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  GO Y OsakaChristianMissionour aim S Into all theworld ã To establish New * Ifftg andpreachthe Gospel OsClkci Jupdfl Testament Churches tit to every creature  K >ifof Christ in Japan AMr. and Mrs.PaulNielsen,Missionariesf- Home Address: Osaka Christian Mission Seminary: jjX ã47 Shishigakuchi APO25c/oPostmaster747 Nakamiyacho *t t Koyoen San Fransisco, California Asahiku Mi NishinomiyaShi Osaka Japan a ãt: B February 25* 1955 Dear Frienda   Christi The third tiaa is the ooharm they say. Imean there havebeen 5 intoruptionetonight in getting this letter started Icams to my desk tonight determined to up thirj latter I have been putting  t off because  t seemed birb the usual things have happened this month. Tonight I learned things have boeii happening but I hadn t .found outabout thorn. The first interupticn yas from the Kuehiro siiniater but it wasa happy interuption. Ke presentedan outline of their ohuroh program for the next 6mcntha.Fachmcnth willfeature some epeoial ovont .-.ãith either a teaching or anGvangelistio omphasiy. Sost of all thisis not just the minioters project but cthor racmbors of the oongrcgation are working in It Thua.anothei* item of constantteaching ia bearing fruit Another minister hao caught a larger viaion of f„ctivity and the Kuehiro church will nak« faster progress because of it The second interuption wag from Mr. Sato, who oam© whanI had no more than returnad to my desk. His first v/ordaware/:  Tonight youiiavem lchcompany. He hadmet the Kuehiro ^oiniater at the train station. Mr. Sato ie looking after theservices ofpchurches.Tonighthehadgood noTra from the Mine congregation. Thsy are beginning a kindergarten in Aprils This project v/ill be maintained and financed entirely by the na-civc chrictiansc It means that pO or moreboyoand girls will soon start their training to be chrictian men and ;wcm .n 6f .tho saStgonerationc It moans the church will havean opening into homsa vAiore there was no connectionbefore.  ^e pray that some of the adults of this generation will alee corns  .-o know Christ as a re-iult of thin project. A recent letter asked what the people of Japan th.lnk of tho riow American preeideiit. They eeem to thinicho is agoodnanand feeling io divided ae to hia being president? juat as it io at home. Ithat ooemo to be more difficult to Jfipanecsthinlclng. ie hov; toyrics Can change leaders so often aixi still stay powerful and. unitsd. This showo that?to the Japanese mind^oneman must riBi thingFi instead oft,group or « nation working together. Hero is ono of tho problemo in the clemocracy ofJapan. Prime- Minister Toahida wants to boa on© man shov; toooften. Some ofthe more democratic thinking men in hlaoabinat are rebeling so the youngJapanese domoc.raay is havingeeveregrowing paino. Only5ciora mohthgand w© will be  oh our way home for furlough. Tin© Is roally fl^ ingc Ofit/rings are beginning tc come in for our tvavol funds and wo thanic God andyou who havecent thorn. Ox tho|l4pOneeded wo hava x'eoaixwd  515« Please send offerings .for travel directto us hero in Japan bychock or bank draft Wo can not cawh pootal monoy ordersor noto« here. If you wish a cpeolal datefor uetc speak or bo with yo . < in a miooion teachingprogram after June,ploaae lot as knov/ ncy. Thankyou for your pt*ayer8 andsupport in ourbehalf. MayGcd blostieach on© qs we no'rva Him. /lincoralyycur miaslonarloc in Jai^aa*  ãa iti GO YE Into all the world andpreachtheGospel toevery creature Home Address: 47 Shishigakuchi Koyoen NishinomiyaShi OsakaChristianMission Osa\a,Japan Mr. and Mrs. Poul Nielsen Missionaries Osaka Christian Mission APO 25 c/o PostmasterSanPransisco,California March 12 1951Dear Brother MacFarland: Just anoteto keep you up to dateonour furlou^ developments. We shouldbe receiving our sailing date moatanytime now. Thanks to our faithful supporters,our travel fund now contains 646.20.   