Negotiated Rulemaking CP - Michigan7 2014

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     ***Negotiated Rulemaking CP***  Notes Brought to you by CFJPM(K) CDM=collaborative decision making For NEG  —  you can find more AT some of the AFF answers under solvency or in the net benefits If you‘re aff, the perm do the CP, conventional rulemaking>reg neg, and no solvency cards are pretty good. Litigation turns are fine too. Read the causes more litigation stuff as a solvency deficit to the CP  —if they can‘t reach a consensus, the Cp doesn‘t result in the plan.  What is Reg Neg? What is Regulatory Negotiation?  Regulatory negotiations are a common occurrence on most environmental projects  . These can involve communications, discussions and/or meetings with regulatory personnel of various federal, state and local government agencies. These types of negotiations may be formal or informal, but are generally intended to resolve environmental issues of concern with the regulatory agencies in a practical, cost-effective manner that is protective of human health and the environment.
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