NetworkNews. Hartford HealthCare Makes Massive Commitment to Technology, Improves Coordination of Patient Care

A publication for Hartford HealthCare employees June 2015 NetworkNews HARTFORD HOSPITAL Life Star Celebrates 30 Years of Service Thirty years ago this month, Life Star took its first live-saving flight
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A publication for Hartford HealthCare employees June 2015 NetworkNews HARTFORD HOSPITAL Life Star Celebrates 30 Years of Service Thirty years ago this month, Life Star took its first live-saving flight and launched a service that has made Hartford HealthCare a regional leader in trauma and critical care. Life Star now has two helicopters one that resides on the rooftop helipad at Hartford Hospital; the other, at Backus Hospital in Norwich. Together, the flying intensive-care units have treated and transported more than 30,000 patients, often saving their lives. Congratulations Life Star and thank you to the brave and dedicated crews past and present who can lift off within seven minutes of an emergency call. When speed and skill count, you are always there. Hartford HealthCare Makes Massive Commitment to Technology, Improves Coordination of Patient Care In a technology-driven world, you could say healthcare has taken a comfortable backseat along the information superhighway. Smartphones, apps and social media make it easy to connect to just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. But when it comes to sharing patient records between healthcare providers, the vestige of the fax machine is still very much a reality and time-consuming process. An Epic Decision Almost two years ago, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) began building an expansive IT platform to make the transfer Continued on page 4 Hartford HealthCare Best in New England for Marketing and Communications AGAIN! Boston For the second consecutive year, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) has claimed top honors in the New England Society for Healthcare Communications annual Lamplighter Awards competition. The 2015 Golden Lamp, Best in New England Award went to HHC s Behavioral Health Network for its National Dialog on Mental Health, a series of public forums following the Sandy Hook tragedy. HHC also won the Best in New England Award in 2014 for an internal communications campaign. In addition to the top honor, HHC took home 22 Lamplighter Awards during the society s annual conference and dinner at the World Trade Center in Boston. The awards recognize the marketing and communications work of hospitals and healthcare organizations from across New England. Members of the Hartford HealthCare Marketing and Communications Department celebrate their awards in Boston. L-R Keith Fontaine, vice president, marketing and branding; Jeff Evans (East Region); Kim Gensicki (Central Region); James Blazar, HHC s senior VP and chief strategy and transformation officer; Carol Vassar (BHN); Amanda Nappi (BHN); Steve Coates (East Region); Helayne Lightstone (HHC); Shawn Mawhiney (East Region); Annie Emanuelli (Hartford Region); and Eveline Schaffer-Shekhman (Central Region) (kneeling). Delivering Patient Satisfaction MidState Family Birthing Center nurses Jennifer Hatcher, RN, and Angela Flynn, RN, show off an example of the personally wrapped newspapers they give to new moms as a keepsake to mark the day of their child s birth. This enhancement, and others, has led to increases in patient satisfaction over the last four months. In May, the team exceeded targets in every category on the Press Ganey survey and earned a 99th percentile score in the nursing commitment section. Hand Hygiene Update HHC is on a journey toward hand-hygiene compliance. Our goal is 90 percent compliance at each hospital. Check out our scores for the month of April: 96 % 97 % 87 % 89 % HOCC MidState Windham HH HHC 95 % Backus 91 % 2 Special Events New Cancer Center Tours The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at The Hospital of Central Connecticut, opened its doors to patients in March, but the celebration takes place this month. Opening week events include: June 17: Tours for HHC employees Every 15 minutes from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Refreshments and free commemorative items will be provided. June 20: Public open house, noon 2 p.m. Volunteer at the Travelers Championship June Hartford HealthCare (HHC) is the official volunteer sponsor of the Travelers Championship! HHC employees are encouraged to volunteer at this exciting event. