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Customers Often Ask Me: What Is SAP R/3 Enterprise? - Is It Just a New Name for the 4.7 R/3 Release? by Gary Fullmer, Product Manager, SAP Financials The release of SAP R/3 Enterprise has many customers concerned. Is SAP R/3 Enterprise the 4.7 R/3 release, or something entirely new? When will SAP stop coming up with such frequent releases? And what does R/3 Enterprise have to do with mySAP Financials? While R/3 Enterprise can be thought of as the next release of R/3 (i.e., the SAP 4.7
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  Customers Often Ask Me: What Is SAP R/3 Enterprise? - Is It ust a !e !ame for the #$% R/3 Re&ease? by Gary Fullmer, Product Manager, SAP Financials The release of SAP R/3 Enterprise has many customers concerned. Is SAP R/3 Enterprise the 4.7 R/3 release or somethin! entirely ne# $hen ill SAP stop comin! up ith such fre%uent releases# And hat does R/3 Enterprise ha&e to do ith mySAP 'inancials# $hile R/3 Enterprise can (e thou!ht of as the ne)t release of R/3 *i.e. the SAP 4.7 R/3 release + simple direct ansers to the %uestions many customers are as,in! aren-t alays clear or easy to find. In this month-s column ary 'ullmer tal,s a(out this ne release and attempts to dispel some common points of confusion. What e'a(t&) is SAP R/3 Enterprise? Is it the #$% R/3 re&ease * or somethin+ entire&) ne? Wi&& SAP e,er stop (omin+ up ith ne re&eases seems &ike e,er) )ear.? Wh) oesn0t SAP 1ust sta2i&ie the (urrent re&ease for a fe )ears?4 If R/3 Enterprise is somethin+ entire&) ne5 ho i&& it affe(t m) (urrent 6I/CO imp&ementation? What oes an) of this ha,e to o ith this thin+ (a&&e m)SAP 6inan(ia&s? When i&& SAP +i,e me a re&ease ith some sta)in+ poer5 so that I0m not for(e to up+rae to the ne't re&ease ithin a short span of time?4 I ,no that simple direct ansers to these seemin!ly simple %uestions are not alays clear or easy to find. In this months column Id li,e to address these points of confusion. 6irst5 What Is R/3 Enterprise? 0ou can thin, of R/3 Enterprise as a ne release of SAP R/3 the one desi!ned to follo the current 4.12 release. Indeed in the past it has (een referred to as the SAP 4.7 R/3 release (ut this is a misnomer. This release (ears a ne name (ecause unli,e past releases R/3 Enterprise  introduces an entirely ne R/3 core structure and (randne core technolo!y hich not only (olster the technical and e(ena(lin! facilities of this platform (ut !i&e it a &ery lon! shelflife. 2ustomers ho implement R/3 Enterprise ont (e performin! a maor up!rade for a lon! time. 0oull (e a(le to utili5e this ne sta(le core system for a num(er of years ith no re%uirement to mo&e from one maor up!rade to another. The only chan!es that ill (e alloed to the R/3 core ill (e those re%uired for minor performance sta(ili5ation le!al and other small chan!es. Sta(ility is achie&ed (y di&orcin! the (ase technolo!y from functional enhancements.R/3 Enterprise features a topart core structure ith6 ã R/3 Enterprise 7e(hno&o+) 8ase 9esi+n:  ere is here youll find the ne SAP $e( Application Ser&er the successor to the old 8asis technolo!y. $e( Application Ser&er technolo!y includes all the functionality of the earlier 8asis technolo!y then adds all sorts of e(ena(lin! capa(ilities includin! support for 9:; <a&a TTP etc. In addition it ill pro&ide the inte!ration tools to facilitate the mo&e intothe e(usiness orld. ã Enterprise E'tensions:  This is here SAP houses the maor functional impro&ements for each R/3 module = e.!. R 'I 2> etc. * 6i+ure   hi!hli!hts some ne enhancements to 'I/2> processes.