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  0RMER Paul and Jferoia Nielsen  NUGGETS FROM THENIELSENS omOi  111 _.r^nr-liifVif»i^ I ET TEKt X91s Sendal,Japan; or 17664 East Cypress. Oovina. Oalif. OUR NEW LETTER HEADING —We are proud of ournew letterhead. Kay we call your attention to a few ofthe pictures in it The farmershave left their homes inthe village back at thefootofthemountaintogoout into thevalley and toil thelonghoursoftheday in their rice fields. They have little timetodo much else than toil in the rice fields. Even noWj when weather permitsithey can be seen plowing thestubblefieldssotheywill bereadyforspring.Ruralpeople have very little social life, except,perhapstobhatwithaneighborinthe field nextto theirs duringa few minutes of rest from their toils. ButtothepreacheroftheGospel, who holdsinhis hands the openBible,there ,1b a call from these who toil out in the valleysj there is a call from the luany villages out.acrossthe mountain —. a call to gohelpthem. It is not a call to help them plant or harvest their rioe. They know more about that than we do. The call ofthevillagesforus is to help them kziow and love and useGod s Word in their lives. Our call is tohelp them know ofeternalsalvationthroughChrist. You folk at home answer the call o:^ the,villages^by prayersandsupport to us who goout into thevalleysandto the village8\0ut across th© mountains. When yousee this letterhead remember to prayandsupport those who labor in the Gospel throughout these villages, Better still prayeveryday for Japan. , IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME — We had to lookbaok in our file tbesure when we sent out the last news letter, lOoes not eoeni possible that it was last September,. We havekept in touchwith you who have sent gifts forthe work throughpersonal letters. To othersof you we aresorry it hasnot been possibleto send a news letter sooner.In November, when we shouldhave sent one, we did not have the money to buy the postage. The cost of.get ting Z families locatedon the field harehasbeen great. It hasdrained all reserveã resources. Even this letter is beingprepared with a prayer that gifts may com© in so we will not have to pinch the postage money quite so hard. Q PATCH UP — Very briefly we willbring you uptodate on thehappeningssinceour last ^iewa letter,. The Tali^fuji s stayed with usuntil about the middle of October,   searched' :,nthenorthern part of.Sendai where we still hopetofindaplace for ourpermanent center- 3utwere Unsuccessfulinlocatingahouse for theTakafuji*s there. We were even tempted renta house in apoorsectionof town, as far astransportationwent,sowecould get ã^he work started but we could not feel this was the Lord s will. Finallythe real estate men came upwithahouse in theareaofour second choice. It is in anareaofthecl ty wherea church is needed but not ideal for th© center we have in mind for the future of the work. The Takafujl s beganholding services in their home the first Sunday in Nov. There were only5 Japanese presentforthat first servicebesidesthe Takafuji s. As a result.of the special Ohristmae program there were 9present for the New Years Day service. None of these are Christians, LastLord s Day there were17 present so the numbers are , increasing.Pleasebe in prayeroften for this new congregation that they may remain faithful in their present desireto learn about Christ. We believe seme will bec6me'= atrong Christians, L'DCGA, INDIANA CHURCH PLEDGES SUPPORT -- We are happy to announce that the Christian Church in Ladoga has beenadded to our family oflivinglink churches. They have pledged ^^50 a month inlivinglink support.   praise God for them for showing their-increased. interest in this newwork in northern Honshu. We believe God will bless themand use us to His glory because ofthisfellowshipIntheministryof His Word. Pray withusthatã there n y be others from among you who receivethisletterthatwill complete our living link needs.   lackjlJOper month inlivinglink. Also to have an adequate working budget to do theevangelistic work there is to do here inthisarea, we heed an added  75 a month in service link. Who is there that will answerthe call ofthe vfllages bysending support that will takethe Gospel tothesevillages?Pleasewriteusforfurther detailed information - ?.0. BOX 97 We aresorry you have had to use our difficult Japaneseaddress.solong Nhen writingdirectlytous. Now that.the new postofficebuilding is finished and in use, we now have the problem solved.Just addressusi Box 97> Sendai,Japan,  THEFIHf\NGIAL STATEMENT -— One res.sor for aer.dfi^^. with ourselves, and with you, our supporterij, that we would srendo^jta finaclal statement every 6months to those who had sent giftxi for tho vorJi during that 6monthperiod® We will gladly send a statement to anyone else upon request The total receipts from July 1 through December1955were 42i^97c''H9o Expendj~ures for thafp^riod