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, from gallery control to concessions. By volunteering, you not only get the chance to go behind the scenes at Connecticut s largest sporting event, but you also can feel good about investing your time as the Travelers Championship donates 100 percent of its net proceeds to more than 100 charities throughout New England. To register to volunteer, go to: Championship.com/Volunteers. Use the special code to volunteer: healthcare2015 Hartford HealthCare Connect to Healthier Jubilee Saturday, June 13, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Westfarms Mall, Hartford HealthCare Wellness Lounge, Lower Level, near Nordstrom Join us for the Hartford HealthCare Connect to Healthier Jubilee. Free giveaways and fun activities! HHC Post-acute Group Becomes Hartford HealthCare Community Network On March 1, three divisions of Hartford HealthCare (HHC) came together under the umbrella of the HHC Post-acute Group, led by Senior Vice President Rita Parisi. But post-acute did not adequately describe the work of the new partners: Hartford HealthCare at Home Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network Hartford HealthCare Senior Services Members of the group do help patients when they leave our hospitals, but more important, they provide vital services that can prevent hospitalization and readmission. At the Leadership Forum in March, more than 400 HHC leaders were asked to suggest new names for this multifaceted healthcare group. The overwhelming favorite was Hartford HealthCare Community Network. The new name will be used internally, but each will maintain its name and identity for public-facing activities, such as branding, marketing, and patient and community relations. From the Office of Compliance, Audit & Privacy (OCAP): Test Your Compliance IQ Last month we asked you what you should do if you find out that a coworker, friend or family member is a patient at a Hartford HealthCare hospital. If you are not directly involved in their care, the short answer is, yes, you may visit the patient. But what should you consider if you ARE directly involved in their care? See page 4 for the answer! 3 S N I R TechTips By Joseph Venturelli, Vice President/Chief Technology Officer Recalling a sent in Outlook 2010 Have you ever clicked send on an only to realize you sent it to the wrong person or included content that shouldn t have been there? Well, not to fear, because as long as the message remains unread by the recipient, you can recall your with just a few clicks. How to recall an in Outlook 2010: 1. Go to Sent Items and open the message you wish to recall. 2. On the Home tab, go to the Move group and choose Actions. You will be presented with a couple of options. You can choose to either delete or replace the sent message. If you choose to replace with a new message, you will be presented with the original , which is ready for editing. If you leave the last checkbox checked, you ll also receive s indicating the success or failure of your deletion request for each recipient. 3. Choose Recall This Message. We hope you find TechTips useful. If you have suggestions for future articles, please your ideas to HHC Makes Massive Commitment to Technology continued from page 1 of health information more efficient through Epic a sophisticated software that provides a seamless coordination of patient care in a safe, secure way. Dr. Rocco Orlando, HHC senior vice president and chief medical officer, says the decision to implement Epic was a diligent process and one carefully analyzed by an assessment group. We exposed the tools to our own clinicians to give it a test drive, he said. We took their opinions on what they thought was the most useful way to enhance their ability to practice. Not long after, the decision was made to purchase Epic, and a team of 150 members across HHC was assigned to begin the three-year implementation process. HHC dubbed the project CareConnect. Rollout of Epic will begin with phase one this August and system-wide completion expected in This is a major capital investment that we are making to provide the maximum benefit for our patients, Orlando said. Care Everywhere And now, thanks to the initiative of HHC leaders, patients across the region will have access to the seamless care coordination enabled by Epic. In late May, HHC announced a unique collaboration with Connecticut Children s Medical Center, Saint Francis Care and Yale-New Haven Health System to use Epic to securely share electronic health records for participating patients. Spearheaded by HHC, Care Everywhere, with patient permission, allows authorized clinicians from hospital systems using the Epic software to share medical records, including physician progress notes, lab reports and operative notes. We looked at other systems using Epic and with all of us on the same platform using the same built-in health information exchange that Epic provides, there would be full interoperability for patients who move around to various providers, Orlando said. This is really about our vision at HHC to provide one registration, one health record, one standard of excellence, one bill and one relationship for every patient, he said. OCAP answer: Even if you know the patient you are caring for, remember to treat him or her just like any other patient by following these guidelines: 1. Only access minimally necessary information related to the care you provide. 2. Only share protected health information with the treatment team and the patient s pre-approved family and friends. 3. Do not share any information (even that person is a patient) with other people. 