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  fr V»ã M A a fc GO YE Into all the world andpreachtheGospel to every creature Home Address: A7 Shishigakuchi KoyoenNishinomiya Shi OsakaChristianMission Osaka,Japan Mr. and Mrs. PaulNielsen, Missionaries OsakaChristian Mission   APO 25 e/o Postmaster SanFransisco,California Aug 15th 1951 OUR AIM To establish New TestamentChurches o£ChristinJapan Seminary: 747 Nakamiyacho Asahiku Osaka Japan *e *fn ãte Dear Mao. On sucha terrificpot daysI am sweating and trying to get in the little breeze and write letters at the same time. Paulhas busy with Ray M^ngs and the Nativepreachers in three nites of street meeting and then the final climax with an all day meeting at Aaahi church  t hasbeen terribly hard onthem because of the terribe heat wave anl it is lasting so long,but I read in the papers that you are having one at home also. Paulpreached Sunday morningand I don t know who preached at nite and in the afternoon Iam enclosing picturesfor your birthdaycalender. I told the photographflf that I wanted them forcuts. Iama little concerned about Russell spicture.  e i^ot here.  e is in Nojiri with Beckmans PaulandI aren t going this year. In this heat though I wish we had of. Paul wanted to work on the house and do what was delayed by his being laid up for a month. Themen are working on the cement work outside, it seems good to have a few steps to use enstead ofclimbiig dirt Iam enclosing an older picture of Russell to use justin case therecent one won t makeagood cut. He has grovmsomuch since the first ens was taken. I don t know just what all information youwish regarding our birthdays but here are thedates. ?-larcia ^arch21 st. Russell April 27th 19^5^ Martha  f^nn May 25 rd,  95^ PaulOct. Jls t ^xF^la Dec 24th1945. If youhave half a doaenpisrthdays falling on the samedayhow can you get them all in the day space on the calender?  .Von t that complicate things somewhat? ã i enjoyed our fellowship with .the Tokyo and Kyushu ?^issionaries. in the camp. Every one learned some things that should havebeen done and some that shouldn t havebeen done.  e are still receivinginquires about the undemonational churh as a result of the meeting in thebig auditorium down town. I can t think of anything else from this end of the line towrite about. And I have some other letters to getwritten beside a couple of finical stalements How is all of lyour family? I suppose they are sobio- that one wouldn tharldy knwo them. Our children have certainly had better health since we moved out here into our new home. Martha Ann ate some rat poison last Monday morning through thecarlesnees of the maid but we got it up after a rush trip to thehospital and she wasn t sick from it a little tired the rest of that day. In His Service . Marcia  : Dear Harold» Aug 20th 1951 Koyoen Japan. Would you like a bucket of sweat : to water your lav;n with I can furnish you all you can use. Iam trying to answer this letter for Paul and I hope that it mfeets with his approval. He has turned over the buying of the jeep chasis to Ray Oarnahan in the Pomona church. He also sent the informationto hira that you gave us. And told Ray that if this is cheaper than what hecan do to use his judgement. 3o you may be hearin- from Ray direct. We are praying constantly that the funds will come in if it is the Lord s 1^11 for if it doean t come then Paul will not be able to do his rural evangleism that he has his heart setin.  We have anothermatter that we want to writetto you about. The preacher of Tanabe has prepared his autobiography andwants it published and the proceeds of this puthimself through school in nraerica. V/e feel that he is alreadythe best preacher we have here on the field. He has n6t said anything to us about it buthas been corresponding directly withCharles Matthew of the Creighton Ave church in Ft. Wayne Ind, who t o giving him support. They feel tht he thinks that either the minister himself or the church could finance thethingto have it published. Neither areable to do so and we he«eitate to use mission funds for two reasons. If wedo so for him then w© would be putting ourselves in a position that we would have to help any other Japanese who decided to do likewise. And this would be a source of jealous among thepeople. We have to watch this fhing so closely among them don t do for onewhat you aren t prepared to do for all. Second reason and this is not readyforpublicahl on yet. That a worker may be coming to the Tanabe field soonand the funds will beneeded in this respect. The plans are just in the making so v/e can t publish it yet. If this looks like it might be well to have publishedboth from the standpoint of what it would contribute to missions which Brother Matthews feels it v^ould then we have the problem of financing it. Do youknow of anything that you can offer in the line of suggestions? I have never published a book but Iknow that it costs mor^ey.Iknow that severil missions have published books but what they did withthe proceedi I don t Imow bi^ suppose that it went back intomission work ny ideas that you might ^11 bemost welcome because we are starting with none. The childrenthink they should give us plentyof variety in life so they manage one way or another to su-ply it This noon becauseshe has learned to climb before she walks, i found Martha Ann sitting iup in thedish cupboard, with an impishsmile on her face. But then you being a father offive should be able to appreciate such a stunt. We are on the outskirts of TlTyphoon Ilargie we have had a good breeze that last three days and looks rainyvbut asyet none had come. Thanky you for all your help. Hastily Marcia  This is the next morning Bid I say that the children liked to give  s plent ' ofvariety? Last nitea robber came back forthe second time..6nites ao o he came intothe dinning roomand took two of Paula white ahi-ts and apairof histrousers.  e thinkthat he came another time and gotapairofPaul d shoes anyway theyaregone, last nite he was after shoes. And Paul saw him come to the window the first time and raisedhis head and evedentlythe robber saw him. About anhour later he cane back and was on the floor besides the bed picking up the shoes when Paul woke up and made a dive for him he aliped on the rug and therobbergotpart way outofthe window, I heard the Tioise and thot some one was havinga real nite raare so went in -and saw Paul trying toholdthe man at the window soT went over and ^^tarted tobeat up on the guyand Paulsaid don t do that help me pull him inside. So I gave apulltoo and got him inside. Then Iturnedthe light on and calledthe man who we have working forus. He came and theyheld him whilethe inaid and Iran down the hill for the police. He had Fauldawhite shirt and trousers on that h® had- stolen6 nites before. Ihad to read all the Lookouts in the house before Icould o-et back tosleen. ck- - Such helping the job hi (Ht  H- J»   tsj 4>   pJ Q r J3 p  »ã  r c3 H w D CD m* H H ã> ã O a P CD 0  » r c ©o 3 X H 3qO 3 T o 3 © 3 is life in the orientt- The fellow wasone of the work men who hadworked to^ lay cement fora week. He came the first nite after theyfinished  artha Ann slept through all thenoise.  9 Septedser 1S^51 i>6^r i cla oxid all Thank you for ycjur letter of 20 August. I wish I could aicourage a Brother preach^to publish an autobiography but   the scale   which   private pnblicati-ncan be circulated there wojld be noraoney/d th ;vhich to go to school. An Organization like theChristian Standard will not-go infor publications of that nature because thecirculation is usuallytoo s liEited to Eutke it financially po3 jiblo—they don t tnatean:ythingon it, I mean If ho has a really gccxi story of a popul«ir ni^tiu-e~ liico The Preacher of the O^ arks - walV.iQi; that is -hemight get aanni-crciaJ.publisiiei- to publish it andhave r.oi:.e iiico^c from it. I think ./ou are right in not uiiciortaking the financirig of it for any roason - Xhi:ailci also fo** pictures for the caleiidar. Pray for us. \ we hopeyou areallwell a^d we pray for youi .vorka3 yoa look forward tothe new year s program at school etc.
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