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  -aL--L.J  ãããJ news of TOHOKU RURALEVANGELISM in northernHonshu Japan January I9 8 P^Ld  nldlv f T T timehas L toL tod onJv a/ ei ? December and until today nLto laSnw J' ®' Sendai, It begansnowing in the wofld that we^look oit^orLday ' '' beautiful white to en'i'oy^it ^ You^folk rt°b''^^^ri^'  ®  ®te too busy yLr^Tdfand ?ettoia \fT Christmas spirit by our cards and letters. Study and worship with our Japanese brethren and friends w fuL'd'Lltotot to earth. The ccmmfroial rld used the Christmas and New Year season for their own gains, as usual. A eood 1e crop made possible a free spendingof money. Added to thethrongs ofpeople  sales , there was a noticeable increase in big sales bit volfof — Commercially it was a bigseason P 1 ^.spiritual meaning. It can be best euniTied up in what I read in our aLr ln TlllT  Th' ^  ^^^/eporter overheard thefollowing conversation in . Tokyo, The barkeeper heard 2 drinking patrons saysomething aboutChristmas ttot^^B^rv.? end said, »Do Christians observeChristmas tooi I thought y, 1™®^°'' big salesinthestores,forgetting drunk and for wild  parties Yes^ur task of presentingChrist isgreat.®parties. butwherwe rT evangelistic part of our workseems far too slow have been b MH- S''®dual development we rejoice the more. The folk in Furukawa pay the renrr^ Ia ®i ®e fall and have decided to Sy of toke^hf L'st'T finished their tinue throuffh IQ'dfl vb v^ ^ iw ^ study of Actshas begun now and will con- iuTan Imeftaft^«ill help the folk see thatChristianity is not sprearthro^nfT Christianity anracted thfros^^ wb ™\° Christian spoke ctedthe Gospel wherever he went to win otherstoChrist. wp-r^ wedding in November, Neitherofthe young people the Vth^'Dav'^Adv +' II^ Christian wedding. The young m^n had attended refolert bP^n ri minister to rp^rry them but was wantef tn neither of the young couple were members of the SD church and they minister -n? against SD policy. Anyway the inister introduced the young man to me and I took him over to see Mr. Takafuji. The wedding was a very colorful occQsion. The mixing of Oriental and western customs interesting. The bride and groom wore traditional Samurai type (100 years back) wedding kimono's butthe attendants wore western stylesuits. At the eeeption followingthe wedding, there was a western type wedding cake. The bride «i would nBke a mess of cutting such a large coke so asked Mrs. Takafuji ll+ +t °+ it but she persuaded her that Marcia should do it Marcia tried to et thebridetocutthe first piece but all she woulddo was make a mark inthe -aafihrPJ apologizin^^ for being so unskilful evoL+- couldn t cut hercake. There were JO guests at the wedding and withthexception of one or two it was theirfirst time to witness a Christian wedding ceemony. A good testimony was given. We trust we can keep contact with this new coSaL*complete families in caL onl^lLis the aseonly the smaller children of the family, reoaiveTftoanoia? a+ato' ^ ahould and ilLrm tT I Please check it for accuracy teve tor+nediscrepnciee. We want to give credit whore creditia due. We pravernfr,  u accordingto funds received.Pleasecontinueyour givL US ind  v d Iw  f Sod has iven us to do. We do thank you for your support in every way.  news of TOHOKURURALEVANGELISM in northern Honshu Japan DO YOU LIKE N W YE/iRS TIME? H/iVE TWO OF THEM III March 195^ ã / 7r> ã'j It was New Years time up in Furukawa again the last half of February, The people there follow the Lunar calendar in some things, perhaps mostly so they canhave another holiday. The farmers seem to bekeeping this oldcustom alive in that area. It is the last real holidaythey will have until the middleofthe summer just before rice harvest. Allthe shops and stores are closed and the streets are decorated even more elaborately than for January New Years February rains andsnowshave made it more like winter but they have also playedhavoc with roads. After a particularly rough trip getting there oneweek, Takafuji san andI waited a half hour pastthe starting time before anyone came and thenour faithful Takahaahisancame hurring in Hewas very busy getting ready to leave ona vacation trip at 5 o'clockthe next morning but had not forgotten to come to Bible class, Hatakeyama san, who hasbedti v;lth the class from the beginning, hasbeen inthe hospital since January new years time These folk need ourcontinued prayers and encouragement, HOW DOYOUCHANGE CUSTOM? There wasadded encouragement recently inthe Sendai church whena house wife, who lives inthe vicinity of the church, came to a service. One ofthe problems we are studying is why it is difficult to get people in the immediate vicinity of achurch to attend services;—- even special serviceb.All groups feel this problem-,-—Weused— to think it mightbecausedby the fact they wereasked to come to a foreign looking church building But with services held in the Takafuji home there is still the problem of folk not feelingfreeto come into some ones homewho is not an intimate friend.  