4 How Do You Connect to Healthier? We ve asked you how you connect to healthier, and we re asking people in our communities, too! Since the launch of our Connect to Healthier campaign in mid-april, more than 200 people across the state have logged onto our website to share what they do to connect to healthier. Take a look at their tips for staying healthy. I meditate every day for mental and physical health. ~Jane, Hebron I carry a small bottle of bubbles in my car. When I am stuck in traffic and feel myself getting anxious, I blow bubbles out of the window and focus on my breathing. ~Sheryl, Glastonbury I take the stairs whenever possible. ~Patrice, Plantsville I quit smoking over a year ago, started working out a gym, and started eating healither meals. ~Sarah, Bristol I carry hand sanitizer at all times so when I m in public I can keep my hands clean. ~Felicia, Norwich Spinning to Connect to Healthier. May 15 was Bike to Work Day and a great way to Connect to Healthier. With their bikes at HOCC s New Britain General campus are HOCC employees (from left) Chastity Rivera, Eric Malec and Mike Bafuma. Instead of candy or chocolate, if I want something sweet, I buy carob squares with no added sugar or fat. ~Noa, West Hartford I go to yoga classes with my high school daughter just in time to help her learn a way to relieve college stress, too! ~Lisa, Old Lyme I ve become an avid package-ingredient reader. Now along with prices come carbs, sugar, salt and all the things you can t pronounce. ~Pamela, Windsor I love potato chips. In place of eating them, I make kale chips easy, fun and delicious! ~Kathy, Bristol Jazzercise on Wednesday, Qi Gong on Tuesday and Saturday keep me healthy, happy, and energetic! ~Danuta Wilk, patient access coordinator, HHC MG vascular, endovascular and thoracic surgery How do you Connect to Healthier? Send us a photo or share a tip by to and be entered in a drawing to win an Apple Watch. We will publish your tips and photos in a future issue. 5 Has Your Computer Crashed Recently? Probably Not, Thanks to I.T. Efforts For about as far back as anybody at Hartford HealthCare (HHC) can remember, computer crashes on patient units were just that: One minute you were trying to read an X-Ray, the next minute your screen went dark. At best, it could be infuriating; at worst dangerous. And sometimes it happened daily. It can be caused by a cable cut on the street or a hard drive failing or a system running out of disk space or human error, said Joe Venturelli, HHC s chief technology officer. For almost a year, Venturelli and HHC Senior VP and Chief Information Officer Rich Shirey have worked with the system s Information Technology team to create a prevention strategy that keeps the computers humming even when there is a glitch behind the scenes. Now, strategically placed big screens that resemble air traffic control boards monitor every computer system across HHC and send an early warning if something is about to go wrong. When a system is about to run out of disk space, for example, an alert flashes on the screen. A technician can add space with a couple of keyboard clicks, and nobody on the patient care units has any idea that they were on the brink of a crash. With the new approach, the number of major patient care-related computer crashes dropped from 29 in January 2014 an average of one a day to just four in April of this year. Venturelli said standardizing systems has been a key to success. For example, we had three or four different antivirus softwares, Venturelli said. Now we have one, which reduces complexity. We are in the process of standardizing everything. Has anybody noticed? Nobody calls the electric company to thank them for keeping the power on, Venturelli said, and that s OK Monthly Crashes of Patient-care Computer Systems January 2014 to May Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Around HHC: Celebrations! Rushford celebrated three years of H3W with a picnic and an awards ceremony focused on the leadership principles. Employees who embody each of the 10 H3W Leadership Behaviors were nominated by their peers. The yearly Best Completed H3W Project prize went to Rushford at Durham for their client discharge ceremony. Rushford/Natchaug Operations VP David Klein (R) hands off some fresh hamburgers to Rushford Medical Director Craig Allen. More than 400 employees across the Central Region were honored at the Aqua Turf Club May 27 for their years of service to The Hospital of Central Connecticut or MidState Medical Center. Employees were honored in five-year increments, from five to 50 years of service, which totaled 6,325 years! Congratulations to all who were honored! Congratulations to Barbara Olsen who celebrated her 50-year employment anniversary at The Hospital of Central Connecticut. Congratulations to Stephanie Laude, RN, who celebrated her 40-year employment anniversary at MidState Medical Center. Both are pictured with Central Region President Lucille Janatka. MidState employees Gilsele Tillbrook and Kathy Wietrak also celebrated 40-year anniversaries. The IOL greenhouse has reopened. All plants for sale in the greenhouse are cared for by IOL clients. Come and support their hard work. For more information, contact hhchealth.org or patricia. or call Correction: A photo of the Blessing of the Hands at HOCC in the May issue incorrectly identified the clergyman. Pastor Will Baumgartner performed the blessing. We apologize for the error. 