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       ^  Paul ielsen 47 Shishigakuchim Koyoen Nishinomiva-shi, Hyogoken, Japan December 7» 1950 DearLiving Link Ohurchs Another month has rolled arotand but this time I feellike I havesomething to write about Ihave been feeling latelythat my letters were getting stale and veryuninteresting Paul thinks I am a question box for acouple of days before 1 write But I really enjoy getting letters fromyou asking a lot of \ questions because it makes the writing somuch easier Last Sundaywas Paul's last Sunday to preach for the Army-we hopeandguess e all had phsicicals and Paul showed that he is very tired and thebest and quickestcure would beto spend 10days in bed doingabsolutelynothing e says he will tryto hangon until Christmas then he will rest This not having to preach for the Army should give him more time to rest As soon as wemove we hope to have Bible Classes in Koyoen TheAsha church has averaged a baptism every Sunday for thepast 7months Also another one of the students has begunanewwork.He is calling it an  Evangelistic Center When he was asked why he called it that he replied that he couldn't call   a church until he had Christians to make up the church The price of building materials has not ccmie down any at all Infact they are goinghigher all the time The ste^ re-inforcing rods that we used in the home for theClarkecost 5>000 yenaton; what we usedcost12,000yenaton OOI0 buildingacenter in Kobe foramissionboardthere and it cost5^,000yena ton Tile for the bath room will be doubled after the first of Jan and want to buy ours before then All Japaneseuse tile in the baths and kitchen t is very cheap according to American price In America we consider it forthe wellto do only Allbuildinghave tile roofs, except the countrystrawthatchedroofs The tile are heavyand the Japaneseuse such flimsy construction under theroof that the Typhoons sends them right down. Theyhavetwokinds of plaster. One is mud and the other cement The mud walls absorb the rain and moisture so that the hcmes are very dampand cold Only the better hcmes use cement When a family has a  foreign room they alwayshave
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