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  8.1 courtesy from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen H. Schiller  Mobile Communications Chapter 8: Network Protocols/Mobile IP ã  Motivation ã  Data transfer , ncaps!lation ã   ec!rit#, IPv$, Proble%s ã  D&CP ã  '()hoc networks, *o!tin+ protocols  Prof. Jó Ueyama  8. courtesy from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen H. Schiller  Motivation for Mobile IP ã *o!tin+ ãbase( on IP (estination a((ress, network prefi- e.+. 1.10.2 (eter%ines ph#sical s!bnetãchan+e of ph#sical s!bnet i%plies chan+e of IP a((ress to have a topolo+ical correct a((ress stan(ar( IP2 or nee(s special entries in the ro!tin+ tables ã pecific ro!tes to en()s#ste%s3 ãchan+e of all ro!tin+ table entries to forwar( packets to the ri+ht (estinationã(oes not scale with the n!%ber of %obile hosts an( fre4!ent chan+es in the location, sec!rit# proble%s ã Chan+in+ the IP)a((ress3 ãa(5!st the host IP a((ress (epen(in+ on the c!rrent locationãal%ost i%possible to fin( a %obile s#ste%, DN !p(ates take too lon+ ti%eã6CP connections break, sec!rit# proble%s  8.0 courtesy from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen H. Schiller  *e4!ire%ents for Mobile IPv *7C 00, was: 0, was:  , !p(ate( b#: 912 ã 6ransparenc# ã%obile en()s#ste%s keep their IP a((ressãcontin!ation of co%%!nication after interr!ption of link possibleãpoint of connection to the fi-e( network can be chan+e( ã Co%patibilit# ãs!pport of the sa%e la#er  protocols as IPãno chan+es to c!rrent en()s#ste%s an( ro!ters re4!ire(ã%obile en()s#ste%s can co%%!nicate with fi-e( s#ste%s ã ec!rit# ãa!thentication of all re+istration %essa+es ã fficienc# an( scalabilit# ãonl# little a((itional %essa+es to the %obile s#ste% re4!ire( connection t#picall# via a low ban(wi(th ra(io link2ãworl()wi(e s!pport of a lar+e n!%ber of %obile s#ste%s in the whole Internet  8. courtesy from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen H. Schiller  6er%inolo+#ã Mobile No(e MN2 ãs#ste% no(e2 that can chan+e the point of connection to the network witho!t chan+in+ its IP a((ress ã &o%e '+ent &'2 ãs#ste% in the ho%e network of the MN, t#picall# a ro!terãre+isters the location of the MN, t!nnels IP (ata+ra%s to the C' ã 7orei+n '+ent 7'2 ãs#ste% in the c!rrent forei+n network of the MN, t#picall# a ro!terãforwar(s the t!nnele( (ata+ra%s to the MN, t#picall# also the (efa!lt ro!ter for the MN ã Care)of '((ress C'2 ãa((ress of the c!rrent t!nnel en()point for the MN at 7' or MN2ãCo)locate( C'ãact!al location of the MN fro% an IP point of viewãcan be chosen, e.+., via D&CP ã Correspon(ent No(e CN2 ãco%%!nication partner
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