TITLE AUTHOR PUBLISHER DATE OF PUBLICATION WEBSITE : 60 vie to be Maybank's Apprentices : Naveen Mathew Menon : New Straits Times : 14 AUGUST 2014 @ 8:39 AM : KUALA LUMPUR: SIXTY finalists of the Maybank Go Ahead. Challenge 2014 competition were flagged off from Menara Maybank on Monday for a challenging five-day race. The finalists, from 14 countries, made a grand appearance at Maybank headquarters in Jalan Tun Perak during the launch of the final phase of the
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  TITLE: 60 vie to be Maybank's ApprenticesAUTHOR: Naveen Mathe Menon!U LI#HER: Ne #traits Ti$es%ATE O& !U LIATION: 14 AUGUST 2014 @ 8:39 AM (E #ITE: http:))*nst*co$*$y)no+e),-0., KUALA LUMPUR: SIXTY finalists of t! Ma #an$ Go A!a%& 'all!n(! 2014 )o*+!tition ,!-! fla((!% off f-o* M!na-a Ma #an$ on Mon%a fo- a )all!n(in( fi.!/%a -a)!&T! finalists f-o* 14 )ont-i!s *a%! a (-an% a++!a-an)! at Ma #an$ !a%a-t!-s in alan Tn P!-a$ %-in( t! lan) of t! final +as! of t! )o*+!tition&Ma #an$ (-o+ )i!f *an )a+ital offi)!- o-a A#% Manaf sai% 5T! Ma #an$ Go A!a%& 'all!n(! 2014 is a ni! tal!nt -!)-it*!nt s)!*! to fin% t! #-i(t!st on( *in%s f-o* t! -!(ions ,!-! Ma #an$ o+!-at!s&5T! *ost si(nifi)ant .al! +-o+osition of t! )all!n(! is a fast/t-a)$ in.itation to t! +-!sti(ios Glo#al Ma #an$ A++-!nti)! P-o(-a**! a t,o/ !a- int!-national *!nto-si+ s)!*!&67a((in( t! 5'a*+ion T!a*6 an% t! 5Ulti*at! Go A!a%6 titl!s ,ill (i.! t! ,inn!-s t! o++o-tnit to att!n% an int!-a)tion s!ssion of Ma #an$s P-!*i* L!a%!-si+ P-o(-a**! t! to+ 0 *ost infl!ntial l!a%!-s of Ma #an$ in San(ai&5Tis !a-s )all!n(! sa, a 100 +!- )!nt s-(! in a++li)ations o.!- t! +-!.ios !a-s& T! 0 finalists a-! s!l!)t!% f-o* *o-! tan 10000 a++li)ants ,o a++li!% to ;oin tis !a-s )o*+!tition&5A++li)ations ,!-! o+!n to -!)!nt (-a%at!s an% final/ !a- ni.!-sit st%!nts&5A++li)ants ,!nt t-o( a -i(o-os s!l!)tion +-o)!ss )l*inatin( in t! ational <alifi!- L!.!ls !l% in !a) of t! )ont-i#tin( )ont-i!s ,it t! .!- #!st #attlin( it ot fo- t! )o.!t!% Int!-national G-an% =inal s+ots6 s! sai%& o-a sai% t! ni! int!-national #sin!ss )as! st% )o*+!tition as +-o.!% to #! !ff!)ti.! in n!a-tin( tal!nt!% in%i.i%als&5T! finalists ,ill n%!-(o an int!nsi.! a)tion +a)$!% +-o(-a**! fll of )all!n(!s an% tas$s6 s!a%%!%&Pa-ti)i+ants in)l%! 7-n!i 'a*#o%ia 'ina >on( Kon( In%on!sia Laos Mala sia t! Pili++in!s Sin(a+o-! Tailan% ?i!tna* Unit!% Kin(%o* an% t! Unit!% Stat!s&T! ,inn!-s ,ill #! annon)!% at a (ala %inn!- on Sat-%a &Aft!- t! lan) t! finalists )all!% 5'all!n(!-s6 a% to follo, s!ts of )- +ti) )l!s t-o( t! )it st-!!ts to %is)o.!- t!i- n!t 5'all!n(!-s %!stination6&5T! )o*+!tition ,ill s!! t! 'all!n(!-s ta$in( +a-t in !)itin( )all!n(!s ,i) l!a% t!* all t!,a to t! ai-+o-t to )at) a fli(t to a$a-ta&6Aft!- )o*+l!tin( a *a;o- t,o/%a )all!n(! in a$a-ta ,!-! t! ,ill #! !+os!% to int!-national o+!-ations at Ma #an$s 7an$ Int!