aregrateful that half the boat fare is in hand to make the first payment on the tickets. The ministersof the Osaka area are busy preparing the AllJapan Christian Rallytobeheldin Osaka March 51 thru April2. Some ofthe Okinawaand Korean brethren plan to attend so it will bemore than just aJapan rallythis year Ti-e missionaries plan to spend the day following the rallyin discussing various problems ofour work. It willbeatimeoffellowship and spiritual strength for all of us. Please remember thesegatherings in your prayers. It was our privilegeto bewith the Japanese brethren in Kyushu at their Osumi Rally onMarch 1 Theyremembered our visit a little more than 4yearsago, before Mrother Maxey arrived in Kanoya,andsaid that since we soonwouldbegoing home on furlough they would like to haveus visit again We enjoyed fine fellowship inspite of rain anda caraccident on the way to the rally which kept Brother Markand family from attending Everyone was gratefulthe damage was nottoo serious However the delaykept us from gettingtotherallyuntil almost noon.   were to speak both morning and afternoon and had prepared2 messages on F ITH so we spoke forij-hours in theafternoon combining the 2.messages.Theywantedmore but there was notimeand get tospeak in the eveningchurch service in Kanoya.This trip was anotherchallenge showing the great need for work in rural areas Brother Markand his family also Mrs. Dittiaore andMother Maxey are doing fine work but the fieldis so large and the laborers too few Pray for more workers throughout all of Japan Sincerely a Brother in Christ [ z a£^ Paul Nielsen 4^ OUR AIM To establish NewTestamentChurches of Christ inJapan Seminary: 747 Nakamiyacho Asahiku Osaka Japan ã*:K fiS+ Q  ã li nãfc  Ml * GO YE Into all the world andpreachtheGospel to every creature HomeAddress: 47 ShishigakuchI KoyoenNiihinomiyaShi OsakaChristianMission Osa^a,Japan Mr, and Mrs. PaulNielsen, Missionaries OsakaChristian Mission APO 25 c/o Postmaster SanFransisco,California April 1955 NUGGETS FRGM THE  HCME COMING NIELSENS OUR AIM To establish New Testament Churches of Christ inJapan Seminary: 747 Nakamiya^ho Asahiku Osaka Japan * K ãM 9  P. Bji- Q ãb THEBESTRALLYYET ã Before I tell you ofoar sailing d^te Iwant tosharewith yoa an example of progress in the work here in Japan. The fifth  AllJapanOhristianRally was held in Osaka recently and prcovod \o be the h .st attended and most interesting The theme of methods for doing evangelistic wcrk in Japan wsvS developed in afin©way. B.^th missionaries andJapanese Christians wore equally pleased with the spiritual growth that has been made in thepasty^ar. Therowiau fine spirit of oneness in desires and feeling of need for workingmore closelytogether in the wcrk. It wasa fine rally and all chriations in Japan have been richly blessed because of it Next year s rnllywill be in Kyushuwith the maxeys. The day following this 5 day rally the misfjionarles got together for a day offellowship and discussed mutual probiesm*Sometimes we get to feeling ourproblems are so big but this day of discussion showed others have. the samo problems andby talking them over togothtr we were all strengthened decided to continue this day in connection with the rally each year. HOME THE LAST WEEK OF Our sailing date of May l4 is a- little earlier than w© had planned but if we wait we can not be sure of arriving home until ihemiddle of July and that is too late to make oun^) appointments. The reason for this uncertain sailing schedule Is because of dockworkers strikes that have beengoim. on for some tire The freighter ships never know when they can got loaded because ofthese strikes Some ships by-paas ports because :hey do not want to be involved where they know workers are striking and this reaultsin some ships sailing earlier than their designated date and others are delayed because of the strike The May l4 ship starts its voyagefrom Yokohama so wo g-in feel a bit more .sure of  t and expect to arrive on the west coast .ioraotlmv> the last week of May. ANURGENTNEEDFORTRAVELFUNDS Our travel fund Inoks of what is needed for us to reach Covina, Calif from where we will begin our itinerary speakiug. We urgently pray that funds will come in s.t wo will not have to begin our tour with a deficit Ploaao send nil correspondence from nowonubivt17664 Gyprssu,Oovina, Calif. TIM£: NOW TO BOOK SPSAKIHG DATES tflTH US \ If you can use us in apoakinj;d stoe according to the followini; aohodule pleass write us at our Covina addresri irrjudiatoly CALXf.  rst 2 Weeks of June; ORS*- WlVSH. lust 2 weeks of Juno} NEBH. middle ofJuly} ILL.*-IITO. last week ofJuly and the first woek of August; OHTO in August. Plo«oe speoify your choice of dates and wo will comply with thornwhen pusaiblo. THE UST LETTER FROM JARAN Thin vdll havo to be the last letter sent from Japan for this torci. Th^Lord willin.-T, the next v;ord froia uu will conefrom aoraewhoru in the U.S. rf? thank God andyou for your faithful supportduring our first torn and look forward to vioiting with nany  £ yo .i in thonear future* God blosa our work for  lini*
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