were With the deficit of $126»50on June deficit onDecembev Jij 195-5 Due to mail tie ups in December, this atatenictt does not show some $200 of regular December receipts* Also about $5^0 of tVie expenditures are thocost ofsearching for a, place last summer and for moving 2 families tc Sendi^l® Thus this deficitvIjI notcontinue to increase in these next 6months® Please pray and give that th.U- do.Cicit may beremoved* We will only expand the workfrom here on ee wo have budget to ccvor THE OHRISTM-^SSTORY SERVES AS AN  ^ICEBREAKER-' Ifeny people in Jap£an have theidea that the regular Lord's Day worship services areforChristians only and that they should come only to a special service of some sort- The first special sorvice of-the church hero was at Christmas time Mr. . Takafuji prepared a Hcflpt for a. filmstrip gf the Christmas Story, Then withthehelpofbackgroundmusicandthegirls'who'have .boer/comj.-ng to'^services^ regularlyto speak thevarious speeches ofthe .sorij)t.j .we .mad.e s. ..tupc recording to 7t, Rccompahy the fllmstripc Since the niijnberswere fre, this made i'ipossible.for the girls . to be in the programarid still bea part of the'audiance. ontHo. obcasiono I-iany friends ã and relaiiyea  OftViOsewho come'to theregular -services .were.-there, Vxt. Takafuji made good use ofthe opportunity to tell.them About the purpose of.the churchin..yhe community, Perhapp.thefollowing shows best the progress that is .being,'xaadg®..The fifst of Decembera couple of the-girls who work-in a taylor shop-brcugiit .another .gii^l to servicewith them. It was. the first time shehadever.boon- in a, Christian eervi.ce of any kindr ã W© learned 'she lives out i'n the country and c.omes from: a. very - poor, farailyc Her fatheris. ã a crippie from arthritis. There are small children in.the homo,Xhie girl had reoentiy ccme to town to find work'to- help thefamily .pay bil ls by:, the .endof theyear (ilfaditibn ãand oustomteao.hes' the'hew -yearmust start fresh with n<:^.'debts to have the. blessing of the gods). Shefoundvrork in the taylor shopand the g-irle invited, her to.servic.el From, the very first service 'ofthechurchan offeriijg hasbeentaicenoach Lord' s -Day, ^In speakir^ of its purpose,.Mr. Takafuji alwayseays .it in for avangelismj,. for poor families,' .and to ' help the needy in time ofdisaster. The chuvcli folk, decided to. hojp this family 'SO their now yearcould start off a little happier,I went with Mr® Takafuji and 2 . of the'other church folk to visit the home. We took somo food,ciothoSi. and -a gift of money, This actionof the church shows that it is sharing its material bles&ings albngtwith its. ; epiritual .blessings, 'On New Yearsmorning Mr Takafuji was able to further teach the girl' of the pobr. family more* about Christianity, Sho-wae the first to. arrivofor 'se^rice after thanking the Takafuji'sin the very polite v?ay ofthe Japanesoj- she asked them if they hod.been to the shrine yet (Shinto and.Buddhism both .teac.ha visit to the shrine must,bodone at new years time to ha-v'e a successful andhappy now year), Mr. Takafuji ex plained that Christians do not do this .but pray to Qod daily and by sorving Him, are bio.Haed., .Yes, there is imich teaching to do®. 195^ ^XCSSIONARY HANDBOOK —Tohaveamore personaliaed acquaintand'e vlT't'ij thie more than'..' 450 direct supportm'Bsionariesof Christian .Churches ar>d .Qhur.chea .of Christ, 'the *195^ MISSIONARY-HAWDBOOlC'is a bighelp. TheHandbook contains airmil reports'direct from the fields along with some historical data oneach- field® TheHandbock r^sgrownfrom14 pagee in 195^ to'a planned60pages in the 195^issue.. a'quich aource for finding the  wh.o ,  where and what of direct support missionso Order.your copy how from David--H., Henry, l75 *~^-5thA-venue East, Eugene, Otegon, Advanoo; order pric.e is only lIoOC,. PAMI.LY DPI HI'S S— We hada simple but very enjoyable Christmas, krrsy .frio'nds gave ut the trimings for a chrletmas dinner. Turkeys solJ. hero for oxa.Gtiy.half of what they cos-t in Tokyo so we had a'small turkery,'ã I fixed a real Am.erico.Ti christma.s'dinner. We had the Takafuji'8 over ,to eat with' us, ' We all -did righ.t it® They declared - to the 'churc-h- folk that evening that Maroia was ancexcellant cookt,The childrenare doing.very *well-in oc'noolj better than ever before. We are grateful that we nave almost enough to paythe'ã second semester tuition when   is due the end of Jaeuarj'-s Ohaptain Lewis A.- White, Whom you folk in California ã know', is-stationed, about 40rll.e.s.,from Ho has tried 4 tinea,' wnen He haghad -bp ãcome over -to Sendaj.., tofind us, but phs bCe-a'-unsuccessful..We'hope' tc: see him this month when he' is to bringthe message at a .missionary gathering ' Alaoã thereis. a chaplain from the  non-instrument brethrenstationed about 4 miles from us® He is not. as conservative as some and we are having fine- fel.lowship t-bgothero Our hearts were saddened this week to roooive word that Grandpa Nitlseo (Paul's father) laid' down-the cares of this life onDecember yi^ He began the new year .in, .e  better land® His toils here, are completed, W© -j.