NGN Information Gateway_2013 Issue 4 (ISDN Services)

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  ISDN Services 4 2013  ISDN services 1 ISDN supplementary servicesISDN subscriber dedicated servicesTraditional supplementary servicesISDN voice servicesBearer servicesSubscriber terminal servicesISDN services are classified into: What are typical networkings?How do I configure and use ISDN services? Do ISDN services have any application limitations or notes?How do I troubleshoot problems and trace messages?··· Introduction to ISDN Services Registration and the flash-hook key for ISDN subscribers differ from common subscribers. 1. ADD BRA  assigns a BRA subscriber the rights to use the supplementary service. 2. The flash-hook key on the ISDN terminal is R . TIPS! Feature description  Typical Networking 2 Configuration The Direct dial in (DDI) service is used as an example to describe data configuration. The networking for BRA subscribers is as follows: Configure DDI service data. Add MGW data. Add IUA data.   1. Add an embedded signaling gateway -- ADD SG 3. Add IUA link data -- ADD IUALNK 2. Add IUA link set data -- ADD IUALKS You can add a new subscriber and assign the subscriber the rights to use the DDI service or modify service data for existing subscribers.Data to be configured includes the following: 1. Interworking data between the SoftX3000 and AG2. DDI service data 123 Modify service data for an existing BRA subscriber. -- MOD BRA Modify service data for an existing subscriber. --  MOD SS The typical networking for BRA, V5BRA, and PRA subscribers is shown in the left figure. Initial configurationFeature guide Networking description  Service Flow Subscriber A has registered the DDI service and subscriber B is in a PBX group. Step 1 : Subscriber A calls subscriber B. Subscriber B is alerted and subscriber A hears the ring back tone. Step 2 : Subscriber B picks up the handset. Subscribers A and B are talking. Step 3 : Either subscriber A or subscriber B hangs up. The call ends. If subscriber A does not register the DDI service, the operator of the PBX group to which subscriber B belongs is alerted and subscriber A hears the ring back tone. This service can be used without registration if the subscriber has the rights to use the service. To cancel the DDI service, run MOD BRA  with Supplementary service  set to Direct dialling in . Registration and Cancellation  Application Limitations The DDI service applies only to ISDN subscribers. Troubleshooting 3 TroubleshootingTerminal user manual
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