+  ere you can selectively   add ne functionality (ased on your specific (usiness re%uirements. Add only the functional enhancements that you ant and nothin! more. In other ords you may ish to add functional enhancements in Product 2ostin! (ut ish to delay any functional impro&ements in your R module. Thats o,ay ith Enterprise R/3. Thats the real ad&anta!e of isolatin! the core from these functional e)tensions. Pre&iously if you anted to add an enhancement to Product 2ostin! (y up!radin! to another release you had no choice (ut to up!rade all your other modules to the same release. ?o ith R/3 Enterprise you simply pic, and choose the &arious components you ish to incorporate and add the appropriate E)tensions. Mou&eEnhan(ements 'I eneral@ Ta) Reportin! ith 9:;@ ?e In&oice status in document displayeneral ;ed!er @ Accrual En!ine@ Stoc, >ption Accountin!@ 98R; Reportin! @ Audit Information System  Accounts Paya(le/Accounts Recei&a(le@ Enhancements for online and repetiti&e payments@ ?e post processin! of electronic (an, account statements @ se on International 8an, Account@ ?um(ers *I8A?+ Asset Accountin!@ Enhancements in Periodic Processin!@ Enhancements for Bepreciation 2alculations@ Asset Accountin! En!ine for E)ternal Interfaces 2ross Applications@ :aintenance of 2urrency Translation Rates@ Enhancements to the Schedule :ana!er @ 2ATS time sheet 'unctional Enhancements >&erhead 2ost :ana!ement@ A82Template Enhancements@ Plannin! C 8ud!etin! in o(ect currency@ Standardi5ation of (ud!etin! in 'unds :ana!ement and 2>@ E)tensions for settlement rules and automatic creationof assets@ E)tensions for appropriation re%uests Actual 2ostin!@ $IP at Actual 2osts@ Re&alutation of 2osts of oods Sold@ Alternati&e Daluation Run@ Daluated Production Plan@ Bistri(ution of sa!e Dariances Product 2ost 2ontrollin!@ 2ostin! run for Sales >rders@ 'ailure 2osts Profita(ility Analysis@ Enhancement of A;E distri(ution  6i+ure  ey R/3 2ore Enhancements to 'I/2> Processes Pro&ided (y R/3 Enterprise ;o Wi&& SAP R/3 Enterprise Impa(t M) Current 6I/CO Imp&ementation? R/3 Enterprise ushers in many ne enhancements to the core 'I/2> processes. I&e hi!hli!hted my personal fa&orites in 'i!ure F. What 9oes An) of 7his ;a,e to 9o ith 7his 7hin+ Ca&&e m)SAP 6inan(ia&s ? 'irst understand that mySAP 'inancials is neither a product nor an up!rade. It is an SAP (usiness concept hich encompasses all the ne financial functions no offered (y SAP.Ta,e a loo, at 6i+ure <  = as you see mySAP 'inancials includes R/3 Enterprise at its core. R/3 Enterprise pro&ides the prere%uisite support for all the other components of mySAP includin! mySAP 'inancials = i.e. SE:2': E8PP etc.mySAP 'inancials is a suite of products from hich you can pic, and choose the solutions you need to meet your e&ol&in! (usiness re%uirements. R/3 Enterprise is the ,eystone on hich mySAP 'inancials rests.If you ould li,e more information a(out R/3 Enterprise or mySAP 'inancials !o ahead and set up a lin, to the folloin! e( addresses6 ã http://ser,i(e$sap$(om/enterprise:  This lin,s to the SAP Ser&ice :ar,etplace and the enterprise release pa!e. ere you ill find the latest information includin! hite papers e)ecuti&e summaries and 'AGs. ã http://$asu+$(om:  If you are a mem(er of AS you can use this address to access additional information. >nce you si!n in clic, on the Education (utton on the left of the screen and you ill find a recent e( cast that co&ers the R/3 Enterprise release.  6i+ure < Transition to E8usiness ith mySAP 'inancialsary 'ullmer has four years e)perience as a 2> instructor in 2ost 2enter Accountin! Internal >rders Product 2ostin! Profit 2enters Profita(ility Analysis and Proect Systems. 'or the past year ary has ser&ed as product mana!er for core R/3 financials. Prior to oinin! SAP ary had e)tensi&e e)perience in manufacturin! en&ironments ser&in! in a &ariety of roles such as 8usiness nit :ana!er 2'> 2ontroller and IT Birector. e can (e reached (y email at !
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