-ook tothe time whenwe can-alsojovrhoy t-o. thatbetter -laaido May this new year find us each dayspeaking for Christ by Word^ action and deed®. Pray for the unsaved millions in Japan. The population' is novf inoro than 69 .tailiiohe- Ycur missiqnarios Japan,  J FORMERL Y t HE FflOM THE NIELSENS k EW fi l-TTTER Paul and Marcia Nielsen, Box 97, Sendai,Japan; or X7664 East Oypresa^ Oovlna. gIoT April 1956 Have you everlivedina house that is up forsale andwonder each day if this isthe dayyou will be told you have 2 months tofind another house? As in any small community, word getsaround. The land ladyoftheTakafuji house asked where we were going to move.She toldus our house was sold and even knew theselling pricebutourlandlady hasn t saidanythingtous yet. tfeny occupationfamilies are moving but it appearsrentrateswill be much toohighfor some time yet. Some house owners would rather rent toJapaneseor live inahousethemselvesthan rent at areasonableprice. The problems ofrenting and thecostofheatinga Japanese house inwinterhasconvincedusthecheapestthing is tobuildamission home. We arestudyinglocations and costs now and willreport it later.   covetyour prayers in this deoision The work ofthe church continuesto be encouraging.Recentlya young msm, who attendedtheapeoialChristmas program, has been coining toregularservices. Mr, Takafujibeendoing some fine basic teachingtohelp thefolk understandwhat Christianityreally is. One Saturdaynight two ofthe young women talkedwith Mr. Takafujiuntilafter midnight about becoming Christians Mr. Takafuji was so concerned that he could notsleepuntilafter5 a,m.Since that time they have had asecond inquiry sessionwithhim.Brethren^ we believe this sort of interest and consecrationprepareslivesto do thewillofChrist. During Iferch, Mr. Takafuji taughtaseriesoflessons on thereurreotion from Romans 8 and ICorinthiansI5. One Sunday after service some of them askedquestionsaboutChristianfunerals and cemetaries. Japanese Christians do have a problem about thesethings because all cenetariesin rural areasareShinto and Biiddhistcontroled. To obtaina burial r- i-v. .v.ans there must beaBuddhistfuneralservice.Inthe cities some ohurohes ooopera^e andbuy atractof land forChristianburials. Other churches are making criptsforthe cremated ashes oftheir members inabelfrysortofplace over the entranceofthe church building.This nay seem strangetousbut it is one solution tothe need forChristianburialplacesina crow4«d land likeJapan The church herein Sendai la making progress and prayersare being answered. We thank God for youbecauseyouhelp make the work possible. Funds are still far belowneeds. We had notrealizedthe income tax problem herein Japan was receivingso much publicity at home until some of you askedabout it in your letters.   got our 195^ paid last month and it has really left usscrapingbottom. The futuredoesnot look bright. The tax is to increaseeachyear until in I96O it will beabout doubled. Up to now we havebeen allowed 50^ deduction. For now, all we can do is pray. The Lord knows thesolution and we must rely on Him for the answer. We do thankyou who havebeenprayingaboutthe natter. Lifesurelyhas variety inexperiencesdoesn t it? While searching for a house to rent we have met a lot ofpeople. Some of them, we wish we hadmet soonerso we Mght have enjoyed alongerfriendship. Some are moving to army postsinthearea. Others are moving to Tokyo, Otsu or Okinawa and othersarereturning home. Whenwe heard ofa house to be vacated, we would callthe people up, tell them our need, and make an appointment to see the house. Most of them were very helpful and we generallyspenttheeveninghavinga real good visit and were treated toreal coffee.Ingeneral -they had been inJapan just ashorttime and we were ableto answer many questions aboutJapan.  t is surprising the number who voltinteered the information that they were remiss in church attendance because theyliked simple services andGospelmessages instead of services takenup with rituals. We told them togohearChaplain Ifenkin, who really deliversthegoods.   havebeen attendinghis Sunday night and Thursday nightBibleclasses and reallygeta blessing fromthem.  t seems we havebeen tried much this winter andhavedecided that perhaps much of it has been because we have been physicallycoldso much ofthe time. We have had theusualblustery Iferch winds and fora couple of days no^, real spring like weather. We are grateful that exceptfora few slight colds we havebeen well. We are encouragedwith the progress of the work and are anticipat ingvictoriesforChrist.Pleasepray that theteaching may yield good fruit.  