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   clla c The Nielsen s: Paulo, Marcio, Russell, Paul andMartha  center front . ThepurposeofthispamphletIstotellabouttheneedoftaking theGospelofChristtopeopleoftherural areas ofJapan.It tells howandwhytheNielsen splantohelpaccomplishthis task andwhatyoucandotoshareIn this greatwork. THESE PAMPHLETS ARE FREE AND YOU MAY TAKE AS MANY AS YOU CANUSEFOR THE GOOD   THIS WORK  THEVILLAGES CALL The villages of Japan are relatively untouched by non Japanese civilization. These rural areas consist of farming fishing mining and lumbering villages where Christianity is unknown. Thegreat mass of village people above 40 years of ageare saturated with heathen religiousideologies. Many of those under 4 are without any religious faith and find no hope for living. Changed conditions fromWorldWar II have caused a severe breakdown inmuch of the basicre ligious thinking especially in theyoung people of the villages. There are 4 types of religions in these rural areas. Shinto Buddhism Sorceryand Magic and a combination of these with some Christian ideas added. Many of the youthare fed up with these religions that have failed them. Someno longerhave regard for religion ormorality. The villages areripe for a change and soon.Theyare behindthe cities of Japan both socially and spiritually. They have had no chance to learnof Christianity. Thepeople cry forspiritual bread andare givencold  stones of heathen ism. The villages call us tocome plant the seeds of the everlasting gospel of Christ. We believe God is calling us to help take the gospel to the villages of Japan. MEETING THE CALL   OUR PREPARATION IN SCHOOL-- Both Paul andMarcia attended Minnesota BibleCollege Minneapolis Minnesota and Pacific BibleSeminary Long Beach California. Paul received a Bachelor of Arts degree from MBC and did his resident work for a Master of Arts degree in PBS. Marcia received a BachelorofArts degree from PBS. We held pastorates for 6 years at Colton and Elsinore California. ON THE FIELD   We went to Tokyo Japan as mission aries inJune 1940. War clouds made us return 7 months later inJanuary 1941. In 19 48 we returned to Japan and for 5 years workedin Osaka Christian Mission teaching in Osaka Bible Seminaryand doing evangelistic work in that area. We saw the greatneedofevangelizinginrural areas and feel God is leadingus to help in this work.  OUR PLANS   We want to return to Japan in August 19 54 We have 3 locations in mind that are strategic centers from which towork During thewinter of 1954 we plan to study these locations further before deciding a definite location. We will then open a new center ofrural evangelistic work OURMETHOD OF WORK — Native Christianhelpers have already expressedtheirdesire to help us in this rural evan gelistic work We will be a teacher councilor and guide to native Christians who will do the actual work of evangelism. We will go out from the centerselected to surrounding villages and first make ourselves acquainted with the people By passing out tracts and visiting with the people we willshow them our purpose in being there. As opportunities open we will beginBible classes in the villages Later Bible study and training courses will be started for Christian leaders in each community As converts are  added to the Lord regular services will be started either by local Christian leaders or by nativeChristianhelpers who go out from the center. Local congregations will be established in this way according to New Testament examples By these methods the missionary will be a  circuitrider spearheading the work of evangelism in as many villagesas possible. We do not expect a rapid growth but we are confident whatever growth there is will be on the only sure foundation ChristJesus. We believe the call ofthe villages can bemet by these methodsin establishing self-supporting churches of Christ in rural areas of Japan. HELP TO MEET THE CALL PRAYER   SERVICE   MOHEY 1 You can pray that the Gospel may be taken to these un touched villages in Japan You can pray for the 39 mission aries laboring in Japan. You can pray for the native ministers and Christians that they with the missionaries may beguided wisely in winning many ofthepeople of Japan to Christ. You can pray for the recruits preparing to go to Japan and that other workers may be foundand sent soonto help evangelizeJapan while it is still a field ripe unto harvest. Pray that Communism will notenter J^an toclose the door on Christianity  2.Some of you can help meet the call of Japan by givingyourself in service to Christ Talk to God about it 3. You can help usanswerthe call of thevillages of Japan by helping to supply the following:  2800 travel fund neededby August 1954 toretiun to Japan.  250monthlypledgedsupportfor mission work(1954 —1959 .  2000for Universal Jeep —4 wheeldrive — spare parts.  200for slides   film strips of Bible stories   Christian education.  50 for flanograph lessons and colored teachingpictures.  250formimeograph machineand supplies. Ask aboutsmaller personalitemsneeded in our work. Complete our living links as below: OURLIVINGLINKS  onthly V/^  amily Needs JU K1C  ont ly For PAUL MARCIA RUSSEL PAULA MARTHA Need Each  32.50 32.50 15S15 40  135 Theshadowed figures represent the amount ofliving link each of us is now receiving Tenchurches provide these living links The money figuresare the amounts eachneeds to make the familyincome  4200 a year Thisincludesthechildren sschool tuitions and the increased cost of living in a ruralarea ASK ABOUTBECOMING A LIVINGLINK
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