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  I^ The drawing above translates into a picture of challenge in rural evangelism. In the foreground farm ers are busily at work in their fields. They toil longhours and usually their upper most thought is aboutonly physical things of life. The hands of the missionaryholds out the Word of life to farmery miners and fishermen of rural Japan.This is the God-given call to us in Tohoku Rural Evangelism. The call does not come from the people in Japanbecause they do not know what to ask for now The callof the villages is given to you and to me as Christ ians.  w will you answer this call? Will yougo to Japan to teachthe Gospel in one of many needy rural areas? Will you pray for and give of your money to those who will go?  Tohoku means northeast and designates the location of this mission   the northeast part of Honshu the main island of Japan. Sendai is the chief of cities of the Tohoku area and the center of education com merce and industryfor all of northern Honshu. Sen dai is one logical center from which to takethe Gospel to ruralplaces in Tohoku. There are five othercentersin Tohoku alone where missionary families should be located. Will you come over into Tohoku and help us?  was born and raised in er. says he can remember the time when he didn t want to be a mis- ã>ji^1 sionary Marcia George Nielsen is ãIf . ã J V daughter of a Nebraska farmer Mui fi Marcia met while attending   Ji MinnesotaBible College. They also fojfel 3/. jpi attended Pacific  ible Seminary  ro^v Christian College . Th^y have three children. Russell is at presentserving his tour of duty with the air-^orce. Paula  not in picture is a student at Ozark BibleCollege.Martha is ourhighschool girl. A five year term 19^8-53)teachingin Osaka Bible Seminary and evangel izingin the Osaka area, helped PaulandMarcia decide to continue theirefforts in a rural mission work. After a year of language study, they began Tohoku RuralEvangelism in 1955-Thiswork is developing slowly but we feel it is worthyof support. The Nielsensdonothave full link sup port Please talk to them about their financial needs. Brother and Sister KatsuoMotoki, andson Kunioki, are natives of Tokyo,They began working with TohokuRural Evangelism in May 1963.They live in the mission house and carry on the church seFvi-eea— i^^—thehouae~whi 1e the- Nielsens are on furlough. Most teaching is done by native Christians, but the missionary also has his teaching place. Here Paul uses two camo water cans forpulpit and seat.   Y 1968--TO BRING YOU UPTO  TE Three years of extendedfurlough is rapidly coming to a close. Most of the summer and fall of  9^5was spent in reporting to oursupportingchurches speak ing in missionary rallies and teaching in summer camps. Since then we have made Security Colorado our home. Martha has finished highschool and has been granted a scholarship in Nebraska Christian College. She will begin classes this fall. She has dedicatedher life to full time service to  hrist and hopes to continue her missionary life We trust God will lead her back to Japan. Marcia has spent time each summer in summer camps. She has also been in the hospital each winter. The doctor has decided the cause of her trouble is bronchial asthma. We have bought an intermittentpositive pressurebreathing unit that relieves thebronchial congestion. The doc tor has given his OK for Marcia to return to Japan. Paul has kept busy helping where needed in the Secur ity church doing supply preaching in several places in southeast Colorado and earning a living. Worship services and the Sunday School activities have continued in Sendai duringour 3 year absence. There hasbeen the usual turn over in attendance each year however some are returning again after school and work schedules are completed. Chonan san was a Sunday School girl some 5 years ago. She is continu ing the Sunday School meetings since the Motoki s are gone. Brother Motoki s olderbrother passed away so ha has followedJapanese customand returned to his native place to take over the family business. He aJ SO plans to have Bible study classes in his home Of course this has left the work in Sendai without leadershipsince March I968. It is essential that we return to Sendai as soon as possible.  GOD CM DO IT THROUGH US WITH YOUR PRAYERS MD FINMCIAL HELP Just now only Godknows the Japanese co-worker who will help us in Tohoku.   believe God will lead in seekingout such a co-worker. This will be a first endeavor when we return to Sendai this fall A sec ond necessity will be to finish atleast part of the church building. The parsonage  2nd floorof church building) must be made ready forthe minister. Then we need the auditorium forthe church services. Un less prices have risen more than we think funds are on hand to hire this work done. Our first goal will be' to getthe Sendaichurch better established so it can be the centerfor reachingout into Tohoku with the  call of the villages -. Our fhll time goal and God given call is to take the Gospel to farming and mining villages through out the mou ntains of Tohoku and to the many fishing villages upand down the coast. We do this with tracts films and preached Word. You can help us. Return travel funds to Japan are on hand. Gifts re ceivedduring this extended furlough have been put in thebuilding fundwhich now totals  3000.   need pledged support for the following: Service link —  200 a month Living link — U00amonth Martha (Bible College living supplement)  T5a month. Native ministers salary — 100amonth PROJECTS: Car (Japanese car purchased in Japan)  1500 Filmstrips — 250 Address all inquiries and send gifts to: Paul ielsen I786UE. Cypress Covina, California 91T2?-
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