-nasional In%on!sia 7IIB t! ,ill -!t-n to Kala L*+- to )o*+l!t! t! -!st of t! )all!n(!s lin!% + fo- t!*&5A*on( t! )all!n(!s a-! )on%)tin( n!(otiations +it)in( fo- )a+ital an% *ana(in( -!so-)!s )o*+!tin( in .a-ios sal!s )all!n(!s ,!-! t! +-o)!!%s ,ill #! %onat!% to )a-it an% ot!- tas$s&5In a%%ition to t! *!ntal an% + si)al tas$s t! )o*+!tition ,ill also s!! t! +a-ti)i+ants ta$in(  +a-t in a Ma #an$ )o-+o-at! -!s+onsi#ilit initiati.! to !+!-i!n)! t! #an$s *ission of *anisin(finan)ial s!-.i)!s&5T! finalists ,ill s+!n% t! %a !l+in( to #il% o*!s fo- a --al )o**nit in Mala sia&6T! ,innin( t!a* ,ill ,al$ a,a ,it t! (-an% +-iC! of USD40000 RM12E900B ,il! t! s!)on% +la)! an% ti-% +la)! ,inn!- ,ill ta$! o*! USD20000 RM390B an% USD10000 RM319EB -!s+!)ti.!l &T! o.!-all #!st +!-fo-*in( finalist ,o ,ill #! )-o,n!% t! 5Ulti*at! Go A!a% 'all!n(!-6 ,ill ,in USD1000 RM319EB an% an all/!+!ns!s +ai% t-i+ to !, Yo-$ ,!-! ! ,ill a.! t! o++o-tnit to ,o-$ at Ma #an$s !, Yo-$ offi)!&  TITLE: !rovi+in/ proessiona1 trainin/ on +ip1o$acyAUTHOR: +at2k +r anan+a k2$araseri!U LI#HER: The #tar Nespaper%ATE O& !U LIATION: 33 421y ,035  7*05 a$(E #ITE: http:))*nst*co$*$y)no+e)33780 A NUMBER of features is evident in Malaysia’s experience in developing and consolidating the institutional structures and systems for professional training in diplomacy, and the management of the country’s foreign affairs in all spheres.e shall, ho!ever, focus here on the conceptualisation of the training institution, namely the entre for #nternational Relations and $trategic $tudies % #R$$& and the formulation of its operational frame!or', in particular, its aims and o()ectives.*o proceed !ithout a clear understanding of these t!o prere+uisites could spell serious shortcomings in the management and consolidation of the training institution and !illynilly the professional training that it is expected to develop and implement. #t is to (e appreciated that these prere+uisites determined the scope and thrust of #R$$’s function and role.#n addition, they served to ensure that the resources committed for the training institution’s development and progress !ere appropriate, in terms of +uantum, range of selection and +uality.*he challenges encountered (y #R$$ in its early years helped to underline the importance of these principal considerations in developing and managing the professional training. -irst and foremost, it is essential that a conceptual frame!or' (e formulated for esta(lishing a training institution, regardless of the discipline or su()ectmatter of training envisaged. Among other critical elements, this !ould set out the training institution’s organisational structure, its function and role and the direction of its activities.ie!ed from the angle of the Malaysian (ureaucratic environment, the #R$$ !as not planned as an institution to provide instruction in an academic discipline as !e /nd in a university setting.Neither !as it to (e a research centre on international relations and diplomacy or a 0thin' tan'1 or an intelligence out/t for the government. Nor !as it envisaged to (e a propaganda apparatus or ideologicallyorientated institution as commonly envisioned in a communist state !here it serves as an instrument of the government, !ith political indoctrination constituting a priority o()ective.