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  n K ^ Uf nmOKi: rural EyASGEUUM w northernHonshn Vb l I iMOo 2 LOANFOR MISSION HOUSE P /C l/u /^PR/P Aprxl 1961 completes 3 years since we received the loan from Tokyo Bible Seminary. They need this money as badly as we need to have  t paid. Here   how   canbe done Ifjust one half the folk who read thi.s appeal will send Otijly  2 the idan of p954»55 vail be easily reached. Send yours Now Iam told a mountain climber has keepers stationed along his climb who supply his needs sohe isn t so i?reigheddown in his dangerous climb. Will you be one of our keepers by sending a gift NOW to help us make our building loangoal by April? Send your gift marked HOUSE FUND to: PaulNielsen 94-21 Ichinempo Kami, Odawara-Aza, Haranomachi Sendqi,Japan first Quarter 1961  TFIE CALL OF THEVILLAGESTHE GALL OF THE VILLA0E3 is the quarterly news letter of Paul and Marcia Nielsen telling about the work of TOHOKU RURALEVANGEL ISM. TOHOKU means northeast and designates location, the north eastpartof Honshu, the main island of Japan. News letters are sent to  ll from whom gifts are received and to other vrho ask to be placed on themailing list Address all inquires to the mission home address:Paul Nielsen, 94-21 Ichinempo Kami, Odawara-Aza, Haranomachi, Sendai. VJE NEED YOUR HELP  e needyour help in prayers. The Apostle Paul s suggestions in Col.4*2-6are_most applicable to our prayer needs in Japan just now.  Continue in prayer and watch in the same v/ith thanksgiving. Pray that God will open a  door of ut terance for us in the villages to which the Gospel calls us. The door of opportunity is open. There are no government or religiousre strictions to keep us out ofthese villages. There are century old social barriers of tradition, in difference and unconcern. Pray that the Holy Spirit, will show us how-to speak the  myst- ries of Christ —truthsof the Gospel — tho.t vre  mi^rht make it manifestas I v;e ought to speak. Pray that we  might know how to answer every man . These are our suggestions to help you watch in your prayersPraying like thiswill hold upour hands to do the work more effectively. BIBLE SCHOOL STARTED Often,as we see the children in the mommunityabout us at play or starting offto school early in the mormmng,we have thought these children should be learning about Christ also. OnSunday afternoon, Jan, 8, we had our first Bible school hour in the raisBion house. 16 came. Only 1 or 2 had ever sung any of the Bible school songs but they all tried as Mrs. Takafuji led them, ã ãheir teacher then told them a flanograph story about the birth of Jesus» Due to family customs, it will be some time beforethesechildren can take an activepart .in church activities. Some may never be able .to do so, . Others may have to wait untilihey become adults andhave a family of their own,.Some of these can break from follovang old family traditions and help make their own family really christian„ The future of Christianity in Japan depends much on the teaching of these young boys and girls now so they may plqce a correct inter pretation ã on Christianity in their actions and thinking in their adult lives. The-young people and adults of today ad.indifferent, and often ignorant, of what Christianity really- is. Their paidekeeps themfrom seekingout opportunities to study Christianity for themselves. We arethankful to have the opportunity tp teach these young lives now.; iPieasepray .withus that 1 day they will give Christ His rightful place in their lives.  NUGGETS  ROM THE NIELSENS . Our activities as a family haven t beenso varied but certain ly full to the brim, I have been 30 busy teaching and preparing les sons that Marthahas felt she does n t have much of a Mother. Both Paula and Martha have been busy studyingjplaying and running errands forus. They have learned that all dogs can t find their wayhome as easily as Lassie did,. Brownie followed Paula on her bicycle \dien she went to buy some roofing paper. The store man thot 2 rolls were too much to put on the bicycle sohe brought her back ih his 3 wheel motor-bicycle. They tried to put Brownie in too but he refused the ride. IfJhen he wasn t home by the next morning, the girls went back to the shopandfound him not far away, wet, hungryand glad to see them.  fe were invitedto the home of one of my pupils for Christmas din ner on Dec, 24-^ She had the whole works and we. had a lovely visit. On Christmas morning we opened the boxes sent from America nd went to Church,. On January 13th another package-arrived.,, We thank GodIforo them and enjoyed themmuch.Thank to year end labor strikes Christmas for ushas been spread out. The Sunday before Christmas was our big day forservices. There was a snecial service at Tsuchidoi church with lunch together at noon. My school childrenpresented a reil American Christmas program in the afternoon forthe Missionary com munity. Then v e hurried home to peepare for the Christmas service here at the house that night. -ã The girls persuaded Daddy to take a day off, the third one since returningto Japan, and go skiing. Theywent to OMOSHIROIY M fnnny or interesting mountain). It wasso unevenand hard to ski on but the spills made it interesting. On Dec. 5 Paula, mth 2 other of my pupils, made an appearance on TV. It is v/ork butthey learned something of what it takes to put on an hour program, Martha and Imade our appearance by a picture they showed of us. We-went next door to watch the program, ãã. As I draw this litie chat , to a close it flnds us all perking-   in full swingof routine school work-an-d-evangelism, -  : FINANCES --  50 SERVICELINK That . delayed financial state ment is completed. It balances at ^9303*66 for Jan> 1- Dec. 31 1960. Please write us if youvdsh itemized copies of this statement and have not as yet received one. Since returning to Japan,our^ regualr expenses have been more than our income. To continue with a klancedbudget we must have,-  5Q-_-^^month__^ __ljjak.— Ho w much will you pledge that wemay continue ona sound finanical basis?  jeep \ccid]? nt Brother Takafuji and I were a- bout 20 minutes out of Sendai on our v;ay to the Furukawa Bidle class the last Thursday night in November v^henwe made a rather sudden stop at a road repair spot on our sideof the road, A large bus coming from theother way kept us from go ingout around therepaired spot^ A heavily loaded truck following us did not see the Jeepstops The driver said the headlights of the approaching bus blinded him he lawsays he did n6f have his truck under control so he is responsible for the accident. The back end ofthe Jeep was pretty badly smashed in by the im pact. The backs of the front seats  were  broken off and Mr. Takafuji UNIVERSITY  HUR H OF CHRIST 1507 University Ave S. E. . Minneapolis 14, Minnesota TOHOKU RURALEVANGELISM PaulNielsens,Missionaries Mission Servises Box 968 Joliet Illinois Form 3547 Requested WAS THROWN TO THE BACK OF THE JEEP. He received a severe bump on his head but seems to havehadno l st ing effects from it I had the steering v^heel to hang on to so was able to stay on the front seat . VJe are thankful not one involved was seriously hurt. The truck driver lives about 4 hours north of Sendai. He haspro mised to pay the repair bill on the Jeep and is financially able to do so but hasproven very mdepend- able in it The Jeep is repaired butthe police say leave it in the repair shop until the bill is paid, December and January are ulwayslow financial months for usso we don t have the money to pay the bill and so the Jeepcontinues to beunused. NON PROFIT ORG U. S. POSTAGE PAID MINNEAPOLIS MINN PIKMIT NO. 2113
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