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  y Septombor 29 1952 Dear BrotherHarold: Marcia said she would try to write you if she felt up to   but perhaps it is important 4>nough for both of us to write. The following paragraph is a quote from letters Iam sending oufto those who have inquired:  We have received some reprocussions from the announcement in the August HORIZONI about our lack of finances and justly so. Somewhere true conditions were exagerated. It is true that in April and May we did have a difficult time because offerings did not come in time to meet some responsibilities and there wasno reserve to fall back on. Howeverwe didnot sell any furniture. (This statement wasmade in some letters not in HORIZONS By Julyofferings hadcome in so we could make our trip to Hokkaidofrom personalfunds. Also there are only 5 native workers, instead of.24, who are wholly or partially dependenton us for support.   hope this diacrepency will not hurt your trustin Brother MacFarlani or in HORIZONS He is doing a difficult joband deserves ourwhole hearted support. Perhapsyouhave alredy beenasked asthe Coles have, what is the oiatter with this bunch over here to let a family go hgngry. were far from going hungry.   did sell some personal things to try to build upa reserve. The reprocussionsalso caused my article in the next Osaka News to be drastically cut As for the othermissionaries here on the field they were having just as hard a time financially as wewere. This last paragraph sounds like I'msorebut I don't want it that way. You did whatyou thought was right. BecauseMarcia doesn't keep copies of letters she sends you, I don't know what she wrote. It makes no difference now. Whatever damage there was is done. I write thisto you only to tell you personally how I feel. As far as Iam concerned no public statement need bemade about thematter. Three weeks ago Marcia made an appointment in the Air Force hospital in Nagoya for a physical examination. She hasbeen in Nagoya since, part of the time in the hospital and the rest of the time at the Davisee. Theday she went to see the doctor her eyes and flesh becamea definite yellow color. Thoughsome tests were negativethey have been treating her for Yellow Jaundice However thedisscolorationsare leavingtoo soon for ordinary yellow i^aundice. This week theyare making more tests and further treatment will be required.   do not knowhowmuch longer she will be in Nagoya. In the meantime thechildren andI are here at Koyoen.They are learning to accept mo asboth Mammy and Daddy and Iam doing what I thought I couldnever do— be a mother, though a poor one The Seminaryopened it/srall term September 25 with a Rally. The students gave reportsof theiractivities duringJuly and August. It was helpful to them to note that while theyspent much time holding services, with atfcendances averaging more than 100, yetthere wasa very small percentage of baptisms —54 in all the workfromNagoya to Ifenoya. Mr. Clarkpointedout to them there was not enough time spent in personal evangelism. There was anaverage of lees than 1 call per day. Agood note is that the students cameback resolved to study hard tobetter prepare themselves to serve the Christ. There are 16 students in the day classesof OBS and 7 others in the night classes which just began again this fall aregrateful to you forthehelp you are giving missionaries, Harold and we believe God will bless your efforts Sincerely a Brother in Christ ^ã : iiai I^  ir     Nov. 11, 1952  Dear Brother Harold This month stsrted off the specially busy season of the year It will continue enup thiough the new year s season. On Octcter 30Imadea14 hour trio down to Brady Airfield in Fyushu whereBicthei Buy T- iayfield is chaplain.BrotherMayfield is promotingaprogramof contscts between/theG.T.sandthemis sionaries. Onceamonth they have aG.T.>iospelHour with a mis sionaryspeaker. This month thenight ca^e on Halloween so the attendance was small but t ose who atteryfed were an enthusis stic group to talk to. After the meeting ti^re was aparty just like achuoehyoung people s party at home laith pop corn balls, ducking forapplesand all . Thisalongwiththe stale side hambuif^ers mild shake.s a nd ice cream sundeys thay Brother ^uy set before us really made us remember home again preachtwice the fir st Sunday in the-srea.  t was inspiring to hay vices again.  Specially inspiring and electric organ accompanyment thusiastic in their singing, I hurried back from this tfip to begin my Seminary class cn Hev^rnber 4 It was a pleasant/surprise to find Miss Lemon and the.Kawamura family fromTanabe here. They had come up together It was also my privilege to  ember in 2 of thechanels of part in entirely English s er as the singing with oianc Most Japanese just can t be en- in Miss lemon s jeep to today- in the t ra in Soon tary perscnel.After a did finish the series of wasno need for immedia fully understand what ment Japanese hospital Bay Adventisthosoita equipments Weknow their cost is very high. Marcia will either improve/ci grewworse in the words of the doctor. If she grows wcise sne must either have the tests or return home in 2 or 3 weeks time, which means go by olane. We orsy God will preparethe.wayfor/whatever is His will. Thankyou foryourpray ers t}:hei behalf ann olease continue them. We must begin nowmak ing our appeal for travel funds home sc they will be on hand if needed.before nem June. This is the/season of theheathen fall festivals end special  sports days in the schools. Many of these-.eirents take place on Gunday andthe/church attendances havefrllen. This is discourag ing to the ministers but it helpsto shew them their weaknesses.  We five Ahanketo God always for ycu all, makingmentionof :ycu in our nrsyers; remembering without ceasing your work cf faith and labor ofAove and patience ofhopeinourLordJesus Christ, in the sight/cf God andour ^ather; knowing brethren beloved your election off God. get s ther rme supplies. They stsrtv.d bdck will be the various Christmas and new year s activities and sc/will end another year. Marcia hasdecided she/had better not teachher Seminary course. The rest us alsyo feel sheshouldconserveher strength. A day or twc before she went to Bagcya for her last check up,an order came to all Air Toro e hospitals to stop caring for non-mili Cj6nference ^ith the hcsoital doctor, they ests already stsrted. T^jese snowed there surgery but further tests are needed to e trouble is. These tests:require equio- do not have. »Ve have written the Seventh in Tokyo to see if they have the necessary s condition  NIELSEN S ON FURLOUGH IN JUNE As we write these lines we interupt a busy Christmas season. We feel theChristians have made considerableprogress as they observe another birthday of the Christ. Their programs are better prepared andmore Christian in content. We offer thanks to God for thestrengtheninginfluence of Christ on the lives of His people here in Japan. These last 5 months ofour first term in Japan will^ass rapidly.   look forward to our furlough time inanticipation of visaing those who have so faithfully supported us during the past 5 years and of making new friendships.j It will also bea time for strengthening both physical and spiritual bodies I in preparation forfurther service in Christhavest field. Each missionaryin Osaka Christian Missioiyuses funds sentinthe development and advancement ofthe cause of Christ in ^e area where ho serves Therefore when furlough time comes it is necessary ^o make a special plea for travel funds Travel coats to LosAngeles will beaboiA 14^0. We must make definite bookingswith the boat company byMarchand wili hoed half of our boat fare at that time. ã We pray God will put upon the hearts qfoursupporters the need of these travel funds.Please send your gifts by personal check or bank draft directtoPaul D e<^ iqsx Nielsen 4? Shishigakuchi Koyoen Niahlhomiya shi Hyogo ken Japan.   Dear Bi other Harold Here  s a copy of what we are putting in the OSAKA NEWS about our furlough time. Any use of it you can make in your news items will be appreciated. Marcia is feeling some better but is not yetable to put in very long days. I have finished my course in Acts for this year in the Seminary so now I hope to put in some consentrated study on Japanese before wecomehome. Happy New Year to you an j yours May God bless you . Sincerely a Brother in Christ U  ^  
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