7 Around HHC: Celebrations! The cancer programs at Hartford Hospital and The Hospital of Central Connecticut were recognized at an award ceremony May 13 for being named recipients of the 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award by the Commission on Cancer, an accrediting arm of the American College of Surgeons. The programs were among just 75 of more than 1500 nationwide to receive the award, which is given to programs which consistently deliver an excellent level of care across a wide range of standards. Staff members at the ceremony with their awards. Front row, L-R: Susan McCard, Hartford Hospital; Mary Fleming, Hartford Hospital; Judith Keating, The Hospital of Central Connecticut; and Iris Soto, Hartford Hospital. Back row, L-R Pat Garcett, Hartford Hospital; Cindy Lane, Hartford Hospital; Abbi Bruce, Hartford Hospital; Lourdes Lopez, Hartford Hospital; Kris Popovitch, The Hospital of Central Connecticut; Ann Marie Szymula, The Hospital of Central Connecticut; Donna Handley, vice president of operations, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute; and Nicole Tomarchio, The Hospital of Central Connecticut. Hartford HealthCare By The Numbers *Year-end FY 2014 numbers 5,769 1,725 Number of new patients who received care within the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute in 2014 Number of cancer survivors who attended Survivors Day celebrations in 2014 at cancer centers within the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute 37,413 Number of support group meetings held across the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute in 2014 for patients 360 either in treatment or recovering from Number of radiation treatments administered a range of different cancer types to patients within the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute in 2014 Network News is a monthly publication produced by Hartford HealthCare. Please send story ideas to We will make every effort to consider your story idea, but due to space constraints, editing may be necessary. 8 Gold Medal Managers The Gold Medal Manager Program spotlights managers who exemplify HHC s values and our H3W Leadership Behaviors, resulting in the highest level of employee engagement and the achievement of exceptional results. Congratulations to our newest winners. Up to three Gold Medal Managers will be selected every two months. For more information and to nominate your manager, click here. Gold Medal Manager Stacey Barber, RN, OCN Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at The Hospital of Central Connecticut Staff says: She is the perfect role model. She has taught many of us the meaning of being accountable and holds herself and all of us to the highest standards. not a day goes by that she doesn t check in with all of us to make sure that we are OK and always asks if there is anything she can do for us. not only does she do that for us but she does that for every patient and their families. With Stacey, you never feel like you re alone; she s always there to help, no matter what the situation. Gold Medal Manager Scott Crawford, director of plant operations, Natchaug Hospital Staff says: Scott takes the time to actively listen to others and be in the moment. When he runs our H3W meetings, he ensures that the monthly message is discussed and questions are answered to the best of his ability. If someone has a question he cannot answer immediately, he will follow up. If someone is not able to attend the meeting, Scott makes sure that he sits down with them individually. He always asks his H3W group what he can do better and what he does that annoys anyone. Scott provides an atmosphere where you can discuss any idea brainstorming is highly encouraged. We work for [another] department. Scott knows us as part of his H3W group. We do not work directly under him as our manager, but we wish that we did. Gold Medal Manager Karen Cudworth, RN, MSN, nurse manager, Cancer Center Navigation Program, Hartford Hospital Staff says: Karen is an excellent communicator. Expectations are clearly outlined and consistently provided well in advance of deadlines. Karen always listens intently and respectfully to our concerns and is an excellent problem solver! She is always professional and courteous and we have never heard her speak ill of anyone, even though we know she must be tempted from time to time. She doesn t have favorites. We are ALL her favorites, or at least that is the way she makes us feel. She values our work and contributions to the Cancer Center and regularly tells us how much she appreciates the work we do. She has also been instrumental in encouraging us to continue our own educations. Some of us have gone back to school and received our BSN and are now working towards a master s degree. L-R Marcia Haytaian, HHC VP for Leadership and Organizational Development; Donna Handley, vice
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