NaC}GETSFROM THE NIELSENS August195^ WE FEELWOE MORE PERmNEMT . Last April it was evident wewouldhave to move. In May, there wereafew vacant houses but rents were toohigh for us to consider them* We had aboutgiven up finding ahouse to rent andwerelooking for land to rent where we could build a house. The last of June we learned the Seventh Day Adventist mission house was for rent. Theyhavea Nisei minister to car§ for their work here in Sendaisodo not pla?.o to havea missionary inthearea for perhaps2 to 4 years. Their missionaries in Tokyoseemedhappy torent to ussowe arranged with them to move inJuly1. However, when the SDA church folk here learned of it they objectedbecause the  anti instru ment brethren down near Tokyo had written a tract against seventhdayworship.Since we call ourselves OHUROH OP CHRIST, they supposed we wereof the same group. We told them we did not agree on their day of worship but neither do we believe that writing tracts against them is the answer. After talking with their minister andhe in turn talking to the church folk, we moved in July 11. We do not feel that living next door to another church group will affect our work since our work is centered in the Takan^ji home where servicesare held. Perhaps thfere will be opportunity to teachthese people the way of the Lordmore perfectly. We are happy to be here. A WOMN^SMITE The other morning when Yoshiko san(the girl who helpswiththe house work wascoming to work,a lady stopped her at the gate. She said she had to workon Sundays andcouldnotgo to church but gaveYoshikosan10yen(almost5^)asked herto put it in the church offering. Yoshikosan invitedher to come to the house but she didnot come.To us, such action may seem strangebut it shows the woman was seeking something— perhaps apeace of mind,ora spiritual blessing. There is stil; a spiritual vacuumamong the masses of Japan. God give us wisdomand strength to show them Christ, who can fill their need. This woman must have a spirit like the woman with her mite th t Jesus t lls about in Mark 12 ASTUDYOFLUKE IS HELPING We feel the church folkare learning to apjpreoiate the life of Christ in a bettef way as they continue their study together. Here in the Orient, whereageand experience meanmuch in their class stystem, this congregation is anexampleand pattern for others that will follow. Because they are the first of our churches here in the Tohoku area, they will belooked to as anexample.They are sincere Seekers. Wft ever keefi-them-^-in—our prayers.- A BIBLE CUSS IS STARTED InJune, when nany Security Force families Vere leaving the area, the chaplain^ came up short ofteachers for their DVBS. Our children attended and Mrs. Nielsen was asked to teach Some of the Protestant Women s Guild ladies asked her to help them find a teacher for a Bible class they sponsor for Japanese personel whowork for the army.There are now11young wpmen meeting each Tuesday night with M^. Takafu^i for Bible study. One of them said Jfr. Takafuji is the best teacher she has ever had, in school, church, or in Bible classes. Three of them have started attending our Sunda;^ services also. Some of these girls are from villages oyt aroundSendai andwehope to make contracts through them for holding services in their home villages. Only2 of this class are Christians. Here is a fine opportunity for sowing Gospel seeds that can spread far Pray for themand for Mr. Takafuji, that he may lead them to Christ STATEMENT TIME AGAIN If a financial statement is not inserted with this NCGGETS, it is either be cause we have made a mistake in our monthly accounts or because we have not deceived a gift from you inthe first 6 months of 195^* Pleaseinformusof any discrepancy. As-of .Tnly1,IQf^, there wasa deficit_oiLJll5^.22. This has usedup nut* reserve — fund and the rest has come out of our livng linksalary. This deficit makes us live fromday to dayaccording to the gifts we receive in letters fromyou. The shortage in living link support will create another crisis in September when it is time to pa-f 'school tuitions again. Can yousenda special gift to helpour children use the fir. educational facilities they have theprivilege of using? We believe God will supply ourneedsthroughyou,ourbrethren at home. Our budgetlacks^75monthlypledged service link and |o5 monthly living link support. WETHANKGOD Asa result of the suggestion in our recent CALL OF THE VILLAGES folder, a ladyinNorth Towne Avenue Church, Pomona, California started ^  25 club forthe work here. Also, the Christian Church in Ladoga,Indiana increased their pledged living link supportfrom^^0 to  40amonth. We dothank God for these folk andfoi eachofyou who helpthe work here. Perhapsyou too, can start a  CALL OF THE VILLAGES 25 CLUB (25peoplegiving 25j^ for service link support) or, why not start . NIELSEN 25CLUB (25peoplegiving 25jz a week forNielsenfamilysupport).Please prayabouttheseneedsandthen talk aboutthem. Prayerchanges things .
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