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  1m news of TOHOKU RURAL EVANGELISM in northernHonshu Japan January 195@ The New Year is underwayand wo havemuch to be thankful for. Fourboxesfrom Illinoi. New Mexico andCaliforniaadded special treats to ourHolidayseason. They contained just the right  little things (as some of you called them) like cake mixes, real cake frosting, Christmascandyandcaramel corn, Iguessyoucan tell from this we miss American type sweets inour diet here. Most of all we arethankfulfor you who prayed and sent gifts when we were greatly inneed. Our October news letter stated our needs. November came and went with receipts covering less than halfof our regular monthly budget.^ Then in December offerings be^an to come in. Not very imny of them were marked  Crisis Fund but we believe God worked through you who sent those gifts. By year end Russell s and Martha s school tuitions and therent were all paid up to date. So we facethe new yearwiththankfulhearts and,though the second termschool tuitionsare due now and therent must continueto bo paid, wc have seen again God's leading hand ofblessing. There was theusual yearend cancelation of the  hjrukawaBible class because the room where we meet was used for other activities. We wishso much we couldfindanother placefortheclassto meet sothere would notbeso many interuptions.Brother Takafujihasbeenverydiscouraged o-ver aproblemintheSendaichurch. After we had discussed it together and had come toadecision,I remarked that I admired his attitudeinthematter. He replied it was nothisattitude,for he was tempted to become veryangryover it but it was theScriptures that had shown himwhathemust do. Ho spent 2 days searchingthe Bible tolearn what he should do and he cameup with a Scriptural answer.  t put awet blanket on the Christmas activities of the church and it is hard to know why it all had t_p bo._It..isa time oftestingforthefolk here Qnd_w.e ask-for-youir-iearriestprayersthatoutof it may be moulded more faithful lives to beused to God s glory here in Sendai, These windy cold days and short day light hours cut down considerably on the work we get done on the house, Russell and I worked atleastpartof every work day during vacationbut now I am having togetridofaseveresinus head cold.   have given up tryingto meetanydead lino when we will move into the house. It can t be too soon to suit us. There have been 2setsofreportersouttotakepicturesof foreignersbuilding their own house . We received5fan letters from Japaneseasaresult^ofth.. ããiticles besides comments from severalof our own missionaries and many folk here in the Sendai area. Workmen from other nearby houses stop by to watch progress. Much of theconstructionin unusual toJapanese, such as 2x9 floorjoists and2x4 skeleton walls and rafters. They say it is SUBARASHI (magnificent and amazing) toseetheforeigner and his wife working together with their hands. In Japanese thinking, we are making a mark inthe community.   pray our real mark —teachingChristin word anddeed— may beseenmost among them. For some time we have debated whether to come home forfurlough this year, which is our regulartime,ortowaitayear.Afterconsulting and receivingthe encouragement of some of you folk at home, it seems besttousto come ^ome thisyear. The Lord willing, we will be arriving on the west coast next June o^ July, bfcourse the big problem is the needed SI5OO boatfare.   have receiveda  5100 designated gift for this and^an additional  400 has been pledged.   need your FURLOUGH GIFT soon since boatbookingsmustbecompleteda month before sailing time. We will be able to tell you a definitesailing dateinournext letter. We also need yourpreferancedatesasto when you would like to have us visit you duringtheyear we are home. We must begin making our schedule before we arrive on the west coast so we need your suggest ions soon to work intothatschedule.   wantyou tothinkin terms of making our visit 2or5 days inlength this time,insteadof^ust1 day, that we ma^ more thoroughly renewour fellowship together in the work out here. Our financialstatement, enclosed with thisletter if we received a gift from you since last June, shows a more complete picureofourfinancesthanprevious ones.   will gladly srend astatementto anyone upon request. Our general fund deficit was decreased to  1595«64 but our building fund has adeficitof  2062.75. Ofcourse one ofthe purposes of our coming home istodeletethesedeficits. Please prey that if it is God's will, he will continua to lead and provide for our cominghone this year.  ;aj ±AS Anstvering tlieCALL OF THE VILLAGES in northern Honshu Japan Ministers:Mr.&Mrs.TakaoTakafuji85Tsucliidoi,Sendai,Japan Dear Friends in Christ: Missionaries:Mr & Mrs Paul Nielsen P.0. Box 97,Sendai,Japan Iferoh 1959 Perhaps there ^'or abrief chat about the work here.  0 ?r:e wLrLre P'-'rBonally for fellowBhip and to talk about tho hnr.  the bookingagency really got startedfor us thine-s pene ma hurry. In the 30 cnnutes between 2 telephone aalls on thrBRlIiry mi i hope n the Bm.ZIL yuRU. ifo sail from rokohapa June Adirectto lL will sail with us+ -ã'nze-les 6 years ago. The Harold Sims family share ?he „k^ £^^1^ £> < our two will mk-the+friends on board that we know will kethe trip ciore enjoyable. the boBt^rrr^^i i ow hinges entirely on whether or not we have ne boat fare money on hand by April 20. the dead linethatthe we\avf %rL^L^nd''^'v' to crn h. +v,° Simply trust the Lord that if we are Please prey w^th'^s'^o thirrndf ^0. -5, Tor-rl ^ r-rcitsura san confessed Christ in the n:Tnd^on\;1r:fLd^ t^sf1::y f ^Lfe^^ylun^i^f^r'^  f - -°fiL::ura-d ^rh- :hfafe lailed e covetyourprayersinherbehalf. hehaif LLh: :rLrLfrwrLeLLLL:LLL:tLrLrShLL r-- p-^nriiy Sincerelyin Christ Paul Nielsen ForwardiPg Agenl:Mrs. Dale Holm, 17864 E. Cypress, Covina,California 4 I   ãm-fA I$ ^% dr t: y  f J  ri ± A rokokHiira^ Emn^is/u 4?  [ã 1  i *m -fs. ' 7^ Ji -t: y Answering the CALL OF THE VILLAGES in northern Honshu. Japan Ministers: Mr.  Mrs.TakaoTakafuji85Tsurliidoi,Sendai,Japan ã \^ Missionaries:Mr.   Mrs. Paul Nielsen P.0. Box 97,Sendai,Japan May 1959 Dear Christian Friends: One month ffom today the BRAZIL MARU leaves Yokohama and since wo have 5 tickets all paid for and in our possession, I think we will be on theboat v/hen it leaves. The Lord moves in His own way. The elders of the Pomona, California North Towne Avenue Church sent us word that they v/ould loanus the balance needed to meet the dead linefor paying for our tickets V/ith their loan we obtained our tickets. At the time of this letter  ll4 is still needed to repay theloan. We praise G-od for answered prayers. Nowwe arein the midst of making plans for the work herewhile we are away. Except for those of you who write us for dates, this will be our last letter fromJ^pan until the fall of 1966* Takafuji sanand Paul have been driving to Furulcawa (only 29 miles but 1 hour and20 minutes driving time)every Thursday night for a Bible class for 5 years. Last week I was amazed when Paul returned home at 9O0« I asked him whathappened andhe replied What I've beenwonderingwhen it wouldhappen,noonecame tonight. It was election day and our faithful young man h<ad to help count ballots but we have notlearned yet why the others did not come. Four years ago when Takafuji san and Paul made a trip to this area looking for a place to work they visited Fulcushima, On Sunday theyattended a former Disciples Christian Church that is now one of the United Christian Churches of Japanand has a Methodist minister. That Sunday afternoon the minister had a service inthe prison just outside of town and he invited Takafuji san and Paul to go along and they both spoke to the men. Last week Takafuji son had a visitor who wasone of the men that heard them speak. He has been released from prison and is now livingin Sendai, Hesaw the church sign onemorning on his way to work andremembered Takafuji san s name when he saw it Ho promised to come to midweek Bible study. The boy v/hoIwas teaching is now attendingthe school whore Martha Ann goes. There was a vacancy whena family went homeon furlough. This also gives me more time forthese last busy days. Paula is still studying at home and trying to do6weeks work in 4, So dear friends until we see you, pray for us. We need strength to do all that needs to be done and to makemapy decisions that yet must be made. In His Service Forwarding Agent: Mrs.Dale Holm 17864   Cypti^sp ^Cn^a ^^lj^nia  010 < LJ KurolEvdngeism Paul andMarcia Uielsen? 17861^ E. Cypress Covina California July 1959 Now that we havecaughtupa bit with the change in paceand life from that in Japan we are feeling more at home eachday. It is good to behome. After an uneventful voyage of 13 days we arrivedin San Pransisco where we were delayed oneday by a pilot anddockworkers strike- . We arrived in Los Angeles onJune l8 and sincethen we have beenkeptbusy visiting with our families and brethren in churches in southern California We have visited the folk in Elsinore Willowbrook Pomona Colton Inglewood Heights WestCovina Rosemead CoronaandHewhall. We have enjoyed the renewed fellowship with thesechurches. Theyhave helpedtohold up our hands in the work of TOHOKU RUR L EVAHGELISM. On July 12 after theevening service at Hewhall we will start towardthe Mid-west We will visit the folk at Clifton Palisade and Colorado Springs Colorado and the Hill City and Horton Kansas churches. Then we goup to O Heill Nebraska to visit grandpa George on the farm August is filled with campsand rallies w ith speaking dates in between Harcia andI will split up to fill more of the in vitations to camps and rallies Marcia will be at Redwood F^ls Minn andLaCrosse Wise rallies and at CedarLakeSchool of Missions Paul will be in Southern Minnesota Intermediate Camp andKentucky Missionary Rally.   ^iln   and the childrdn will settle down in Minneap oli feS Mimeso La In-an apartment the folk in University Church arepro- ding for us. The children will eachbe in different schools but all closeto home Paul will be making circuit trips out from Minneapolis visiting churches throughoutthe winter. Wo want to increase support for the work out in J apan and raise funds to cancel the present de ficit while we are home. We would greatly appreciate your introduction to church groups who might be interested in our visiting them to on the work in Sendaiand obtain prayer and financialhelp ^ Minneapolis address will be:Q60--l5th Ave. S.E. Minneap oils Minn A letter from Brother Takafiuji saysthey are starting a Bible class in the new mission home. We wanted to start this class before we camehome but wemoved into the new house only 1week before we sailed VJe know you rejoice with us in this newphase of the work out there. Pleasepray earnestlyfor this new class andremember BrotherTakafuji as he labors alone in the Sendai church the Eurukawa Bible class and this new class in Ko matsujima. Again we areincludinga financial statementtoyou who have sent us gifts duringthe first 6monthsof this year.Acopy will be gladly sent anyoneupon request. We are glad to report the mission deficit has been decreasedto s;H078 98.The building loan of ^12oo o9from Tokyo Bible Seminary mustalsobepaidasquicklyas possible. We want to increase our monthlyworking budget flSO each month.This will enable us to expand our work in the Tohoku area and keepusfrom those financiil emergencies.Praywithusto t^is end .^
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