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Nicholson family
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  AncestryWorldTreeProject;DianeMahoney'sAncestors Page1 of 2 Ance stry com JL-L.The largest collectionoffamilyhistory records onthew«b Home My Ancestry SearchRecords Family Trees Welcome,Karen|Loq Out 1 Upgrade |Mv Account I Help? Message Boards Learning Center Shop DianeMahoney s Ancestors Entries: 15300 Updated: ThuMay118:53:092003 Contact Diane Mahoney da iIi   i@aol .COm IndexIDescendancy1Register|Pedigree|Ahnentafel|DownloadGEDCOM| Ad_d Post-em ã /Z); II 3 6 ã Name: Daniel NICHOLSON ã Given Name: DdimtX ã Surname:Nicholson ã Sex: M. Birth: 27NOV 1769in NJ ã Death: 8 SEP 1836 in FallCreek,MadisonCo.,IN Father: George,Jr.NICHOLSONb: ABT 1720 Mother: Elizabeth STOCKTON b:28 DEC 1729 Marriage 1ElizabethPEGGb:7FEB1777inMaryland ã Married: 11 MAY 1801 inRowan Co.,NC Children 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. BathshebaPeggNjCHOLSONb:24FEB1802inNC Jesse NICHOLSON b: 24 OCX1806 in Clinton Co.,OH Valentine NICHOLSON b:27 MAY 1809inClinton Co.,OH LydiaNICHOLSONb:2 JAN 1813inOH Elizabeth NICHOLSON b: 10 OCX 1815 GeorgeNICHOLSONb:13 AUG 1817inOH Af-ir fQ j. 513/897-4326 db=dianelmahoney id=I11306 Find the Perfect gifts for the ones you love. roll over tabs T e.xpanrj electronics video games toys jewelry Shop now msrih Shopping 12/19/03  AncestryWorldTreeProject:DianeMahoney'sAncestors Page1 of 1 AnceSky com ^X   Thelargestcollectionof family historyrecordsonthew«b Home My AncestrySearchRecordsFamilyTreesMessageBoards Welcome,Karen|Log Out \ Upgrade |Mv Account I Help? Learning Center Shop Diane Mahoney's Ancestors Entries:15300Updated:ThuMay118:53:092003 Contact Diane Mahoney da Hill i@aol .COm IndexI Pedigree IAhneiitafel1Download GEDCOM I AddPost-em ã /Z); II1310 ã Ma/we: Valentine NICHOLSON ã Given Name: Valentine ã Surname: Nicholson ã Sex: M ã Birth: 27MAY 1809 in Clinton Co.,OH ã Death: 24 MAR 1904inIndianapolis,IN Father: Daniel NICHOLSON b: 27 NOV 1769in NJ Mother:ElizabethPEGGb:7FEB1777inMaryland Marriage 1JaneS.WALESb:1FEB1806inIredale Co.,NC . M«mei ;30NOV1830 WAl^ECVilXS^ G j; 3'43068 513 897 4326 Enter to win a ^1000 Find the perfect gifts for the ones youlove. 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Death: 9 SEP 1906 in IN  Q Shopping Marriage1 X alemine MCHOLSON b:27MAY1809in Clinton Co.,OH . Married:30NOV 1830 - ^ r i r;:y V „ -.P .- r f shop now: DesignerCoatCloseout Searchforyourancestorsinthe1930 Census Index I Download GE_PCOM I AddPost-em # PrinterFriendly Version 0 SearchAncestry HI Search AWT Join Today Corporateinfo| Affiilate ^oaram ] Privacv Statement|ContactUsCopyright©1998-2003. MyFamily.conn Inc.-TermsandConditions 12/19/03  AncestryWorldTreeProject:Porritt/Emericks/Heinz/BrantAVales/SiglerFamilyTreePage1 of 2 -i-   Thelargestcollectionof famity historyrecordsonthe  « Home My Ancestry Search Records Family Trees Welcome,Karen|Loo Out | Upgrade 1My Account I Help? Message Boards Learning Center Shop Porritt / Emericks / Heinz/BrantAVales/Sigler Family Tree Entries: 33150 Updated: Fri Aug2 08:55:272002 Contact:JohnL Porritt jporritt triseal@email msn eom Thisisaworkinprocessfile.Pleasecontactmeforchanges IndexIDescendaiicy|Register|Pedigree|Aliiientafel|Add_Post-em ã /Z); 100783 ã Name: Valentine NICHOLSON ã Sex: M ãBirth:27 MAY 1809inClintonorWarrenCity, OH ã Death: 1904inIndianapolis,IN ãReferenceNumber: 1 ^ ã Note: Hicksite Quaker Movement InvolvedintheundergrounfrailroadfromtheirhomeinHarveysburgh OH Father: Daniel NICHOLSON b: 27NOV 1769 inMD Mother: Elizabeth PEGG b: 7 FEE 1777in MD Marriage1JaneS.WALESb;1FEE1806inIredale City,NC ã Married: 3 NOV 1830Children 1. RuthW. NICHOLSON b: 26OCT 18312. Elizabeth NICHOLSON b: 10 DEC 1833 3.EdenFinleyNICHOLSONb:25 JAN 1836 4.MaryEllenNICHOLSONb:29 MAR 1829in GreenCity, OH 5. ManilaJaneNICHOLSON b: 22 JUN 1842in OH 6. Louisa NICHOLSON b: 20 MAY 1844 7. Caroline M. NICHOLSON b: 12 AUG 1846 Enter to win a ^1000 IS * Find the perfect gifts for tne ones youlove. DesignerCoatCloseout Holiday shop nowl mstP Shopping Learnaboutyourancestorsinournewspaper archive J   .N O- ffi -j- ã..' Aa9 n IndexIDescendaiicy|Register|Pedigree|Ahnentafel1 Add Post-emhttp://awt.ancestry.eom/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET db=jporritt id=I00783 12/19/03

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