ow long it takes to break down these barriers is anyone'sgueso, WHICH WILL YOU HiiVE. BREAD RICE, OR LIFE? There are also amusingmoments,Mrs, Takafuji wag teaching in Sunday School about Oosus, the Bread of Life, Shecame to the phrase,  Ye can not live by bread alone. She asked,  What is more important to us thanbread? Therewasanimmediateanswer,  Rice, Theseboysand girls now know ina little better way the meaningof  The  Rice of Life, CANYOU HELP PAYFOR IT? We feel more at ease now that the Jeep is a registered and officially inspected car again. All vehicles must be inspected by a designated date, every ^ months to 1 yr,, according to the age of the car, by a government officer who  scientifically checks springs, shock absorbers, wheel alignment, brakes, lights, turnsignals and horn, and whether or notthe yearly road tax is paid. The Jeep received a specially stiff in spectionsince it was over dueand because it is  Nippon iichi (the first in Japan andcanmean also the best) cab-over station wagon.Toourknowledge it is the first cab-over station wagon but we doubt that it will be the best at leastfor very long. The Japanese like the short vrheel basewith 10 passenger capacity too. We hope the serviceof ours will be long in helping do the work of Tohoku Rural Evangelism. The complete cost of the conversion wasThe old Jr.epbodywas sold for $75* This leaves anunpaid loan of §290, How about helping liquidate this? Mark it  Jeep , HOW DO YOU SAY THANKYOU IN A NEW MEANINGFUL WAY? There doesn't seem to bea better way to write our thanks for your gifts and prayers than to say Thankyou ,Your faithful support to the work herestrengthens our faith and helps us accomplishourpurpose for beinghere We thank God for each of you. Wo often feel the pinch of our deficit but know that God provides our real needs thru youv For example, the AdultBible class in Yoncalla, Oregon,when they saw the '.icx'icit inthe last financial statement, sent a specialoffering to help get rid of it If each of you could help, even just a little, we could getrid of it  news oj TOHOKU RURAL EVANGELISM in northernHonshu Japan April 1958  frvr ã ma The firsi Wedneeday nightinApril, at SondaichurchBiblestudy,Natsurasan rernarked that he had beenattendingservicesfor1yearbut that he must study more before making anydecision. While amile-stonehas been reachedinthelengthoftime of his studyandhe seems very sincere and is faithful in his study, we cannotbut wonder what morewe can do— what better methodscan we use — to aid him toward deciding for Christ, Pleasecontinue praying for Matsurasan, Saito sanandTakeda san, Takeda san has just graduated from high school and has failed the entrance exam to Tohoku University, Japanese Universitiesare ovcrcrowdod so entrance exams are very stiff. Onlyafew ofthose who take the examscan pass them,Takedasanmust now decide what to do at least until nextyear when hecan takethe entrance exam again. Pray that his interest in Christianitywill continue and that if   be God's will he may give his life to Christian service. Koganezawa san, our first convert, seems to havebeen a  thorn in theflesh to the work here.  e also graduatedfromhighschool in March He is fromaverypoor family andneeded help for schoolexpensesso Mr Takafuji andIgavehim tuition money 2or5 times. It seemshespent at least some in  riotous living . Now that he is gone to Tokyo to work,Ogata san, our Christian young lady, tells us that some who knewhewasa Christian say that if that is Christianity they don't want to be Christians, V e pray that Koganezawa san will oneday become a strong Christian leader and use his fine leadership abilities for Christ. Plans sometimeschange quickly. We planned to go to our all Japan convention-In Kyushu, We had ordered train reservations andhadenough money for the trip if we  scimped for awhile after w© returned.Missionariesfrom Okinawa Phillipines, Korea and Thailand planned to join with us this year. Butan opportunity to buyland made us cancel our convention plans. However we will not miss out entirely on the con ventionsince the V/esleyWalkersand Ernest Fabor plan to visit uson their way back to Hokkaido, This way we will get some of the fellowship anda roport ofwhat took place at the convention. We feel it is bestto use this opportunity to build now be cause wemust give upour present rented house when we go home on furlough. Our own mission home will give usa place to store mission and household goods while home. InFebruary we made arrangements to buyanarmy *pre-cut 6room house for  500, ' he roof tile, plumbing dnd electric fixtures are worth the price but we will also iiave the windows, flooring, plywood walls and skeleton structurematerials. It will 3ost about  50 to take   down and move   to the new location. The house mustbe :ovedfrom its present location as soon after April I5 as possible^After we bought uhe house we began looking for land. We hoped to rent land but it seems that just isn t done in Sendai, Anew housing area has openedup innorth Sendai that will be a suburb area of about 5OO homes in afew years. There are about 25 houses erected now, some ICQ of 250 lots have been purchased, andworkcrews are busy leveling off the rest of the lots. We bought a lot in the center of this housing area. It is a 50X60 foot lot and cost  988,11, less than half the cost of lots intheestablished part of Sendai, We borrov^ed  1588,89from Tokyo Bible Seminarywhich will be paid back lake rent after wemove.In Juno we will have the final  500paymenton our summer house