*o the contrary, the #R$$ !as thought of in conventional terms of providing professional training in international affairs and strategic studies for the pu(lic of/cials at different levels of their careers.More speci/cally, the creation of the training institute !as to provide a sound international orientation and professional training for speci/c categories of functionaries in the pu(lic service to handle matters pertaining to diplomacy and foreign affairs in a professional manner.*he other e+ually important prere+uisite is the formulation of the operational guidelines for the development and consolidation of the training institution as !ell as the smooth and effective realisation of its functions and role.*his is made up of t!o (asic components, namely the aims and o()ectives of the training institution.*he aims may (e descri(ed as the tangi(le or inspirational guidelines or the philosophical reach, !hereas the o()ectives are the more speci/c and measurea(le targets set out for the training institution to achieve in the immediate, shortterm and longterm perspectives.#n accordance !ith the government’s policy on pu(lic service training, the aims of the #R$$ are summarised as to2EN3EN4ER a greater consciousness and sensitivity among pu(lic of/cials of the factors and forces !hich impinge on Malaysia’s national interests in all spheres of international relations, vi5 the political, economic, social, cultural defence and security interests6 FOSTER  a greater perception of the tangi(le as !ell as the intangi(le, or 0invisi(le1 (ene/ts, that might accrue to Malaysia through proper planning and interagency coordination in the formulation and postulation of the country’s foreign policy and international relations6 PROVIDE  a (etter appreciation of the corelationship (et!een domestic policies of the government and Malaysia’s foreign policy6 and, INSTIL  a (etter understanding and appreciation of the role of diplomacy in furthering national interests and in promoting peace andharmony among nations.As for #R$$’s principal o()ectives, they are to2 IMPROVE  the competence and performance of 'ey pu(lic agencies handling international relations and national defence and security matters6 DEVELOP  a professional and sophisticated cadre of of/cers to handle Malaysia’s external interests and concerns6 and, REINFORCE  consultation, coordination and cohesion of purpose among 'ey pu(lic agencies having functional responsi(ilities in  international affairs, national defence and security matters.