ritish $tandard @$ D Deutsche )nstitut fr Normung @D)N I )$% + anufacturers $tandardisation $ociety @ $$ P American /etroleum )nstitute @A/) , Fapanese $tandards Standard $2983, AN$) 28.B, D)N ?393 etc. Type /D $ +'/ ATTA- TEE- $END- EL$O- (ED- )LAN- OLET- NO// C(OSS- 0AL0E- INST et*. (ating AN$), $, A/), $$ 1 2- 132- &332- 332- 9332- 1332- 332- &3332- 3332- 93332 @GHlb=s0. in.D)N @NDHNenndruc1 13 ,  1 , - & , 133 , 13 , 3 ,  & 3 , 433   )a*ing AN$),$,A/), $$,D)NAN$),$,A/), $$D)N () !aised (ace TO ongue )E ongue )) (lat (ace 5(  +roove N +roove (T, !ing ype Foint +A ale 0S /rojection SC) $crewed (emale )E (emale (S !ecess SC+ $crewed ale T$ /lain End $L) linded $6D uttweld End LIN -ined (acing Si7e:  Nominal bore si<es in inches or mm Typi*a% Cata%og8e Nae!: A!C?33H $28;3 & C%NC !EDCE! AAEA?33H AN$) 28.B & E-%& B3 DE+ /age 7 of 9BCADCentre -td/D $ CatalogueCatref $tandard/rotected by copyright see frontispiece )nternational $tandard$tandard number !ating(acing$i<eComponent ype  AA(&D3H AN$) 28.9 &N (-AN+E C-A$$ 733 !(DCI(/3H D)N ?877 (-AN+ED N%II-E /N28!(DA6*/!H D)N 7?3? +-%E 6A-6E /N28 !( /age ; of 9BCADCentre -td/D $ CatalogueCatref $tandard/rotected by copyright see frontispiece
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