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  f news of TOHOKU RURAL EVANGELISM in northern Honshu Japan   PR^01' Paul and Marcia Nielsen: ^60— l^th Avenue S. E. Minneapolis Minnesota ForwardingAgent: Mrs. Dale Holm, 17864 EastCypress,Covina, California January I960  Evangelism seems to be getting harderandharderinJapan. These are the words in letters from2 missionaries in Japan. BrotherTakafuji says the 5 class groupsandchurch services continue in the Sendai area. Thegroups got together for some fine fellowship at New Yearstime. We onlywish this fellowshipcouldreachout to others who know nothingof the rich blessings that areoursin Christ. We covetyourcontinuedprayers on behalfof thefolk out th r in Sendai At the National MissionaryConvention last September we learned of the need forgiving gifts to missions in a way that will meettherequirementsof income tax regulations. For example, towritea check to Paul Nielsen, even though you designatethe gift  formission work down in the cornerof the check is no longer legal if you wish exemption in your income tax. The checkmustbe made to an incorporated mission name or to the name of a church.In most cases the convenient way is to give your gift through the local church whereyou worship asking the church to sendyour gift to your designatedmissionaryormission field. If sending your gift to us through thelocal church is notadvieeable we suggest that you make yourcheckpayeable to NORTH TOWNE AVENUE CHURCH OF CHRIST, Do not put our name on the checkanywhere.Inyouraccompanying letter statethat the giftis for PaulNielsen or TOHOKU RURAL EVANGELISM. The canceled check will be your receipt acceptable for income tax purposes. V e are thankful to the folk in North Towne Avenue Church in Pomona California for accepting gifts for us in this way.SinceMrs. Holm, ourforwarding agent is amember of this church it is convenient for her toreceive these designated gifts for depositto ourCovina California banking account. We all hada very happyChristmas with Karcia s father and brother and family at O Neill Nebraska.Theweather man tempted to snow us in when it wastime to return to Minneapolis,TheroadvrestofSouix City wasblocked. However bycomingup acrossthe south east cornerof South Dakota we made the trip safely We thank God andyou Brethren forthe very fine reception we are receiving in our visits among you.Notonly is Paulbusywith tours butMarcia also is busyspeaking at triousmeetingsherein the Minneapolis area. The children are happy inschooland in the'oung people s activities in UniversityChurch, Our furlough is half over. We lookwith anticipation andpray for God'sguidanceas we begin preparationstoreturn to Japan. We have atentative 3a^lij3g_date o^ 20. Please pray with usthatthe needed boat fare money ^wili be on hano^n Kay wherT a-payment is needed. Give asthe Lord leads you. h rk your gifts TRAVEL FUND. Thanks to you folk we closed the missionaccount for 1959 with a balance of <^42.57. Thisdoes not mean we are out of debt though.There is now the loan forthe mission property andhousefrom Tokyo Bible Seminaryof 1288.89  i^d another loan of  1150.89 that mustbe paid. How we wish these couldbepaid before we return to Japan.Our ^prayerful [or our brethren ^nax musx o puxu now wc wx ii uuooo v-wux -t uo and heart felt thanks goes to each of ygji for your gifts and prayers,, forus and 'ethren and friendsin Japan. jj ^  Hot^ dovou. .ãwant.-.U --to returnto Japan? jS5SMa»=»»^^ TP   /   - j—\ '.