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Niagara Bottling Lead Agency

Oct. 24, 2014
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  N Yk S Dm  Evm Cv Divson of Evirometal Pemits, Regio  21 South Put Cornes Rad, New Palz, ew Yk 1561-160 : (845) 56-354 FAX: (85 5-59 Wbi: w .decygov October 24, 2014 Jason Cosenza, Town Clerk Uste own Hal  own Ha Dive Lake Katne, New York 249 Re: SEQR Lead Agency Desgnaton Popo�ed Nagara Wae Bottng Facty (605 Boces Lane) own of lste, se Couy Dea M. Coseza: Jo Maens Cm1i is s n esponse to you notce daed Septembe 22 2014 equesting SEQ ead Ageny Status fo he above noted pojet. Based upon te nfomaton povded te poposed poet s a ype I aon n aodance wt 6 NYCRR Part 67, Sate Envromenta Quaity Revew At a poec o ao tat nvoves he pysal aeaon of 0 o moe aes Based upon ou eview of te cuated doµens te ew York Sate Depamen of nvronmena Conservation DC) has dented e foowng appova 1 Poecion ovae - ease noe hat Esopus Cek [Index# H-7] as a css ad stadofB accodng to 6NYC t 86, Item 2, teefoe ny pysia aeaton to te bed o baks will eque an Ace , otecon of Wates Pemit nludng he new poposed wastewater outfa n te own of Ulste's WW. f a pemt is no equied, pease note ta te poect sponso s st esponsbe fo ensung at work shall not polute ay steam or waebod )  Cae sha be taen o stabe ay dsturbed aeas pompty aer onstcon and a neessay peatons sa be taen to pevenontamnaton of te steam or waterbody by· st, sediment, fues sovents ubricants or any oer poutant assoiated wth he proet. 2 Wae Quay Ceaon e ned Saes Depament of he Army, Cops of gnees New York Dst Oe (USAC) as autoy under federal aw o eguate wetands  New Yo State An USA CE pemt may be requied for s poposal You soud ave the poe sponso onat te SA CE telepone 7/70-8) as eay as possbe n te pannng pocess to deermne if te proet w nvove fedeally egated wetlads f federa wetlands ae nvoved, te SAC may requre Wate Quay Ceticaton om DEC age  of3  S A AG DSAT oposed agara Wate Boting Fciliy  oces Lae wn f Use, Use uy 3. We Serce- t appeas that the projec site is located withn the Tow of Ulse Wate Dstict and w be provided wih water purchased fom the Cy of Kingson Any Deemnation of Signicance should addess he ll buildout of th acility specically the source of e esimated 1 75 MGD of water tha wll be equred om the City of Kingston his s consisten with he SEQR reuremen of reviewing the whole action hereoe, DC suggests hat all known o reasonable anicipated phases o he proposed poect be considered n the determinaion of signicance  ate phases are unceain as to design o iming t1ei likely envionmenta signicance slould sil be examned as part of the whole action by consderng the poentia impacs of he tota nown bud-out If e proposal causes the City of Kingston o eue a change or menden to ay peit condition that is curently in force includng an incease the amount of wate to be wihdrawn g eat e  ha what is cel pemied, in ode o pevet ove-allocatio or use o a wate souce o to p r o e c t he evionet and te heat, safey ad welfae o the pblc e te City of Kigsto will be equied to ody ts eistig Wte Wtdawal Peri prsuan to  CRR Pa 601. 4 SPS Wsewer - According o e information provded as part of he envionmental assessment om, 342,500 gpd ofnon bologic wasewater will be conveyed via he installation of a separate sanitary main to he ow of ste WTP his wastewater seam wi be dischaged to the Esopus via a new wastewater outfa. An engineering repot mus be prepaed o conrm te capacity of he Ulse Wastewate Treatment Pan o serve the proposed proect. n addition appoval of plans o any proposed sewe eensins or facilty expansions will be requred fon DC, including any euired modications to he existing SPDES Pemit 5 SS Stomwe (Conscton) - As proposed project activiies wl distub over 1 acre of land te projec sponsor must obtain coverage undr the curent SPDS General Pemt (GP010-00 I) or Storm wate Dischage fom Construction ctiviies, and a Sormwate Pollution Prevention Plan SWPPP) mus be developed which cofom to requiemens of the Geneal Permt As t1e own of Ulster s n MS4 commiy (Municipal Separate Storm Sewe System) the Town is responsible for review d accepance of the SWPPP [The MS4 Acceptance Form must be submitted o the Depament.] Authorizaion fo coverage unde the SPDS Genera Permit s not granted unti the Depatment issues any oe necesary DEC pemits 6 Cuu Resorces - We have reviewed the sttewide inventory of achaeoogical esources mantaned by he New Yor State Musem and the New Yo State Oce of Prks Receaion, ad Historic Preservaton hese recods indicaed tat te project is ocated wihin  aea consideed to be senstive wth egd to achaeologca esoucs o moe inomation, please vsi the ew Yok State Ofce ofioric Presevaton websie at hp://nysparksstat nyus/. 7 Foodpns -It appears that the sie is within th mapped 100-yea, and 500yea, oodplain according to Federal megency Maagement Agncy's Map o 3611C00. The poential ipacts of deveopment wtin hese reas shoud be evaluaed durng the revew o he project pursuant to SEQR In orde o develop whin the 0-yer oodpain, he poec sponso must ap p ly fo and eceve a oodpain deveopment pemt fm the Town of Ulste, and mus comply wih local oodplain deveopment equirements Pae 2 of3  SEQR LEAD AGNCY ESIATO Propsed iagaa ae Btlng Facilty (605 e ae) Town f Ulstr, lstr C ou n ty Th Deae  aged wh oding eha aae o oa oe i aying o he eobie de he aoa ood nae Poga Tehia eon eag o oodain anageen and  eaio o he Naioa Food ane oga hod be deed o NYSDEC Bea of Food Peo ad Da Say a 8 40-818  addio o ang he aboe oen  ee ao ee o on ha we hae o objeo o e own of e ow Boad aing ead agey a fo hi oje. A h,  wi be he eobiy of he Tow of Ue Tow Boad o deene he gae o he ao. If yo hae any eio o oe abo hi ee, ae oa e a 84 6300 : S Ay Co gee NY D Ci of ingo Seey Eea Aay Din of Eonea ei he Chaen Coaie Poghkeee Of Pae 3 of3
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