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    T HE M  ANUAL ON  P RANIC E NERGY H EALING  L EVEL II (Part I – The Practicum) C OMPILED BY   C HARLOTTE  A  NDERSON   Charlotte Anderson Copyright©2013 (C) 2013, Charlotte Anderson. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyrighted materials are the property of the respective copyright holder. Permission to reproduce the material contained herein for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted, providing proper attribution is given to the Copyright holder. Reproduction for commercial purposes requires permission of the Copyright holder. Permission may be sought by writing:       The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level II 15 August 2013 Ver II Page i “Truth is Universal & cannot be Monopolized by Any Man,   n  or Organization of Men …”   -   Extracted from The Theosophist, by HP Blavatsky, October 1887 to 1888  T HE BLACK COLORED INK USED IN THIS MANUAL DENOTE QUOTATIONS FROM VARIOUS AUTHORS . O  THER  T EXT IS NOTED IN R  EDDISH C OLOR  . IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN COMPLETE CLARITY  .  THIS M  ANUAL SHOULD  ALWAYS BE P RINTED IN  TWO COLORS OF INK  . Text from Annotated Sources - to this material -    are Excluded in the Statement of Registration Record.       The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level II 15 August 2013 Ver II Page ii DISCLAIMER ã    This Manual contains general information about some medical conditions and Energy Treatments. It is not exhaustive or complete. For information regarding Medical Conditions and/or Treatments please refer to appropriate texts and other resources. ã    The information provided is not intended to used as Medical Advice nor should it be used to replace Medical Treatments. ã   Most Practitioners and Instructors are not Medically Licensed Professionals - nor are they Physicians or Surgeons. A duly Licensed Medical Profession Practicing Medicine or another Healthcare Specialization – will hold a License issued by a government agency.   ã   Pranic Energy Healing Treatments are not legally recognized or licensed in any of the State in the United States of America nor in their territories nor in any other global areas. The use of this Modality as Supportive to Increased Well Being ... may be considered a personal lifestyle choice. Some Clients and Practitioners may also consider it to be an expression of their personal Spiritual Practice. ã   In the Practice of their Work, Practitioners should NEVER refer to themselves as “Doctor” should NEVER Diagnose a Client or Prescribe Medications, Herbs or other Treatments unless they are legally licensed to do so.   ã   Pranic Energy Healing is a simple System of Techniques that use Energy - to Rebalance or Harmonize the Body's Energy System - including its bio-electromagnetic field and its Energy Information Field. ã    A Very Important Reminder for Practitioners is: to N EVER   touch a client's physical body – unless they have a License to do so. Likewise they should  Never Interfere   with Medically Prescribed Treatments or Medically Prescribed drugs. ã   No claims or guarantees can be made regarding the outcome of PEH  Treatments or Sessions. It should be recognized that various factors affect the potential outcome of Treatments, including the Practitioners Experience, the Client’s openness to Treatment & their Karma.     The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level II 15 August 2013 Ver II Page iii COMPILER’S NOTE  According to Wikipedia: “Historians & sociologists have remarked on the occurrence, in science, of the phenomena of ‘multiple independent discovery’. Robert K. Merton defined such multiples as ‘Instances in which similar discoveries are made by scientists working independently of each other’.   Sometimes the discoveries are simultaneous or almost so; sometimes a scientist will make a new discovery which, unknown to him, somebody else has made - years before.” It is this compiler’s viewpoint that same phenomena exists within the field of the Esoteric Sciences & applies to many other topics …  Therefore, the Brilliance of Her Spiritual Partner, Teacher & Mentor Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui– is comparable in this sense.  While He is now sometimes described as the “Inventor” of Modern Pranic Healing – in this Manuscript, it has been noted that multiple techniques & most aspects of this Energy Healing Modality – PRE - EXISTED THE PUBLICATION OF  T HE B ELOVED ’ S FIRST BOOK  WHICH WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN D ECEMBER OF 1987.

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