\^ n >v^ of TOm)}iimVRiil EYATCiMS^M in novMrn H.n^h. Jtifxi-t i Patil and Marcia rj.elsen; 9^0 —- l6th Avenue S. E j Minneapolis, ^ii^ssoua| l^ror^v/arding Agent;Mrs, Dale Hol].i, 17S6/j. East Cypressj Govinaj April l960;d'^P- ^ With this letter v;e again send ourthanlcs to each and cvervone of you for your faitlifulprayers and sunport. The \7elc0raed fellowship we have enjoyen anongyou in our visits durinp this furlov/hyearhasbeen gratifyinc. We ]iave renewea niany acqi^intaViCes and v;e wcicoiiie 3' ou \/aom we have come to J now forthe iirs li^e o TI E CALL or THEVILLAGES andthe \-fo'c\i of SOHOKU RUEAL :VAJrrELISM. We wish to give special mention to the churches in h^h^wches Tamarack, lannesota -ndt'nc Ben Fill Church in GXass inthe Ben liave pledged $46 to help support our work in oca pan. The Young A +ho\irrul'awa HUI Church h^te desigited their pledge of 5^ a monVn fjonth Sidw Bible class. We pray other groups will pledge ch'rches i-'ave had to Bible classes can be started -J.ari>ouna S giving to discontinue theirgifts, amounting to ^^40 a .louth. T.,.. mhe. +ha+  'increased the work about the same as when we came home. ;.re contiiauc to pray that incre.sea pledged support\-Jill come according to God s vn.ll. Recent letters fro.. Brother lahefuji only say the folh out in Sendai are ^iting for the time when we can be bach vath them.  V 4ucim to continued faithfully wlale we have been home. We looic ior.,Tardwath anoioipa.i gettingbacktothe work there. Boat boolcingshave been iiade on the KISO:- ARU flARU tosailfor Jamn on Jul;r 20. The cost is about 11100. $300 les been paid as a down payient. Tlie romimei must ãb--aid about July 1. The down paymentxs refundable any tine beforeJuly1, if wo should go 'oy plane. United Stcbes Gvcuseas Airlines^now offers 7^ discount to fnisrlonai   e,. foraflightvia Havjaii to Old-rnwa. Tien we nave a ch oice^f. goinrr to nok|in b;.^ boatcrto Kagoshima >nr ler^ and on   to Tokyo by a 46 hour train ride. However the Y-^ng train ride ccwld be broken up Ur shopping at Okaj^ama, Kobe, Osaka, hagoya andTekro- no -/isit our aries. The plme trip would cost abouw^|.l250, plus Miothc-r llOO to ;-:et onup to Sendai irom 01-:inawa, Reservations mustbeirnue The nlaiij trip costs about f250 more than _ he boatbut it woi.admean 6or7 days traveling brokrnup tPwA^pi:.5 days^of missionaries in Hawaii, Okinawa andJapan. Ho\j do seeing, nothing but water and Group, Brolr- you want us to go back to Japan. Will Y;Pleast part of one of us? We school class, or defire rd t?^. a head can gc however, vou will not hole, u.- lasx. ^j .p__. feet must go by boat. Her are some goals co won for. Paia \ Plane Fare: ikireiaVEach: paula^ BoaTj Fane: %31.^, 5; o i-of1Fare:|192.50; i' 1157.50 -i- of1 Fare: ^)9'ic.2f ^^7Qc75 Martha ( under ^ ^ane Fare: |200; i heryaro: |100;^_ I her_Fare: |50 LUiu ea \ Au cmwi v... n> \12 yrs.j Boat Faro: |159| ur.- The time before 'Our returnto .hxpan is running short. iQ depend on God, as He works through you, to f Tul^e hj PlLse send your gifts to our CovJ.ra andress,.nrked TRAJSL FU_.b. - travel fundsmustbe in hand_^ ã »«   r   /;/ TOliOK ^ HVRAL EPASGFJASM in northern Ifonshi ipnii SeDtefflber I960 IHEARTFELT THANKSFOR ALL TRAm GIFTS. BOAT F.^E ALL PAID V/HEN SAILED NIFLSENS RACK IN JAPAN ANOTH^.R IMDEFINITS FREI^^HTER I V/hen we made boat reservations jw were told w would sail on or labout JuJLy 20, All went well until fehe iffih when a phone call told us Jthe ship would sail fromSan Fran- isco July 16 and not stop at Los .