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  R.NARASIMAN Mob: +91-9884480340Passport Number : K3846713-ma! : rea#$me%aras!ma%& !'e.#om    (areer )b*e#t!'e To work, learn and grow with an organisation to reach a high level in managerial hierarchy and be instrumental in driving it beyond its mission by adhering to its values and clusters and utilizing my potential and talents to its fullest SN)PSIS  A good team player with 7+ years of experience in the area of banking  Currently associated with cope !nternational rivate #T$, handling a team which is associated with mutual funds, insurance and fixed income and other parts of investment banking  !nvolved in process standardisation and process improvement ,ob Respo%s!b! !t!es S()P INRNAI)NA P/  - S!%#e A2S 008S()P !s a 5$o  o5%e subs!!ar o t$e Sta%ar ($artere a%; K.< Au=ust 008 Designation : Team Lead Department : Investment Banking Job Profile:  rocess analysis, design and standardization  roductivity management  %eview of Control &echanisms and corrective measures'  Analysis of adverse risk and revenue control' Primary Responsibilities  take holder management  &igrations of new process, understand the re(uirement design the steps and control and document the process steps and monitoring the control aspects, regular follow ups and fix up the solution and place appropriate controls  )rganizing service calls with stake holders and understand the need and expectation and deliverthe best service  roductivity maintenance, maximum utilization of available resources planning and coordinating,work along with the team to deliver the expectation'  Creating the hierarchy within the team ensures that the process and service goes inline with theexpectation from the management'  $esign an escalation matrix in place so that we can provide speedy resolution to an open item or an issue which is being open'  Additional Responsibilities  ã %econciliation of all *# revenue accounts across all the segments within the unit, relating tomutuaul funds, bonds  insurance business like advisory fee, commissions, brokerage withrespect to the central bank regulations of the country which we are supporting- ã reparations of monthly accruals and forecasts, and the interpretation of variances fromfinancial, commercial and delivery perspective ã Advising of entries to finance team relating to commission accruals, advisory fee accruals  service tax ã reparation of variance analysis and flash reports for all revenue items' ã Taking .AT on any upgrdation or enhancement of core banking systems' ã Cross functional processing and troubleshooting corebanking systems for new enhancements ã reparing weekly/monthly reports and &! by extracting data from data base server through0#, and providing presentations as appropriates' ã 1andling the operations of !nvestments ervices as advisory engaged in &utual funds, & and2onds ã reparation of ageing analysis  follow3up with fund houses till closure of the outstanding dues' ã roactive to fulfil business / &anagement expectation on various &! ã !dentify and address issues which affect the business performance and arrest the revenueleakage' ã Coordinating with statutory auditors  internal auditors' Designation : Senior Offier Department : !ons mer Banking # $ealt% &anagement  Job Profile:  1andling tandard Chartered 2ank Customers of .A4, 0atar, )man, 2ahrain, #ebanon, 5ordan and 6abul  %esolving the customer (ueries through mails and telephone  rocessing the transactions of the customer as per their re(uests within the TAT by adhering to the 2ank policies and #A  Accomplishment of the assigned work as per the ervice level agreements and in compliance with the *roup &oney #aundering revention policy and procedures' Primary Responsibilities  1andling account closure for various countries both bank initiative closure as well as customer initiated closures  Assigning work to team members drive the team members to complete the given task within the assured TAT and authorizing the application processed by team members  osting the funds manually as per the instructions  2locking of accountnon operative- as per the instruction received from C%C  osting the credit card payments, personal loan payments manually'  1andling reversals  Additional Responsibilities ã 1andling customer (ueries and complaints through telephonic calls and e mails, investigate theroute cause of the complaint and fixing up the issue and providing a solution in such a way toensure that no such occurrences in the future ã 1andling process change reviews and implementation of new process roll outs in the units asagreed by the country ã 2uilding a good relationship between our counterparts and *C by resolving the issues ã 1andling various reports like trade license expiry report and minor to maor report and visaexpiry report and generating the force closure letters as per the central back regulations ã reparing team &! file and process consolidates, reects file   Additional Responsibilities: ã !nvolved in process standardisation and process improvements  ã !nvolved in rocess development and implementation ã !nvolved in .AT, .8T testing and eC)AT testing ã !nvolved in the automation of e mail, & alerts and letters A#$!e'eme%ts 9 ã %eceived the best checker award for making zero customer complaint for the period of past one year from the senior 8ice resident of Consumer 2anking' ã %eceived supporting award for effectively handling 5ordan migration, in helping the team leaders to derive process notes for 5ordan' ã %eceived best checker award from the senior 8ice resident of Consumer 2anking for effectivelyhandling e forms A>( p't. t a% asso#!ate #ompa% o ?>( ANK<: No'ember-006- Au=-008 Designation : J nior Offier 'Liabilities(Department: entral proessing nit 'bak)offie for Retail operations(Primary Responsibilities ã !nvolve in opening casa and fixed deposit accounts for 1$:C 2ank ;southern  4astern regions'Adhering to the process and the TAT thus ensuring the customer focus' ã %e 2ooking of :ixed $eposits as per the instruction given by the customer ã %enewals of fixed deposits as per the renewal instruction ã 1andling the re consolation of profit and loss account for fixed deposits' ã 1andling reversals ã tanding !nstruction, weep !n  4C Activation, of facilities provided by the bank  Additional Responsibilities   ã 1andling 4C files, maintaining certain files in the excel, and updating the excel files and forwarding it to 2ombay in the daily basis ã *enerating fixed deposit advices'   (ert!!#at!o%  $iploma in computer applications A#aem!#s  &2A :inance- Correspondence course3 in .niversity of &adras <=>>-  2'c' hysics from $'*'8A!1?A8 College <==<3<==@- Perso%a I%ormat!o% Age9< yrs ermanent Address9B /< %aai street, * 6 & colony, Chennai ; == =D<&arital tatus9 &arried I%terests laying chess,%eading books  e# arat!o% ! hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief' ate 9 s!=%ature   P a#e 9 R.Naras!ma%<

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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