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  13 September 1955 Dear Brother Mac; Finally we are actually moved. We have selected Sendai, up in Miagi ken,hours train ride northof Tokyo, asthecenter from which to start our rural evangelistic work. We trust the folk at home will not confuse this Sendai with the one down in Kyushu in the area whereMrs, Dittimore is working. The 2 Sendai s are hours train ride apart The Sendai where we now live is 219 miles north of Tokyo. It is the largest and most important city in northeast Japan. We are not really acquaintedwith the city ourselvi but weknow there is a needy field Sf -evangelism for Christ here. We pray   that wemay have the wisdomand strengthto use our time and His. money givei through you in thewisest way. We are starting under a financial handicap with a deficit of  256.46, our link support could becompleted, thisdeficit would not need to continue exist. We need 170 per month in living link support and 50 per month in s link support. We pray brethren at homemay rise to this need that our labon here may be more efficient Our new address  s Paul   Marcla Nielsen 154MlnamiMiagino Minami no me iranomachi ^   Sendai, Japan. Thankyou for bringing this tothe attendttonof the brethren through HORIZONS. Sincerely in Christ ^1/ 3   ^ FIRST SERVICES HELD IN SENDAI JAPAN Services were started in November in Mr, Takafuji s  native evangelist) home. Pictured with Mr.andMrs. Takafuji and their daughter Mari, are 2 college girls and 1highschool girl. Theseattended the second service.  w others are now attendingtheservices. None ofthese girls areChristiansbut they show interest in studying God s Word Besides regularservices, these girls, withthehelpof Mr Takafuji, are producinga tape recording in Japanese to beusedwith the showingof the Christmas Story at Christmas time. These are the first services of the churches of Christ in Sendai sinceBrother M. B. Madden had to leave the work he started some 50 years ago. As yet no trace of that work has been found. The greatest need, other than the prayers ofthe brethren at home for this new work, is a month increaseinsupportto make askeletonbudgetbalance.Seventy Five dollars is needed now for anadequatebudget. By next spring, when we plan to go out into the villages to start work, at least an additional  75 per month will be needed.PleasewritePaulNielsen, Minami Magono, Minaminome Haranomachi Sendai,Japan for further informationabout the workand this need of adequate support.  Uci V ::  L DOG Iiroi N CHURCH PLEDGESSUPPORT   THE NIELSENS — We are hapoy to announce that theChristian Church in Ladoga has beenadded to ourfamily of living link churches Theyhave pledged 1^ amonth We praise God for them for showing t ir added interest inthis newwork in northern Honshu Pray withus that other congregations will complete our needs for this newwork We lack ll^O per month in living link To have an adequate working budget we need amonth in service link Who   there that will answer the call of thevillages bysending support that will takethe Gospel to these villages in northern Honshu Please writeforfurtherdetailed information : Paul Nielsen Box97» Sendai Japan  JAN 20 ?956 Last Minute News From the Nielsens in Sendai Japan THE CHRISTMA SSTORY SERVES AS AN  lOEBREADKER ~ Special effort wasmade to increase attendance for the Christmas program in the Sendai congregation. Many .Japanese have theideathat Sunday worship servicesareforChristians only ^^gfe They feel they should attendservices only when spmething special is going onand special announcementhasbeenmade Mr. Takafuji nativeevangelist made good use ofthe opportunity to tell the ^8 present for the Christmas program about the true purpose ofthe church in the communityand explained that they are welcome to theregularservices also. The averageattendance for the first 5Lord s Days of 1956 is l4. None ofthese exceptthe Takafuji s are Christians.There is much patient teaching to do.Pray for themand for Mr. Takafuji as he teaches. Perhaps the following best illustrates the present work of this congregation. In Decembera couple ofthe girls brought another girl toservice with them. It was the first time this girl had ever been in a Christian service of any kind. This girl livens in the country andcomesfromapoor family. Her father is a cripple from arthritis There are small children inthe home.The girl hadcome to town to find work to help the family pay bills by the end oftheyear. Japanese tradition teaches that to have the blessing of the gods  t is important to start the new year fresh with no unpaid bills The church folk decided to help this family.and^prok them.some food clothing and a gift of money which the congregation had been collecting from their very first service to give to needy persons. On New Years morning lir. Takafuji further taught this girl ofthe poor family more about Christianity.when sheasked him   hehad been to the shrine yet Japanese religions teach this mustbedone at New Years time to have a happyand successful new year Mr. Takafuji explained that  hristians do not do this but pray to God daily andby serving Him are blessed. Thus the congregation is learning to share both its material and spiritual blessings Please pray for them.
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