#n the case of my ste!ardship of #R$$, # too' it upon myself to earmar' or talent scout ne!ly recruited trainee of/cers undergoing the mandatory oneyear training in #ntan for the prescri(ed 4iploma in 7u(lic Administration.*his exercise entailed identifying trainee of/cers !ho possessed the right aptitude, attitude, 'no!ledge and s'ills to em(ar' on a career in international relations and diplomacy under the !ings of isma 7utra.#n a strict sense, the identi/cation of of/cers for an 0internationalist career1 falls outside the purvie! of a training institution.8o!ever, !here there is no direct recruitment into a separate -oreign $ervice as in the case of Malaysia, the shortlisting of appropriate of/cers for isma 7utra can serve a useful auxiliary role in terms of career development and the overall performance of the ministry. TITLE: 300/tonn! )on)-!t! s+an at MRT )onst-)tion sit! falls t-!! ,o-$!-s f!a-!% %!a% AUTHOR: +ina $2ra+ 9 na+irah h*ro+i!U LI#HER: the star nespaper%ATE O& !U LIATION: (E #ITE: http:))*thestar*co$*$y)Nes)Nation),035)07)37)MRT;bea$;co11apse;-;eare+;+ea+) PFTALIG AYA: T-!! ,o-$!-s a-! f!a-!% %!a% aft!- a 300/tonn! )on)-!t! s+an )olla+s!% at a MRT )onst-)tion sit! in Kota a*ansa-a Mon%a ni(t&In a stat!*!nt Mass Ra+i% T-ansit 'o-+o-ation MRT 'o-+B sai% t! in)i%!nt o))--!% at t! MRT ,o-$sit! ,itin t! fo-*!- R##!- R!s!a-) Institt! sit! n!a- Kota a*ansa-a&HT! in)i%!nt o))--!% at a-on% 8&30+* ,il! )onst-)tion of t! +a-a+!t ,as #!in( )a--i!% ot ont! MRT !l!.at!% (i%!,a &HA s+an of t! (i%!,a a% %islo%(!% f-o* its +i!-s an% fall!n on t! (-on% #!lo,& T! s+an ,i) ,as *a%! + of 14 nits of s!(*!nt!% #o (i-%!-s ,as 38* in l!n(t an% ,!i(!% 300 tonn!s&HMRT 'o-+ )onfi-*s tat t-!! ,o-$!-s a-! na))ont!% fo- an% a-! #!li!.!% to #! t-a++!% n%!-n!at& R!s)! !ffo-ts a-! )--!ntl on/(oin( an% an !*!-(!n) -!s+ons! t!a* is on stan%# at t! sit!H it sai%&It lat!- -!.!al!% t! na*!s of t! t-!! ,o-$!-s na))ont!% fo- na*!l 7an(la%!s nationals Moa*a% =a-$ Kan Moa**a% Flai >ossain an% Moa**a% Ala%%in Molli$&MRT 'o-+ sai% no *!*#!-s of t! +#li) ,!-! in.ol.!% in t! in)i%!nt as t!-! ,as no a))!ss to t! sit! an% in.!sti(ations a.! )o**!n)!% to %!t!-*in! t! )as! of t! in)i%!nt&HAll ,o-$ alon( Pa)$a(! ?1 ,!-! t! in)i%!nt o))--!% as #!!n ss+!n%!% ntil f-t!- noti)!& T! ,o-$ +a)$a(! )ont-a)to- fo- Pa)$a(! ?1 is S a-i$at Mi##a P!-nia(aan %an P!*#inaan S%n 7%H it sai%&MRT 'o-+ )i!f !!)ti.! offi)!- at$ i-a ACa- A#%l >a*i% ,o ,as at t! sit! !+-!ss!% %!!+ -!(-!t o.!- t! in)i%!nt&HAlto( in.!sti(ations a-! n%!-,a  MRT 'o-+ ass*!s fll -!s+onsi#ilit fo- t! in)i%!nt& Jn)! in.!sti(ations a-! )o*+l!t!% a)tion on tos! -!s+onsi#l! ,ill #! ta$!nH ! sai%&S!lan(o- =i-! an% R!s)! %!+a-t*!nt o+!-ations %i-!)to- Mo% Sani >a-l sai% t! ,!-! al!-t!% of t! in)i%!nt at a#ot 9&4+*&A K/9 nit ,as also s+ott!% at t! sit! of t! in)i%!nt assistin( -!s)! !ffo-ts& TITLE: 7!nal!) !+lains t!-*ination of s!