\ngeles« Mo other booking: is avail- ãble so the ship company pays our us fare up to 3. F. Our baggage cllows us a we.ek later on another fehip we hope Since the Ramblerwasn't sold yet we droveup to Atascadero, taking mother Nielsen with us to look over the Christian Home there. We trust she will be movingup there soon. The ship finnally sailed at 6pm the 17th, The trip across was rough, cloudy and chilly 3 days out of Yokohama a typhoon made us turn south so we step on solid earth again Aug 1, WE BEGIN AGAIN The inspirations and challenges of another furlough yearare be coming memories, V/e do thank eachand every one of you who helped to make our year at homea happy one.  t was good to be at home but we also thank God that we canbe back  ã in Japan again to labor in His- vineyard. Aswe begin our third terjji of service in Japan, we are dedicated again to the work of TOHOKU RURAI EVINGELISM and it s call ofthe ã villages. This call does not come Vora the villages forthe people o not know what to call for or  rhere to find the spiritual peace they seek. The call of the village^ es is the command of the Gospel to go to these villages—the hundreds (Continued pagecolumn l  ãã- THE CALL OF THK VILLAGES' THECALLOFTHE VILLIGES is the quarterly news letter of Paul and Marcia Nielsen telling about the work of TOHOKU RURAL EVANGEL- ISM. TOHOKU means northeast and designates location, the north east part of Honshu, the main island of Japan, News letters aresent to all from whom gifts are received and to others who ask to be placed on the mailing list. Address all inquires to the mission home address: Paul Nielsen, 94-21Ichinempo Kami, Odawara-Aza,JIaranomachi, Sendai, mMEED YOUR HELP tTe needyour help in^prayers and in .money.The Apostle Paul's ^ suggestions 'inCol, 4:2-6are most applicable to our prayer needs in Je4pa xi justnw7 '^htinue ih~pray^ er and watch in the same thanks giving. Pray that God will open a  door ofutterance for us in the villages to which the Gospel calls usr The door of opportunity is open; There are no government or religious restrictions to keep us out of these villages. There are Gentry old social barriers of {tradition, indifference anduncon- |cern.Pray that the Holy Spirit jwill showus how to speak the  mys- jteries of Ghrist 4~ truths of the jGospel—that we  mightmake it man- lifest as I(we)ought to speak. 4pray that we mayknowhow to answe] {every man. These are suggestions ito help you watch in your prayers, ãPraying like this will hold up our {hands to do the work mare effect- ,ively. 1. \'h need yourhelpin moneyI spentnearly all thefurloughyear visiting among churches to raise Jmoney. We didclear up thedeficit |in^thegeneral mission account paid a little onthe. mission house debt. Novj that we areinJapanagain, we aredependent entirely on ãou folk who read THECALL OF THE ILLIGES for our financial needs, o, we are not going hungry and we jdo not have an emergency but,to carry on this work for Christ, in a business like way, it is urgent. Many of ^u told,letyou know Idf our,needs.. V/e aretaking you at our word.Here is a list, with a |prayerthey soon may beprovided: 1, llOO Mere.MonthlySupport. Can 'be designated livinglink for any one of the Nielsen family or as service link to start & maintain more ^ible classes. 2.  9_5^..55-is,needed byApril1,  1961 to pay themissidh house loan fromTokyo Bible Seminary,  v e couldpay only  500on the srcinal loanof 1386,89whileonfurlough. -;>100 was paid 2 years ago but it lit tl more than interest, VJhich of you will sponsor raising this  950. / by April so interestwill not have-' to be paidanother year? Please be patient.with us in sending the financial statement, Vve feel we should nottake time to pre pare  t nowc We promise to send  t 'out not later than January, dp._„, -thank-Hoddthe-inissiop_^Qc.ount is no longer in thered..,. Re have tHe'~ needed operating funds for the pre© sent. --dS;:;W-e-e'Xpand we.will need'-. funds for more' equiptment. an/d ah t inceased budget.
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