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  World Leader in Neural Stem Cell Science Corporate Overview October 2014  SafeHarborstatementsunderthePrivateSecuritiesLitigationReformActof1995:Thispresentationcontainsforward-lookingstatementsasdefinedinSection27AoftheSecuritiesActof1933asamended,andsection21EoftheSecuritiesExchangeActof1934,asamended.Suchforward-lookingstatementsarebaseduponNeuralstem,Inc. ’smanagement’s currentexpectations,estimates,beliefs,assumptions,andprojectionsabout Neuralstem’s businessandindustry.Wordssuchas  “anticipates,”“expects,”“intends,”“plans,”“predicts,”  “believes,”“seeks,”“estimates,”“may,”“will,”“should,”“would,”“potential,”“continue,”  andvariationsofthesewords(ornegativesofthesewords)orsimilarexpressions,areintendedtoidentifyforward-lookingstatements.Inaddition,anystatementsthatrefertoexpectations,projections,orothercharacterizationsoffutureeventsorcircumstances,includinganyunderlyingassumptions,areforward-lookingstatements.Theseforward-lookingstatementsarenotguaranteesoffutureperformanceandaresubjecttocertainrisks,uncertainties,andassumptionsthataredifficulttopredict.Therefore,ouractualresultscoulddiffermateriallyandadverselyfromthoseexpressedinanyforward-lookingstatementsasaresultofvariousriskfactors.Theserisksanduncertaintiesincludetherisksassociatedwiththeeffectofchangingeconomicconditions,trendsintheproductsmarkets,variationsin Neuralstem’s cashflow,marketacceptancerisks,technicaldevelopmentrisksandotherriskfactorsdetailedin Neuralstem’s SecuritiesandExchangeCommissionfilings.ForlinkstoSECdocumentspleasevisitthe company’s . Safe Harbor  Overview Industry Firsts ã Inventor of human neural stem cell technology is Karl Johe, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, while at NIH ã First FDA-approved neural stem cell therapy trials for ALS & chronic spinal cord injury ã First-in-class hippocampal neurogenic small molecule drug portfolio Platform Technology ã Regionally specific, fully characterized CNS human neural stem cells, cGMP mnfr. ã Two programs: 1) cell therapy direct injection, brain and spinal cord, 2) neurogenic small molecule development screening ã 14 U.S. patents re-affirmed worldwide  – technology and product; 8 pending Small Molecule  – Lead Product: NSI-189 ãMedical markets include depression, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSDãNovel “hippocampus builder” initially funded by DOD program, early mover advantageã FDA-approved Phase I safety proved ã Phase Ibdata results show significant and large treatment effects, across all depressive and cognitive measures, for duration of trial ã Multiple Phase II trial-ready hippocampus-atrophy applications Cell Therapy  – Lead Product: NSI-566 ã Unmet medical needs include ALS, spinal cord injury, stroke ã FDA Phase I safety approval of cells and surgical device ã Data shows signs of efficacy; definitive evidence of long-term cell survival ã FDA-approved ALS Phase II; FDA-approved cSCIPhase I ã World-class collaborators3  12-Month Clinical Trial Catalysts NSI-566/ALS ã Phase II/III U.S. Trial ã FDA-approved Phase II trials concluded final surgeries July 2014 ã Data 6 mos. after final surgery ã NIH-major funding ã Increased dosing, all cervical ã Orphan Status Designation ã Est. 30,000 ALS patients, est. 5,600 diagnosed per year, U.S. ã Phase I/II Mexico City Trial ã In development ã  Accelerated timeline NSI-566/Chronic Spinal Cord Injury ã Phase I U.S. Trial ã FDA-approved Phase I trial commenced surgeries September 2014 ã Same cells, similar procedure as ALS ã One-year timeline goal ã Est. 840K SCI patients, 10K+ new SCI injuries per year, U.S. ã Phase I/II Seoul Trial ã  Acute SCI patients ã IND expected 2014 NSI-566/Ischemic Stroke (NeuralstemChina) ã Phase I/II China Trial ã World-class BaYiBrain Hospital ã Same cells, injected in brain ã Phase I-determine max safe dose, up to 18 Patients, treatments commenced December 2013 ã Phase II-100 patients, efficacy ã China stroke pop est: 1.75+ million NSI-189/ Major Depressive Disorder ã Phase II U.S. Trial ã Phase Ibdata results showed clinically meaningful improve-mentacross all depressive and cognitive measures ã Results continued for 8 weeks post-trial, despite fact of no drug accumulation in patients’ systems ã Est. 14.8 million MDD patients, U.S. ã NSI-189 proven safe in Iahealthy volunteers and IbMDD patient trials; add’l applications expected to commence testing at Phase II 4
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