-.i)! %!als AUTHOR:  !U LI#HER: %ATE O& !U LIATION: =-i%a  18 J)to#!- 2013 (E #ITE: tt+:,,,&t!sta-&)o*&* 7sin!ss7sin!ss/ !,s201310187!nal!)/!+lains/t!-*ination/of/s!-.i)!/%!alsst l!#iCPFTALIG AYA: 7!nal!) >ol%in(s 7% as )l!a-!% t! ai- on t! -!)!nt t!-*ination of t! s!-.i)! a(-!!*!nts of t,o of t! )o*+an s !!)ti.! %i-!)to-s&T! )o*+an sai% in a sto)$ !)an(! filin( tat t! s!-.i)! a(-!!*!nts of at$ L!a, Ta 'oon an% at$ L!a, A ' ! ,!-! lin$!% to lan% %is+osal t-ansa)tions&T! *a-in! )onst-)tion s+!)ialist sai% t! %!als ,!-! lin$!% to -!lat!% +a-t t-ansa)tions #!t,!!n its ,oll o,n!% s#si%ia- as .!n%o- an% t,o! )o*+ani!s as +-)as!-s ,it Ta 'oon an% A ' ! #!in( lin$!% to t! +-)asin( !ntiti!s&T! t,o lan% %is+osal t-ansa)tions ,!-! )on)l%!% in ana- an% Ma-) 2012 -!s+!)ti.!l &5=ollo,in( an !n(a(!*!nt s!ssion ,it 7-sa S!)-iti!s on t! sai% all!(ation 7!nal!)s #oa-% san)tion!% t! a++oint*!nt # t! a%it )o**itt!! of an in%!+!n%!nt a%it fi-* to -!.i!, an% in.!sti(at! t! t,o t-ansa)tions in !stion6 t! )o*+an sai%&T! in%!+!n%!nt a%ito-s -!+o-t )on)l%!% tat t!-! ,as 5st-on( an% )o*+!llin(6 %o)*!nta- !.i%!n)! lin$in( t! sai% !!)ti.! %i-!)to-s to t! t,o lan% %is+osal t-ansa)tions )ont-a- to t!i-  +!-sist!nt %!nial&T! a%it -!+o-t ,as s#*itt!% to 7!nal!)s l!(al )ons!l ,o s++o-t!% t! )on)lsions of t! in%!+!n%!nt a%ito-s #as!% on t! %o)*!nta- !.i%!n)!& TITLE: 7ll in( in t! ,o-$+la)! AUTHOR: kevin tan!U LI#HER: %ATE O& !U LIATION: (E #ITE: http:))*thestar*co$*$y)Liesty1e)&eat2res),03-)30),,) 211yin/;in;the;orkp1ace) Bullying goes far beyond the classroom – it gets into the workplace and throughout different stages of life. I= o tin$ #ll in( is so*!tin( tat onl a++!ns ,!n o-! in s)ool o-! %!l%!%&=-o* .!-#all a#si.! #oss!s to s!all ina++-o+-iat! )oll!a(!s #ll in( is so*!tin( tat ,! )ol% a.! to fa)! + to t-o(ot o- ,o-$in( li.!s&il! ,o-$+la)! #ll in( *i(t #! a (-! a-!a at ti*!s is it #ll in( if so*!on! (!ts )onsist!ntl o.!-loo$!% fo- +-o*otions o- #ons!sB it )an -!a- its (l !a% in +-!tts ,a s&Ta$! !ff-! not is -!al na*!B 2E fo- instan)!& F.!n to( ! ,as s!% to #!in( )all!% na*!s f-o* is ti*! in s!)on%a- s)ool t! $in% of .!-#al a#s! ! s!% to (!t f-o* a fo-*!- !*+lo !- ,as too *) to ta$!&5M fo-*!- #oss as +-o#l!*s ,it is t!*+!-6 sai% !ff-! & 5>! ,ol% s)ol% s lo%l ,it  +-ofaniti!s o.!- *ino- iss!s an% *ost of t! ti*! tos! iss!s ,!-! ;st #lo,n ,a ot of  +-o+o-tion&6T! #oss !ff-! sai% ,ol% !ll at t! !nti-! offi)! at ti*!sN #t on! of t! last st-a,s fo- !ff-! ,as ,!n tin(s (ot +!-sonal&5>! ,ol% s! * *a--ia(! to !stion * %!%i)ation to t! ;o#& >! ,ol% sa tin(s li$!: O7!)as! o (ot *a--i!% on(  tats , o a.! no )o**it*!nt an% +assion fo- o- ,o-$6 sai% !ff-! &Aft!- a a#ot a !a- t! 5toi) !n.i-on*!nt6 #!)a*! too *) fo- !ff-! to ta$! an% ! it&T! !+!-i!n)! %i%nt ;st aff!)t !ff-! s +-of!ssional )a-!!-& It l!ft a (! %!nt on is )onfi%!n)! as ,!ll&
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