which we sold last summer. We plan to put up the house with this money,- to the place where we can live in it, by the middle of July, Being in anew housing area will be anew experience for evangelism here in Sendai, At homewe learn   is good for a church to grov; withthe community, V e are planning a special room in the house for church activities. We pray the work can becomean important part of this new community. We are beginning to feel the recession at home in financial gifts for the work here. However,we believe investing in a mission hone at this time is wise, andwe can save the  50 or more monthly rent money. There is 6 interest on the money loan from Tokyo Seminary,Japan bank rates are from 12 to 15^, We believe youwant to see the work of TCHODU RURAL EVANGELISM establishedfirmly, Pleasg help us as the Lord leads you in this time of need. We do thankeach of you for your gifts and your prayers. They are an investment inthe causeof Christin Japan, Theypay dividends in Christ's eternal Kingdom,   j i  ã ã 1 news of TOHOKU RURAL EVANGELISM in northern Horwihu Japan way 31 June 1958 Time —andwhathavedonewith it? We havebeenbusy to say the least* Paulgaveup trying toget letters written a month ago*SincethenI(Marcia)havobeen trying to get themdonebutI haven t succeededverywell either Ilenda hand withthe building program and still hearlessons recited. One day when Paulstayedin town to work Idrove the men out to the Funakka house to work andbroughtbacka trailer load ofmaterials.This is ajob on tho rough roadswiththe many pedestrians and byciclec and  road hog trucks.   are having to send your receiptswith this mimeographed letter again. Aswe have saidbefore, wo do notintendto make thisahabitbutjust now we have to doubleupontimesomewhere.Canningseason will behere in another -Coupleof weeks and ilso there is always sewing todo for growingchildren. And thechildren are growing. CXir youngesthas justattained the ripe ago of8, She had a slumberpartyforthe first and second gradesofherschooltocelebratetheoccasion. Now let your breathout,there was a total of4,l^rtha was intheheighthofherglory,Russelllacks an inchof being as tall ashis Daddy and Paula lacks2 inches^ They areboth taller thanI am and are proving to be realhelpersinthebuilding program, We have about half the blocks madp andmost of the Funaokahouse is torn down. It must be all moved by the first of June when the camp is returnedtotheJapanese,I have takenoutso many nailsI coiint nailsinsteadof sheep in my sleep.   shall all feelbetter v;hen we seeprogressintho new house going up insteadof this one going down. The special effort we made at Furukawahas seemed to renew the interest ofthe 4 who havebeen attendingthe class. They ereasking some questions that show development in their study.Pleasepray thisinterest willleadto some results. The building where theclass meets is a2storybuilding. One night2 men, who were prettywelldrunk, were up on the second floor and heard ussingingdownstairs. One of them came down and interupted long enough to ask if he could attendtheclass. He satquietly listening until theother man came down and triedtoget him toleave.This caused a realinteruptionbutin it we learned something interesting. People in Furiokawa thinkthe Sendai SENSSI S (teachers) must begood persons to come from Sendai every week toteachso few people. There aretimes when only1ofour4arepresent. Mr, Takafujiinvitedthe2 drunks to come back toclass when theyweren t drunk sothey canleornabout Christianity more thoroughly. Some ofour faithfuls inthoSendaicnurchhavebeenabsent for several weeks now, V e arequiteconcernedabout one of them. From hisactionsIbelieve he hassevereheadaches,Ifeelsorryfor him be cause each Sunday after Service hewould hurry home. Why He had to do thefamilylaundry. It is most unusual fora man or boy to do that kind of work inJapan, On Juno10I will beginanEnglishconversation classfor agroupofdoctorsin the UniversityhospitalhereinSendai, They went tolearnEnglishsothey can read Englishmedical books and also treat foreign patients. Previousexperiencehas made., usveryslow to teachEnglishbecauseofso few results for Christ, Most peopleinSendai associate foreignerswiththearny. Now that the army is gone and some ofus are still herethaey ask what we are doing here, IhopeIcan interest some of these -doctorsinChristianity, Some ofthenwill go outto surrounding villagesto begin their practice.   praythey may bea means ofcontactfor new areqsof work. Here is another example of probleHa inthe work here. When I was shopping one day a Bhop lady asked if herdaughter could attend our Sunday nightEnglish Bible class. She didnot come so Yoshiko saninvitedhereto come again. She asked Yoshiko san if Bhe mst bringa gift the first time she comes. Here is an example of one who wants + something that is new toherbut she thinksin terms of Japanese customs and traditions. Wo can onlybepatient and usetheseopportunities for Christ,   do thank you for your faithfulgifts and prayers. Pray that we may have strength andwisdom to use these busy day wisely. By the way, if you area stamp collector, you will be interested in the stampon this letter.  t commemorates the ThirdAsian Games tounameut. now in progressin Tokyo,
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